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  1. Why would you pay $4 to play 4 hours of the start of a campaign that is an incredibly slow starter?
  2. This certainly isn't speculation and was a bit of a shock to me this week - there's only a few BFG ships available for sale at the UK GW page.
  3. More card sets that I'll never get to use. *sighs*
  4. I don't have the book in front of me, but I'm sure there was a rule in there that said you could take out a trait and replace it with noble if the player's background was appropriate (e.g. the player is playing an officer but lower than the rank of Captain, like a Second Lieutenant). If the noble-born player was playing an enlisted soldier, maybe swap out a trait with 'Menial' to indicate he is 'slumming it' (so if he does move to a noble career later, his time in the military will actually reflect -badly- on him).
  5. drallcome said: Hello , Just got the game again , I was wondering what campaign / Scenerio should I buy to run first with three new players ? We have already ran the scenerio it came with the first time I bought the game so just looking for advice as to where to go from here . Was thinking about "The Edge of Night" ?? Thank you very much for your advice. It really depends on what kind of adventures your players tend to enjoy. If they enjoy lots of combat over social activities, The Edge of Night is probably not going to be suited to them. Also whilst it is a fun adventure and has a lot of source material for Ubersreik, EON works better as a framework for a sandbox adventure - it is a bit underdeveloped otherwise (hence, as everyone else has said, it needs a bit of additional development). I can't say about Witch's Song or The Gathering Storm, but adventures my group played through and had fun with were the ones from Signs of Faith, Black Fire Pass and Lure of Power (though I don't recommend playing this one without playing Edge of Night first). All of them have notes on how to link Eye for an Eye into them.
  6. r_b_bergstrom said: A brief heads-up for those running the Clothilde's carriage sequence on day 6. The PCs may figure out on Day 4 that the gunpowder is the important thing that went missing. If so, this may color their opinions of von Alptraum and von Kaufman's plan for Day 6. At my table, for example, the Pistolier and the Battle-Scarred character both very quickly grokked to the missing gunpowder… it was on their radar the first time they went shopping, and later cemented by various clues (including one on a card). So when day 6 rolls around, and Clothilde wants to imperil herself by spreading word about the diamond on her finger and her carriage ride, they were very critical. My players immediately concluded this plan meant she and von Kaufman are both dumb-as-trolls. They repeatedly declared their belief that if she was going to be attacked, it would be by people with no connection to the Black Cowl or anything plot-related, and probably not anyone related to Red Arrow's previous troubles. A waste of their time, but they'd do it anyway for the money. "Worst. Plan. Ever." they said again and again. Our PCs now have barely-contained contempt for the major NPCs that they're supposed to be working for / trying to earn the favour of. Not such a great plot twist. Then, when the carriage was stopped by the roadblock, but NOT attacked while it sat there ('cause per the scenario it gets attacked after it starts up again), those cries swapped to "Worst. Bandits. Ever." It was definitely a low point in the campaign thus far. Consider yourselves warned. Seems to me your players are just very on the ball - though given that the Black Cowl is meant to be achieving a stranglehold on the city's underworld, speculating that the bandits could be working for anyone other than the Cowl seems a bit odd. By Day 6, everyone who isn't working for the Cowl are showing up dead, and every ounce of trouble the players are running into is related to the Cowl in some way (or the Skaven, but the players shouldn't know about that). One would have to be a very brave bandit to attack a well publicized target when it is common knowledge in the underworld what happens to those not following the Cowl. I found my players engaged with the Curd Weiss stuff a lot better than the Docks - excluding the material I added myself (I took the above advice about adding a lieutenant into the mix), the Docks seemed to do nothing but frustrate my players and left them feeling like they've missed clues (which they did a little - nobody picked up on the weather patterns despite a few less than subtle hints).
