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  1. Vamp The Unholy

    Temple of Lies

    I would advise then that you follow Cynicus' example and just tailor the challenges for your group then. Lower number of guards, maybe remove the assassin, don't use Copax's Bolt of Change, etc. That would ensure your player's would still get to experience the adventure as it was meant to without dying horribly.
  2. Vamp The Unholy

    Temple of Lies

    Perhaps you could add a Space Marine NPC ally or grant him as a free minion to their party? You might just be able to grant both of them a free Minion of Chaos talent and that may solve the problem. I know some would be opposed to this, but as long as you're careful not to overshadow your players, it could be just enough to keep them alive.
  3. Vamp The Unholy

    Online game. Anyone interested?

    I would volunteer, but like I said, I'm not comfortable enough with the systems to GM (also, it's been forever since I've been a player).
  4. Vamp The Unholy

    Temple of Lies

    If you don't want to use Broken Chains, I'd recommend creating a short mini-adventure of your own design to bring the heretics together and teach them the basic rules of the different systems. You could also try Rivals for Glory, if it fits what you want to do. The adventure itself is nicely separated into segments that each focus on a different set of skills, though the optional scenes provide a bit more cohesiveness. You could break away from the adventure itself a little bit and have the players hired by the merchant in the beginning to find the Tyrant's Cord, instead of him just selling it's location. That brings them together, teaches them the different systems, and you could use the prophecy from the Torestus in False Prophets (Temple of Lies) to go along with the Cord (the Torestus speaking of people recognizing Tor because of the Tyrant's Cord or some such).
  5. Vamp The Unholy

    FFG is doing whaaaat...?

    I am a little bit sad myself that it appears the Midnight gameline has ended (I had to buy my core book off of Amazon), as the setting is one of the better ones (along with Ravenloft) and was a good choice for a movie.
  6. Vamp The Unholy

    Collectors Edition in Hand - Roll Call

    Got mine about two weeks ago, numbered 554.
  7. Vamp The Unholy

    Online game. Anyone interested?

    Well, I'm at GMT -6:00, so I should be fine to join regardless of the day, as long as it is after 6:00 PM (time I get off of work) local time.
  8. Vamp The Unholy

    Online game. Anyone interested?

    I am interested, but don't know the technology (map tools) that well, having "messed around" with it on the side, though not actually using it for any games. If that's acceptable, count me in!
  9. Vamp The Unholy

    Temple of Lies

    I'm currently running it (had to stop in the middle due to time constraints), and I'm thinking about increasing the difficulty of some of the fights (though I am wary of Copax). Admittedly, the only real combat we've done is the Cherubs (optional encounter), but it didn't seem to really concern the characters. The group consists of two astartes and two humans. One of the astartes (A Forsaken) essentially defeated the horde single-handedly, while the other was goofing off. The humans in my group just stood back and let the astartes ravage the horde. I'd say the adventure is good, but maybe not use it as your first compact, but your second one. That way the players can get used to things and upgrade themselves for the combat (especially down the tower and Copax) with them being humans and all.
  10. Vamp The Unholy

    Hand of Corruption & feasibility of Chaos Space Marines

    The Laughing God said: Cifer said: There are two kinds of RPG. One where the characters are relatively close together in abilities and drawbacks and one where it's possible to specialize in extremely different directions. The latter kind generally requires that you work together closely with your GM in establishing what campaign you'll play with what characters. Dark Heresy and its derivatives have always tended in that direction - going for radical missions with a Redemptionist or a sister in your group certainly won't work. Sending a power-armoured Unnatural Toughness Machine X Magos into the same combat as a robe-clad Sage will likely kill the Sage if the Magos is at all threatened. True, I get it. But the Redemptionist could be led astray during roleplay and or 'suggested to retire' for ingame roleplaying fluff reasons. Infiltrating the Imperium's cities with Chaos Space Marines would be possible, but it would all the time require a very good entry vector for these monsters .. a large and important act in the scenario would be how to get the CSM make footfall on the planet. I am wondering … I don't GM Black Crusade atm .. for those who do: do your adventures take place in the Imperium or predominantly in the hellish region of the Screaming Vortex? My game is set in the outer reaches of the Screaming Vortex and will expand to include deeper regions of the Vortex and the Koronus Expanse and Calixis Sector as the players rise in ranks (aiming for a slightly longer campaign than average). As for default setting, I think the book naturally assumes the Screaming Vortex, but has information/suggestions for any setting really.
  11. Vamp The Unholy

    Champions of Ruin: who's Who in the Vortex

    This is very well done. As soon as my players (An Apostate, Heretek, Forsaken, and Champion) get use to the setting, I'll publish their backstory as well. Speaking of such, does anyone know where I could direct my players for WH 40K Lore, besides the front/back of the core rules?