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  1. Hi guys! Lib here. Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm going to be selling my cards and other AGOT paraphernalia because I no longer have the time to enjoy the game. Check out my auction here! http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Game-of-Thrones-AGoT-LCG-collection-5000-cards-promos-and-power-counters-/290969157213?pt=AU_Card_Games&hash=item43bf1cfe5d If you have any questions feel free to PM me or reply to the ebay post. Cheers
  2. Hi guys! My name's Bert (Libert1ne) and I've just created a spreadsheet to house this year's regional results. It's pretty cool cause there are graphs depicting winning agendas/houses and it all updates automatically. I'm not someone with a background in programming and I'm not very talented with excel so as you can imagine it took me quite a few hours. I need your help! If you have regional results, or just want to input some old ones for me that'd be AWESOME. At the moment the document only has space for 50 regionals, with the top 40 participants in each. I have tried to include only regionals where TLV was legal, so far. All you have to do is find a blank worksheet, and input the details in on the left. These results entered will automaticall update the first two pages (a list of results and associated graphs). Please don't edit the first page. Before editing, just check to see if someone else has posted your regional results by glancing at the list on the first page. I will likely edit this document and make room for more stats (atm there is no restricted card list etc). If you don't want to help, feel free to look at the stats anyway. It's rather bare at the moment, but will become more useful with time. So you can check it out and view/edit here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AupPWM9DAKjzdE5ZSzZZQ2Q4NlNqTVFZVjlJVzlsM2c#gid=0 Thanks Throners. Lib
  3. I have only played since may 2012, but I agree whole-heartedly Dobbler. I am loving the balance in the metagame, and the viability of previously unconsidered archetypes…
  4. I have no problem with the overall award or the existence of competitive melee tournaments. I just don't enjoy them. At all. In fact, not one (out of approx 20-30) players in our meta has a desire to play melee in a tournament format, which is why all 4 of the regionals in Melbourne (with FFG prize support) will not have a melee component. Every single time we've tried (and we've tried many times) super fast rush decks win, and it's basically luck with whoever gets the best start. Cool/combo decks or even control decks are absent. There is no incentive in melee to play control, because by design it hurts you. Investing resources into controlling 1-2 players hurts you because you aren't investing in winning (power rush). Deal making and titles just don't do enough and there's no reason to keep deals. For us it's #1: not competitive; we may aswell roll a dice instead to determine the outcome of the final table #2: not fun (when played competitively) Casual melee can be very fun, until some wanker decides to break the game by playing a degenerate super fast rush deck.
  5. We as a play group here in Melbourne have told all of our retailers to not run a melee part of their regionals. Competitive melee, we feel, is not only a broken format (first person to play solitaire the fastest wins!), but a negative play experience. Casual melee is somewhat OK when everyone brings tier 2 or worse decks..
  6. I love the Drogo art on the box, and the artwork of the cards. My main gripe is the changing of the layout. I really wished they had just used the old format, with no borders and the full bleed artwork. What's even more puzzling is that there is no space underneath Dany's Str icon for a military icon, so any characters they do in the future who are tricons will have the strength symbol placed in a different spot on the card I guess…
  7. Hi guys. One of my buyers from ages ago failed to pay for this pack so I've relisted it on ebay. Here's the link: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/AGOT-LCG-Sacred-Bonds-Chapter-Pack-Game-of-Thrones-New-/321032202052?pt=AU_CollectableTradingCards&hash=item4abf02a744 Thanks, Lib
  8. Hi Check out my listing here: www.ebay.com.au/itm/AGOT-LCG-Sacred-Bonds-Chapter-Pack-Game-Thrones-New-/320978276900
  9. Hi there again guys! I have put up my last copy of Sacred Bonds on ebay. Here is the link: www.ebay.com.au/itm/AGOT-LCG-Sacred-Bonds-Chapter-Pack-Game-Thrones-New-/320978276900 Once again I put it up for less than I paid for it. No point in hording. Thanks for looking
  10. Hi Mykel, I have 2 copies of Sacred Bonds that I'm getting rid of. The Ancient Enemies chapter pack sold for about 15$ Australian on ebay. The first sacred bonds pack is up on ebay as we speak with 1 day remaining and I will likely put the last one on after. Here is the link: www.ebay.com.au/itm/AGOT-LCG-Sacred-Bonds-Chapter-Pack-Game-Thrones-New-/320966850470
  11. Hi guys, Lib again… My copy of Ancient Enemies sold on ebay for retail price here in Australia, and I now have 2 extra copies of Sacred Bonds. I have put the first one on ebay so check it out: www.ebay.com/itm/AGOT-LCG-Sacred-Bonds-Chapter-Pack-Game-of-Thrones-New-/320966850470 Thanks for looking
  12. So I picked up an extra one of these chapter packs and figured I'd put it on ebay for someone else who doesn't have the set: www.ebay.com/itm/Ancient-Enemies-Chapter-Pack-AGOT-LCG-Game-of-Thrones-New-/320958949345 Cheers, Lib. PS I might have some extra unopened Sacred Bonds sets coming in, we'll have to wait and see
  13. Hi there I am a new player entering into a very new meta in Australia and I'm having trouble locating 2 of the chapter packs from A Clash of Arms cycle. I have since learned that the first three chapter packs in this arc are quite scarce. Me being me, I hate the idea of lying in wait for a reprint of this cycle to be announced before I can get my hands on these cards (additionally I love the black borders ) Having said that I am interested in buying/trading cards from or complete packs of: Sacred Bonds War of the Five Kings I also have one unopened extra Ancient Enemies chapter pack if anyone needs that/would be willing to trade (There may be more of these in my city here in the land down under too) but I'm not sure how rare this one is. Please shoot me a PM if you have any of the cards from these sets that you're looking to offload or know of a place I can just buy the CPs. Ideally I'd be chasing playsets of the "To Be A…" events aswell. Thanks for reading, Lib
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