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  1. To be fair, some fluff from older editions mention that the Hiruma Scouts often cross trained with the Shinjo Scouts. So if anyone outside of Unicorn knows how to take down mounted enemies, it'd be the Hiruma.
  2. TCBC Freak said: I just got an idea, Poor Weather Gear, used to make a straw man army to make it look like the 20 guys holding that massive fort are really 40+ guys. Unless your GM plays with kid gloves or you were fighting in ass end of no where against primitives, that really wouldn't work with the level of tech available. For example, competent human scouts would likely to have at least Preysense sights/goggles so they could tell that those scarecrows weren't generating heat. Most Xenos races would have similar or more advance tech or psychic abilities than humans that could easily see through that scam. Even Orks could tell that the strawmen were never patrolling or just flat out wouldn't care. Undoubtedly if Kommandos went ahead of the main force to do surprise attacks.
  3. Unholy_Ravager said: it's equally likely that blame will be shifted to the Inquisitor, for the exact same reason. Depends on the whats better for the war effort, and the greater good. While yea, Space Marines are valuable, but a lot of the Inquisitions power is invested in their reputation. They need to be thought of by the general public as untouchable and incorruptible. The murder of an Inquisitor without serious repercussions would damage their image, set a bad precedence, and shift the balance of power. At the end of the day, if the Inquisition chose to crack down on individual Space Marines without the full backing of their Watch Captain, or support for their chapters, the SM's are most likely the ones who are going to get ****** in the end.
  4. In game mechanically, Heavy Gunners, Operators, and Weapon Specialists do have an inclination for Fellowship. One of them could be a corporal and pick up the Command and Charm skill at a reasonable price. Ratlings have a fellowship aptitude, but thats more because they tend to be horny gluttonous black marketeers. Also Ratlings are abhuman and their units are normally sent out as independent skulkers, them being in charge of a regular IG unit would likely be a disaster. As Guardsmen would follow a Commissar out of fear and respect, devout Guardsmen would be inspired to follow a Priest into war due to faith and respect. Stormtroopers have the same Schola Progenium, but lack the charisma or personality to become a Commissar. Average IG grunts tend to be jealous or dislike Stormtroopers due to their fancy edumacation and toy soldier gear so are unlikely to be motivated to follow them.
  5. Think of them more like a Spec Ops guy then just the wheel man. They still have a natural inclination to be good path finders, stealthers, hackers, techies, crafters, demomen, translators, and back up medics. Especially handy to have around if there's no Tech-Priest/Medic/Ratling. Give him/her bridges to blow up, secret data files to decrypt, maps to interpret/routes to plan, generators to repair, weapons to upgrade. Oh no, they blew the Medic's head off, who will stabilize this gut shot to the Ratling? ****, the Tech-Priest managed to hack data slate, but he can't read Imperial Codes to translate the orders, wait doesn't the Operator know Imperial Codes? Like a Void-Master in Rogue Trader, just have to make sure the player understands that they won't always be behind the wheel, and that it maybe a good idea to diversify his skill set a bit. Also have to work with the other members of the group. Not everyone will want to play as a mechanized division, in a vehicle combat heavy campaign.
