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  1. My Arkham Horror board fell to bits. They sent me another, with international shipping, free of charge, and I received it under a week after putting the claim in. Genuinely fantastic customer service. Games are so expensive it's fantastic to know that a company has your back if you have any problems.
  2. Tromdial said: So what it be, ReN? Did you get Descent 2e this weekend? I did not, I'm afraid. I still might at some point, but I think the issue I'm going to have is pitching the high concept of the game to my friends. Saying 'who wants to play a game where you are cyberpunk thieves running a data heist on an advanced corporation' sells everyone on Infiltration for instance, but saying 'who wants to play a game where you are various heroic characters raiding a dungeon in a fantasy world' is, I think, not going to sell it over just playing with everyone's hand-crafted, much-beloved D&D characters, even though it is a different gaming experience. Am giving serious thought to your suggestion of Wiz-War instead though, have read up on it and it sounds brilliant. And so much cheaper!
  3. Firstly, this game sounds rad. I first heard of Descent watching the great Shut Up and Sit Down special on it, and I decided I really wanted it about 10 minutes into the 30 minute video. Google swiftly revealed the coming of 2nd Ed, and I decided rather than splurge on something soon to be out of date, I would sit on my hands and wait for the update to come out before buying it. My friends all loved Mansions of Madness, which seemed to be essentially the Lovecraft version of Descent (that's probably wrong) so I thought it would go down really well with my group. That was a few months ago. Since then, my chums have started playing D&D4E (I worry about posting that name on the Internet for fear of bringing down the wrath of D&D fans. It's like saying Candyman 3 times in the mirror) and I am concerned that for them, Descent isn't going to provide a different enough experience to justify getting out on the table too often. On the other hand, the competitive aspect, as well as the mechanics, seem very different to D&D, and Mansions of Madness certainly complements Call of Cthulhu rather than competes with it. Does anyone play both? Do you think both can peacefully coexist or will one replace the other?
  4. Thanks for your help all. I had heard nothing but good things about FFG's customer service, but I just wanted to check this was an actual problem first and I wasn't just missing something (my friend's logic was it could be taken apart to allow you to put in bits from the expansions, which sounded just plausible enough to throw me off). It's not stopping me enjoying the game, but I suppose I want all my toys to be in one piece.
  5. My board game group loves Mansions of Madness, and me being the lovely host that I am, I thought a bit more Lovecraftian action would be just the ticket. As such, I recently purchased a copy of Arkham Horror. I have no complaints about the game itself, but when I eagerly pulled the board from its bag and opened it up, it promptly fell into three pieces. My friend thinks this is because it is meant to be modular like MoM. It's brand new from a shrink-wrapped box, and there's no sign of rips at the edges of the board, but surely it's all one piece? If so, does anyone know how I go about getting a replacement? Do I need to go back to the shop or can I sort something out from FFG directly? Thanks in advance!
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