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  1. That is pretty much how I pictured it MW. Thanks. At least I know my desciption works.
  2. Remember that the mission Chim is packed to the gills with communications gear, which the PC's default Chim probably doesn't have. It would make sense to send the second one along then even if they are mech inf.
  3. Page 135 SILENCER Awareness Tests to hear shots made with a silenced weapon suffer an additional –20 penalty and can only be attempted at half the normal distance. Upgrades: Stub revolver, stub automatic, hand cannon, autogun, needle pistol, and needle rifle. err, autogun and hand cannon, but no autopistol? Surely you jest. Or it is missing from the list. There is no reasonable explanation for why the submachine gun can't be silenced, but dirty harry and an assault rifle can be.
  4. Santiago said: TCBC Freak said: I may have overlooked it, but I cannot seem to find any thing explaining what is to be done with repeated Skills or Talents gained from multiple sources. For example, the Weapon Specialist on page 48 starts with Navigate (Surface), if this same character is created using the Tallarn Desert Raiders Regiment Rules on page 24 he has Navigate (Surface) from there as well. Does this mean he has Navigate (Surface) at +10? If this is addressed in the Skills chapter that is good but it ought to be made clear in Character Creation (and perhaps even Regiment Creation as the options there can cause the same Skills or Talents to be gained). Also it ought to be written in a plain and easy to find way. Double talents yield you 100xp Double skills give you an extra rank in said skill Double aptitudes give you a free attribute based aptitude of your choice On the other hand did anyone notice the Ratling is a bit overpowered with 4 cheap attributes (BS, Ag, Per, Fel) where all the other ones only have one or two. The Ogryn has three but they are limited enough in equipment and skill selection Operators have none….
  5. They don't have stats. Comrades are basically just a health bar, a name and a handful of characteristics (eye color etc) they are used not like typical NPCs but more like a special ability of the attached pc.
  6. on Page 70 (in addition to the missing chart 3-20) it says to Roll once on 3-21 to determine your comrade's demeanor, but there is no 3-21 either. Perhaps it should be 3-19, the chart on the previous pages?
  7. Given that the PCs have a chimera, which none of the Orks can actually damage, and the Orks just charge, begging to be gunned down, 30 Orks shouldn't be too much of a problem. If they don't have their chim for whatever reason, then they will be in big trouble, as 1 Ork is significantly more dangerous than a starting PC. If you go with 2 Trakks for the defence, and don't let the Hellhound or wierdboy cause too much trouble (e.g. make sure they get the melta gun from the storm troopers if they don't have one to take care of the HH) then the attacking force should actually give them a good run for their money as it is listed. It is much tougher than they are in a standup fight, but they have the advantage of being able to build defences - such as promethium pits around the base, fall back defences inside, hiding around the tanks so the orks are forced to melee them, or rather so the PCs have time to shoot them while they charge.
  8. I am pretty sure they make such a big deal about the autocannons in the towers because they are as close to anti-armour as the pcs will get. A lucky side or rear armour hit on the hell hound with an autocannon should be able to penetrate. Maybe a demo charge if someone if someone is brave (aka stupid) enough to run up to a [insert expletive] Hellhound and attach it. Otherwise that HH is bad news for the PCs. The wierdboy is pretty dangerous too. Two of his powers are equivalent to a battle cannon. So that Chimera is in for a tough time if he gets a look at it. Come to think of it, the Wierdboy isn't mentioned at all in the battle plan. I wonder what he does.
  9. It's not that hard to cut a hole in a crate, take the lid off and put it up the top.
  10. Handing back the primer is a death sentence. You will be executed by any commissar who finds you not carrying it. (seriously)
  11. One which springs to mind for me is a Heavy Infantry regiment. They get mentioned in several of the 40k novels, and other fluff, not stormtroopers, but regular guards who just happen to wear carapace armour and possibly carry hotshots. Cadian Karskins are one example off the top of my head, but I remember seeing them mentioned at least 2 or 3 other times in different fluff and novels. Heavy Weapons squads? Amphibious?
  12. Or maybe Voltron… If our PCs happen to be part of a vehicle squad…. On page 258, we see the nearest orks drop off their towers and charge. The other orks drop off their towers and…. Transform into a battlewagon!! "VEHICLE SQUADRONS Replace the second wave of Orks with a Battle Wagon (see page 244). It still takes 3 combat rounds to reach the combat." The other alternative is that the battle wagon was standing guard in the other watchtowers and not orks… Perhaps this should read: "Add a Battle Wagon (see page 244) to the second wave of Orks. It still takes 3 combat rounds to reach the combat." or "Mount the second wave of Orks on a Battle Wagon (see page 244). It still takes 3 combat rounds to reach the combat." or "Replace the second wave of Orks with a Battle Wagon (see page 244). It still takes 3 combat rounds to reach the combat. The remaining Orks charge out 3 combat rounds after the battle wagon arrives." (this conflicts with the Nob and Grots though who would then come out earlier than the Orks) I can't imagine the remaining orks diving down off their towers in a frenzy to get into combat, and then deciding suddenly to sit back and play a game of cards while the battlewagon goes ahead instead. Incidentally, while a battle wagon is a fair competitor for a Leeman Russ, it's a bit rough for the other vehicles such as a Sentinel or Hellhound team. You may want another option for them.
  13. For what it is worth, most battle front army bases I have been on had communal or semi communal showers and toilets rather than in each building. It takes a huge amount of time and resources to add plumbing and waterproofing to every barracks building, and the showers are only used once a day (usually less) by each soldier, and toilets only a couple of times a day. Given how resource poor the planet is, this seems like a huge waste, unless… The showers are outside and just a slab of concrete with a half fence around them. The toilets are just holes in the ground with seat up the top. Now that sounds like a quick and dirty army base!
  14. Actually I found my answer myself when writing another thread. I noticed that the Big Mek is lying in wait 200 meters away from the other side of the wall. Which then raises another question. How do they shoot -anything- through 150 meters of Deathworld Jungle??? Even if he tries to shoot indirectly, he still has to deal with the Jungle canopy, and would be making a completely blind salvo of shots at the wall. Wouldn't this be more than just a little likely to miss and hit the refinery (which the BM doesn't want to do) as the tanks are less than 100 meters beyond the wall? Furthermore, how does he know if his men have made it into the base or not? I doubt he can see through 150 meters of Deathworld Jungle. Then finally, he can't exactly race into battle through that jungle, even on a war trakk. It would take a good 10 to 15 minutes to drive anything 150 meters through jungle unless it was along a road or trail. (e.g. he was going for the front gate) . Perhaps he and his men should sneak up to the tree line as the hellhound attacks and then fire their salvo and charge. Then have him race the 50 meters across the clearing.
  15. Oops, I posted my addendum to the wrong thread. Nothing to see here.
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