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  1. Greetings Liquidating my collection if you know anyone interested looking to get into the game ill do 80$ (2 core balance, edge, 1st cycle, 2 packs of second cycle) I also have 3 playmats Ill sell for 15 a pop (edge box, boba blast off, and intimidation) also got han solo promos - and 3p0 and Force Lightning
  2. yeah, imperial and rebel symbols are kinda red flags TBH I'm surprised we got as many as we did.
  3. Lol same here danielle is preggers i get mad agro for any extra gMe days i will be At tower on monday from 730 to 11 if u want to play
  4. TBH - the taun taun is not a big worry copy rights wise - i use some symbols from other Ip's in my art at times and its really about "transforming" a product into somthing new - the Imperial/Rebel symbols is were they can get you. HOWEVER - in general its not considered an issue if you are not producing an image to sell additionally if your making a thing just for fun its not a big issue especially if you not using there art.
  5. lol you guys are too easy to troll :-) - Changed it - enjoy.
  6. Lol i thought it was appropriate for lure of the dark side lol
  7. Hey, i don't realistically think shirts will be done by regionals - mostly regionals will be us... i always imagined that they would be here for worlds as there will be the most amount of people from across the globe. Like i said if coolieo wants the images he can just drop me a line @ gjudd@me.com they are to big to send otherwise. Additionally Like i said above tower is having an event Test your decks! https://www.facebook.com/events/613309968746673/?context=create&source=49
  8. Greetings Everyone! I have not posted it on towers site yet but we will be hosting a tournament the weekend before Regionals to give everyone an opportunity to warm up there decks with lure of the dark side now out. The details April 26th Tower Games @ 11:30 - Start @ Noon Cost: 5$ Prizes = Game Night Kit (we have a ton to choose from) https://www.facebook.com/events/613309968746673/?context=create&source=49 Graham
  9. Sounds like a good group - the new rebel pod is amazing - I wish i could get there @ three jeeps but i would have a little devil with me running around like a crazy man.
  10. Mick will have to represent with my Jawa Jerec deck, I won't be able to make it friday real life is very busy these days!
  11. sry work baby and dentist today - i have high quality versions of these files, drop me a line @ gjudd@me.com
  12. i feel like i want to point a stick at some one and yell " INFERNO VOS VIDEBIMVS" so i can feel like harry dresden
  13. The black is just a stand in - they can turn any color - im thinking Dark Blue/Black Shirt White tauntauns and a grey/white shield - Otherwise im thinking a White/Grey design with a black shirt
  14. Most of my skills lie in the domaine of artsy fartsy - i could prolly do the shield but it would take a graphic designer 1/16the the amount of time as it would me to make it look nice, same with the text - i have this file in .RIF on my cpu Also.. do we want to keep the crown? or nix it?
  15. All i have time for today anyone want to do the shield?
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