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  1. The Grimm Reapers are an excellent ant-infantry squad.The Allies have the best aircraft in the game. Also the Fireball can be pretty nasty w/ Air Drop.
  2. Grenadier X is one of my favorite Heros.
  3. ItsUncertainWho said: kennethnchacon said: Grenadier X joins the zombies group and gets shot, is the damage done to Grenadier X and zombies or only grenadier X The defender always gets to assign damage. When a Hero is attached to a unit that Hero can be assigned damage first. So, yes Grenadier X can be assigned 3 points of damage before any of the zombies need to be removed. Unless they are shot by a sniper, in which case the attacker gets to assign damage.
  4. BDub said: Because they are allies and that is not their theme. Why homogenize the factions into mirror images of each other, especially when there are so few factions? It sounds like you really want to be playing Axis. -B WTF are you talking about? Allies? We have been talking bout Axus this whole time.
  5. felkor said: I've used a lot of both Pegasus and BFIAB stuff, and I love it. What I have: Pegasus: Bridge (I think it's called sci-fi bridge or something like that - only item on this list that came unpainted) Craters Oil drums sandbags Barbed Wire Battlefield in a Box: Rivers Gothic Ruins (I have Large, Medium, and Small corner ruins) Rocky outcrops Large Rock. If got into Dust Warfare a year ago when it came out, and it was my first miniatures game. I wanted some good terrain quickly, and so I meant mainly with Pegasus and Battlefield in a Box, and am very happy with what I ended up with. Great looking scenery, most of it came prepainted so was no work to set up. It's all well made, and very well painted considering the price. I highly recommend both companys' work for Dust Warfare. It's called the techno bridge. I personally don't think it works well with the river, as it doesn't completley clear the river sitting flat. If I ran a company creating 28mm terrain, then I would make sure they are all compatiable. The bridge also seems big for it's scale. It's 12 inches long and will take a minimum of 1 turn for a normal unit to cross. 2 turns if your not at the foot of the bridge. Walkers have plenty of room to cross, it just feels a bit big overall. I also purchased the pegasus gothic building and was unimpressed. Lots of denibbing to do, and it doesn't have enough walls to make the building pictured on the box. My next purchase will not be from pegasus.
  6. The Steel Rain is the only artillery option available to the Allieds, so having a Steel Rain available add versatility. That being said the Steel Rain can hit anything on the table at any time. The Pounder is also a nice choice as it has a 36" reach. If your vehicles are dying in turn one, then you are doing something wrong. The reason for fielding an M2 is range.
  7. I like taking zombies because they are one of the few units in the Axis army which is effective against bothy infanty and vehicles. They are cheap, so you can bring a lot of them. With a Sturmprinz you can drop them off in close combat range and have a vehicle that can provide suppression. I normally only take one Blutkreuz platton. The other platton I use for the blietkreig on the Sturm Prinz.
  8. Someone should create a template, for use in photo shop, to print lists. I would like to create some pre-printed lists for friends. This helps us get into the game quicker, so I don't have to wait for an hour while they make a list. It also allows new players to chose from multiple lists which are already effective. I am just looking for a template that can be used in photo shop by adding text and creating the lists.
  9. Has anyone created unit card for Operation Hades? I am currently using these https://www.dropbox.com/gallery/13964498/1//Dust%20Warfare%20Unit%20Cards?h=52c0b1&
  10. I see alot of plasticville stuff on ebay, is it the right size?
  11. You might want to take something that can kill tanks.
  12. spoook said: I have Angela $12 sold already
  13. I prefer Angela w/ snipers. She is also good against infantry.
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