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  1. Are cards from older sets that have been rotated out which have been reprinted in newer sets still standard legal? I know mtg does this and was wondering if Destiny did this as well. Thanks
  2. Thanks all, looks like I might be in the market for a new deck
  3. Thank you for the in depth analysis. From what I gather from it, in order to enhance my aember generation outside of reaping I would need to cycle through my deck as quickly as I can. Outside of that piece of advice, how would you recommend piloting this deck to get the most out of it? Sounds like reaping is my bread and butter. At the same time I need to play cards to cycle through my deck which means turns that I abandon reaping.
  4. I’ve had some ups and downs (love/hate) with this game since it’s release. This is a deck that has houses and cards I like but I can’t seem to win with it. On paper it seems decent: Has decent aember generation, decent creatures who protect my important creatures etc. but it gets defeated quickly. So as the title says, is it me or my deck? https://www.keyforgegame.com/deck-details/fed54b60-0f43-417a-ad0d-30501dcc8903
  5. Will play in the sealed tourney at gen con this year and since it’s my first I wondered about sleeving my deck once I build it. Do they have to be pro matte or will regular ultra pro sleeves work? I know that they cannot have transparent backs and that starting cards must be in different color sleeves. Thanks
  6. In trying to adhere to this rule, I've also noticed a lack of damage output which also made me question the ratio. My decks currently have around 11 sides with resources and I typically try to make my cost curve proportional in the sense that I have more zero cost cards than one cost, more 1 cost than two cost etc. so what you are saying is that I may have room for more powerful upgrades than I think I do.
  7. A while back I read somewhere that you should strive for a two to one ratio of low cost to high cost upgrades. So if I had three 3 Cost upgrades I would need at least 6 two cost upgrade. Is this a hard a fast rule in deck building? I have seen some tourney winning decks that may have as many as six 3 cost upgrades in their total of 12. Just wondering about the validity of this 2-1 Ratio idea. Thanks
  8. Am I correct in assuming that if Cargo Hold is claimed and an upgrade that specifies "Yellow Character only" is moved to an opponents non yellow character that the upgrade is discarded?
  9. My friend and I were discussing In Seastan's The One Deck how he is getting steward of Gondor in play without resource match. I offered that when putting things into play maybe you ignore resource match, he wasn't so sure. Is there a place in the rules that addresses this? Thanks.
  10. Can anyone post or link a place where I can find the exact deck lists for both starters? Thanks.
  11. Thanks guys for the suggestions. Calvadur: I think this is what I am looking for. Psychorocker, Dunedain: Those are some great ideas too!
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