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  1. Some background: I really like Destiny, but I'm not interested in playing competitively. I just want a cool static deck-construction game with lots of variety that I can put on my shelf and play with my friends and family. To that end, I've collected a complete 2x set of Awakenings. I might get an extra 2x of the Neutral cards so both players can have them, but I don't think I'll be collecting any future sets. I do feel like the set is missing a few thematically important characters, like the droids, Obi-Wan, Chewie, and Palpatine. Would it be a good idea to buy just a few cards from SoR and add them to my AW set? I don't want to throw off the balance of AW, nor do I want cards that are primarily designed to synergize with other SoR cards.
  2. From the latest preview: So...is it not a Legacy game? The campaign can actually be fully replayed without creating your own components? I wish they'd be clearer on this point.
  3. The price just went up $4 today on CSI and MM both, seemingly simultaneously. Also, the expansion packs are no longer available for pre-order on CSI. Wonder if that means anything.
  4. I love this idea. As someone who only owns the Base set, I'm really glad to see a new campaign that doesn't require extra investment in money or shelf space for boxed expansions.
  5. Especially since the Command isn't technically an attack, so the Officer can do it twice and give a powerful unit two attacks at once.
  6. You realize that the full rulebooks, including skirmish, are available, right?
  7. Regarding the OP, the recommended age for IA has since been changed to 14+.
  8. There is no point, which is why Vader and Luke aren't available for separate purchase.
  9. Uhhh...yes. I know what a pre-order is. CSI is no longer taking pre-orders for every expansion except the Saboteurs, therefore they are sold out of their initial allocation. They may or may not be able to buy more from FFG, but for now they are sold out. If FFG's initial stock is already fully allocated, they will be sold out until the next run arrives.
  10. http://www.coolstuffinc.com/main_search.php?pa=searchOnName&page=1&resultsPerPage=25&q=imperial+assault Looks like I'll be waiting for a 2nd print run on these so I can order everything at once.
  11. I fall exactly into your theoretical cohort. My friends and I played a full Descent campaign with just the base box. Using the Lt. tokens was a bit lame, but not lame enough for me to purchase the minis. On the other hand, if Han Solo is going to show up in a campaign, I want him to look good.
  12. Well, FFG has just updated the article to reflect both of my points, so it seems it was in fact a misprint or oversight. The article description of Trick Shot no longer references range, so the card is correct as written and the original article was wrong. The article also says that Jyn "may move" when using Opportunist. Unfourtunately, the character sheet does not reflect that wording, so once again either the article is wrong or the product is poorly worded.
  13. I think I have a fair amount of basis. The materials in the preview article are being presented as final product, not beta or in development. The game is already being printed. You're right, it is possible that Opportunist could actually be intended to work as written, but that would be a very strange design decision. Hero abilities should work to the benefit of the hero, that's been true in Descent and I think is a general maxim of RPGs. There are so many situations in which Jyn would not want to move after dealing damage (already in perfect cover position, needs to block a narrow hallway, needs to interact with the environment in her square) that I would consider the character broken if the ability was meant strictly as written.
  14. I disagree. Traditionally, passive abilities are always active and need to be specified if they are optional to use. This is true in Descent, X-Wing, and other FFG games. For example, Jyn's passive ability Sidewinder correctly says "you may move up to 2 spaces."
  15. A few things in the newest article seem to indicate that this game wasn't very well playtested or proofread: 1. Jyn's Opportunist ability says "move 1 space," with no "may" or "can choose." As written it seems pretty clear that Jyn MUST move whenever she deals damage. I can think of a lot of situations in which the hero player wouldn't want her to move. 2. Jyn's Trick Shot card says you may "draw line of sight" from another square, but nothing else. The description in the article indicates that you calculate range from the new square as well as line of sight, so which is it? Either the article is wrong or the card is incomplete.
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