  6. miles1739 said: Unless i missed it,did they include any military?Not sure if its even needed but a couple of question brought up in our group: 1.Any chance to to play a Lt ,Captain or even command your own regemen as a Colonel? 2.If say the Seregent is taken out of action how do you decide whos in command?Or is that better left as a role play decision? 3.How does Psykers and Ogryn's "fit" in a regement?Are they able to "give" orders to platoons or squads?Are they part of the HQ platoon and attached as needed to units? In Only War you're pretty much just a grunt, 1 of billions of other soldiers. If you choose to create your own regiment, your group or the GM have the option to choose the personality and some of the traits/skills for the NPC Regimental Commander. At the squad/platoon level most people would be playing at, it'll probably be a Sergeant, Commissar, or Ministorum Priest calling the shots. After them unless your group or GM decides to enforce it, there is no clear cut chain of command within the unit. Also unless your GM decides to add it in, there is no set in stone rank promotion system. Your Logistic Rating kinda represents your rank or reputation. Doing well on missions increases the squads Logistics Rating(Basically Renown/Acquisitions/Requisition of the other games) which makes it easier for your group to get new or better gear. There's a few examples of awards, medals, honors and commendations that give stat and skill bonuses to your squad for preforming certain heroic actions in battle or for completing a campaign. If your group and GM really wants to micromanage the regiment and control the whole battle front as the Company/Regiment Commander and his/her staff or honor guard, then sure you can do it with in house rules. But the skill challenges for ordering thousands of solders and individual units will get kinda boring fast, at least to me for an RPG. Unless you're reckless and decide to lead from the front lines your group will also rarely get to do any actual battle unless things really go bad for your side. Most Ogryn are extremely stupid, stupider than Orks stupid, and with none of the Orks latent genetic memories or abilities to make bull happen just because they believe it should happen. They need handlers to mind them and keep them calm but Ogyrn do have a childlike faith in the righteousness of the Emperor and will follow authority figures. Right now there's no in game option to give Ogryn the Bone 'Ead process that would make them smarter and able to become a NCO. Ogryn are normally attached to regiments as Ogryn only squads under a Bone 'Ead Ogryn Sergent. In this game they're treated as a Specialist class who are attached to units but rank wise the average Ogryn is basically just a standard Guardsman or most likely even lower ranked. Psykers are from the HQ company and people would follow a Psyker outta fear, but rarely ever out of loyalty. The average soldier really distrusts them and would gladly put a bullet in their heads if they loose control of their powers. Also mechanically in this game, Psykers will have trouble building the stats and skills to get people to listen to their orders. Also this is a war and your playing pretty much just ordinary guys. Unless your regiment or squad are supposed be elite soldiers or your GM plays with kid gloves, expect a high turn over rate of player characters and NPC comrades.
  7. H.B.M.C. said: Shadow Walker said: Could you please give full list of adversaries? And if vehicles are in then what enemies armour can we expect? Vehicles are in. Vehicles are very in. For the Orks we have: Weirdboy I'm really liking the rules for Ork Weirdboyz. Having a rampaging ork who ramps up his psy rating in larger battle isn't a disaster waiting to happen at all . Hopefully they'll be a slighty expanded version of the Perils of the WAAAGH! and power list when they get added as a Rogue Trader PC option in the Navis Primer. Having a xenos who's also an unsanctioned psyker on board in all but the most liberal crews is sure to be another disaster brewing.
  8. Psion said: JonnyStorm said: The Maccabian Janissaries were added in the Dark Heresy adventure Dead Stars iirc. Ah cool, never got into Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader was where I started picking up the books (and even then not as much as something like Traveller or Mutants and Masterminds.) Good to hear these guys get stats though, even though when I hear "very pious" in reference to a group of the Imperium I think "Insane Zealots" but eh, they're flanked by xenophobic racists and brain-washing space communists (I'd love a Tau RPG or supplement but that's another topic) who are hung up with the beautiful lie syndrome. And those are just the other good guys! =P "Insane Zealots" is a bit overboard. They're zealots, but not drugged up psychopaths like Redemptionists or Death Cultists who would go on a rampage at the slightest inkling of heresy. Think more along the lines of serious professionals who really love their god, but can keep their **** together and can deal with heretics in a calm orderly fashion. Here's some fluff from the Dead Stars adventure for those who want to a fuller pictures of the Janissaries. From Dead Stars: "MACCABIAN JANISSARY: The Maccabian Janissaries are an elite cadre with the Imperial Guard regiments, raised from the planet of Maccabeus Quintus; a dry arid planet of miracles and dust, which is also one of the most holy places within the Calixis Sector. Chosen from the most fanatical members of the Drusian sect of the Imperial creed, the Janissary Cadres are highly trained, well equipped and fanatically devoted to the service they do for the God Emperor of mankind. Their training and doctrines are based on the so called Drusian Trident of endurance, devotion and sacri? ce and the black clad and silver masked Janissaries embody all three to the utmost." Also from Dead Stars: "The Maccabian Janissaries: The Acolytes have command of a ten strong force of elite troopers drawn from the renowned Janissary Cadres of the Imperial Guard. These regiments are raised from the arid planet of Maccabeus Quintus, a place of ? erce and stoic people and iron-strong puritan faith in the Imperial Creed. The Conclave Calixis has oath bonds with the ?fth Maccabian regiment and has called on the honour debts owed to them to procure the services of ten of the most resolute and effective soldiers in the sector, lead by two experienced NCOs. The Janissaries are tough and battle-hardened men and women who are bound by oaths made in seven shrines on Maccabeus Quintus. They see serving the Emperor’s will as a sacred duty and have a grim attitude; they are not given to frivolity or humour. They spend much of their time preparing for their mission, either performing combat drills or weapons maintenance, in prayer or studying information on the environment and situation of the station on Mara. They are respectful and deferential to the Acolytes, who they see not only as their commanders but as instruments of the Golden Throne’s divine will. They are not, however, mindless, and in particular do not countenance overtly blasphemous or heretical behaviour in their presence without dif?culties. Commanding the squad’s two ?ve-man sections are the imposing and iron-hard sergeants Childres and Makrade, both combat veterans with experience in ?ghting at the Inquisition’s side.The names of the other Janissaries are; Gaius, Helenith, Kraven, Arco, Sufal, Nauls, Cars’son, and Janaad."
