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  1. Sorry for the late reply, and thank you for your suggestions! I'd actually spied those 'Top 10 *faction* cards' on the cardgamedb forums under the newbie guide, and they're a very useful jumping off point. The problem at least for me (being in Australia) is the relatively small local playerbase, which leads to a somewhat meandering meta. Regardless, I love this game to death. Not only did it get me into card gaming in the first place, but it got me more into HP Lovecraft's works, and a whole new glorious world of literature nerddom in the form of wierd fiction. I must say, after a bit of digging, I am super duper miffed that FFG's releasing the Hastur faction box last. I mean come on. All we need to make the Lunatics viable is a Loyal or Steadfast support card that readies insane characters after they're restored. Tie that in with Whispers in the Wind and Hamu XXwhatever and you've got mono Hastur. We have to wait another YEAR for this? Wait, did I just come up with a combo?
  2. Howdy folks, I'll just cut to the chase. I've got all the cards (bar SotD and Dreamlands), a little experience, possible ADD, a critical inability to spot obvious combos, and lot of teabags. I enjoy the theme of Hastur, and I'm also developing a taste for the Syndicate and Silver Twilight. What're the auto-includes to look for when deckbuilding with these factions, judging the current card pool? Thanks, Sammy.
  3. Hello humans! This is just a shout out to general frightened and cowering populace that a new Melbourne focused Call of Cthulhu LCG game group has now been organised over Facebook. We're looking for oldies, newbies, and anyone in general who has a passing interest in this truly great card game. Beginner games will be hosted if requested, all using core sets provided for you by us. We're so generous. If this raises the hairs on the back of your neck even a little, be sure to hit up our open page on Facebook under 'Call of Cthulhu LCG Melbourne'. Any queries, feel free to post below! Until the stars are right again, SammyBoy
  4. I just re-read 'In the Court of the Dragon' recently, and it stuck with me for a while. The fact that the main character's plight through the streets of Paris is the King in Yellow hunting his soul, and the revelation at the end on the shores of Hali before being embraced by the King himself really gives some insight onto what the unfortunate readers of the play experience in their insanity. Though it is obviously much more different and overtly supernatural than to what Hildred Castaigne from 'the Repairer of Reputations' experiences.
  5. I guess they are beatable in that respect, but I was meaning in regard to actually battling them in the final battle. Whilst some argue that having them unbeatable in the last battle makes for a different strategy, what difference does it make playing Azathoth? In that sense it just makes them seem like filler, really being shovelled out with little play testing just to add another number to the games' components. All bashing aside (which perhaps I may have gone a bit too far in that last paragraph to other eyes), I was just looking to see if there has been any reply or official response to this conundrum from the higher ups… perhaps some commonly agreed on balancing modifier. Of course, I could use house rules and change it myself, but just curious … In retrospect, I'm really just making a fuss about nothing aren't I? Oh god :/
  6. I think this has been talked about before again and again, but I am kind of a new player. I just wanted to know if their has been a final word or perhaps official clarification or endorsement from Kevin Wilson or someone about any changes to at least make these big dudes beatable? Coming from someone with a very small mind
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