  9. Plushy said: My favorites are the Operator and the Enginseer! I do think Orgryns are a little silly, and should be removed as a player options. Ratlings fit fine, but do tend to curbstomp other snipers flat. If only we still had a certain stocky, diminutive race still in the fluff… Well Weapon Specialist seem like they can be a pretty mean snipers when they feel like. Plus their Comrades act as a caddy carrying their gear and lets him switch weapons as a free action giving them more versatility or time to ignore weapon jams and reloads during crucial moments. Though Weapon Specs can't get the freebie passive accurate/aim bonus or an undodgeable shot on demand but they can give their allies cover by pinning down targets with any kinda ranged attack.
  10. The Maccabian Janissaries were added in the Dark Heresy adventure Dead Stars iirc.
  11. Kshatriya said: JonnyStorm said: Well Inquisitors of Ordo Malleus when not hunting daemons are supposed to act as something like an internal affairs agency for the Inquisitions. The Malleus Remit gives them the extra judicial authority to crack down on anybody. Space Marine, High Lord of Terra, the Inquisitorial Representative, and anyone else short of the Emperor himself are subject to the wrath of the Ordo Malleus. Cite? Pretty positive I read it in the DH Daemon Hunter book or one of the codexes, If you trust wikis, wh40k.lexicanum.com/wiki/Ordo_Malleus#.T-d0L_U6ii8
  12. The Sergeant has an NPC comrade who follows him around and act as a Vox-Tech. As long as the his comrade sticks near by, the Sergeant can transmit orders and give out buffs to anyone within vox range as a free action. Yep, a class called the 'Operator' is the only one left. It seems to be some general mix of pilot/driver, communications manager, and minor tech priest in the way of knowing a few litanies and prayers. Yea I'm really glad they added someone who's good at tech without having to go all Steam Punk Frankenstien. The system is is similar to Black Crusade no Rank tables saying what classes can get what skills/talents and when. All characters have access to every skill and talent. You can unlock skills and talents as you like, just some character archetypes are naturally attuned and can get some of them cheaper and faster. Like a Sanction Psyker could become extremely good at wading through people with forceblade in one hand and an inferno pistol in the other. But it will take him much much more experience and time to learn how to do that than say a Storm Trooper or Commissar. Also the Psyker will have to sacrifice a huge chunk of mojo juice and be fairly worthless/unstable when using powers. You can play a Guardsman or a Support Specialist. Support Specialists are -Commissar -Ministorum Priest -Ogryn -Ratling -Sanction Psyker -Storm Trooper -Tech-Priest Enginseer Guardsmen are broken down into: -Heavy Gunner -Medic -Operator -Sergeant -Weapon Specialist.
  13. Well Inquisitors of Ordo Malleus when not hunting daemons are supposed to act as something like an internal affairs agency for the Inquisitions. The Malleus Remit gives them the extra judicial authority to crack down on anybody. Space Marine, High Lord of Terra, the Inquisitorial Representative, and anyone else short of the Emperor himself are subject to the wrath of the Ordo Malleus.
  14. Need to tone done the 'roids abit, Here's a picture of a Space Wolf scout in light scouting armor to give a better perspective. Sure space marine scouts are normally newbs, but Wolf Scouts are veteran members.
  15. Well Space Wolves are kind of an exception to the rules. They're well known as being radical alcoholics who defy authority and the dictates of the Codex Astartes. They'd probably been declared Excommunicate Traitoris if it wasn't for their unquestionable loyalty to the Emperor and be so **** good at destroying anyone including other Space Marines. Then again having a suped up Dreadnaught who has a higher kill count than entire Space Marine companies and been kicking ass since Warhammer 32k doesn't hurt either.
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