  7. Our group is now two sessions into this campaign and I must admit I'm frustrated with it, and my players are rather lost. The first part of Book 1 seems broken up as follows: 1. The players are looking into the disappearances of various people. 2. Black Cowl is making moves. 3. Eventually, Curd Weiss will show up and try and get the players to investigate something completely different. It strikes me that 1 and 2 are nothing but setting the scene and the players really don't need to be involved in either. The Black Cowl is meant to be taking over and there is nothing the players are meant to do about it; meanwhile, the skaven are meant to be kidnapping people and there's nothing the players are meant to be able to do about it. Both of these events need to be completed, despite the fact the players should be actively looking for clues to one, and will immediately try and get involved with the the other. This is somewhat frustrating as the players are going to be constantly running in to brickwalls or finding no clues. That's not fun for me, and not fun for them. 3 is where the players will eventually get properly involved in the plot (sort of), but the whole thread comes from out of nowhere. In fact, as written Luminary Mauer warns the players against making connections between the disappearances and the gangland murders - so unless they are the type to be motivated by money (which my players aren't, for the most part), they shouldn't feel in any way inclined to help Curd other than because the plot thread is there. Curd's suggestion that his problems and the problems of the Docks are connected contradicts what Mauer warns against - that makes sense for the characters, but is frustrating for me to put those two perspectives across one after the other. I feel like I'm just frustrating the players and making them feel further lost (and given that some of my players are easily lost in the most simple of plots, that's problematic). At the moment we are approaching Day 3 which should have Mauer and Weiss arrive in the Docks. The players, having interrogated one of the arsonists, have learnt that the arsonists were planning on meeting a higher-up in an alleyway (an asspull I had to make on the spot). What I'm thinking of doing, since the players are sort of working on Luminary Mauer's behalf, is that when he shows up on Day 3 he'll talk with them about the murders, and then the disappearances. If the players decide to tell him they think the two are connected, he'll chastise them for doing so - perhaps more fiercely than suggested in the book (two of the characters are actually his charges - a young squire from Kislev and an apprentice wizard). He'll also chastise them for trying to get involved in the gangland violence, and will state that doing so is likely to get them killed. He'll then mention that Curd Weiss is looking for them, and perhaps a distraction from this grizzly business would be good for them. If they still opt to investigate the gangland murders, they'll find themselves up against stiffer resistance than the encounters I've thrown them before - perhaps even members of the mutant cult with a letter regarding attacking the roads to get them back to Curd.
  8. Horror of Hugeldal plays very much into the whole 'Von Bruners are always getting corrupted by chaos' angle, since the von Jungfreud woman is a Von Bruner by birth. The order we played the adventures in was: A Day Late, A Shilling Short Eye for an Eye The Edge of Night The Horror of Hugeldal The Harrower of Thanes The Mirror of Desire We'll go on to play TEW with new characters after that, but if we hadn't then The Art of Waaagh would be next. The others don't fit so neatly into a story around Ubersreik, at least that was my impression.
  9. Blackjack Rackham said: I believe it is referenced in the Game Master's guide that Bretonnian damsels and Kislevite witches are generally regarded as priests of their respective religions rather than magic users. This is of course a polite fiction that keeps the witch hunters from creating diplomatic incidents by burning revered representatives of their neighboring nations. Just one of many ironies and hypocrisies in the Old World. Ta very much!
  10. Is this something only you've picked up on, or have the players started showing signs of frustration? I do worry when players are min/max stated in a group with more well-rounded characters… I'm never too sure whether I should intervene or simply let players have their fun.
  11. A question that came up today: What is the Cult of Sigmar's (and, by extension, the Empire's and the Witch Hunters') view on foreign magic, such as those from Kislev and Brettonia?
  12. Spivo said: These rumours have been going on for roughly 3 years now, eventually I guess one of them will hit home and be true, as 95% of succesfull games are being made into a new edition in time. Maybe make a macro that posts these threads every 3 months? I was under the impression people already had set that up. Certainly seems like it!
  13. Emirikol said: p.s..that is with the exception of one of the most important pieces of artwork for the product, which absolutely fell short … You know this image (and quite a few from LOP such as the steeds) are just taken from other Warhammer products, right? I don't know its original usage, but it is part of a daemons spread in the Warhammer Fantasy Battle hardcover.
  14. Has your Mrs attempted to do up her hair in a slayer mohawk? And is it just me, or is your sister in law pointing her bow at your brother in law? Glad you guys had fun!
  15. Gitzman said: I am also quite happy to see them do something other than the Wizard and Priest expansions. … what with an expansion that includes two magic careers and a religious career? I like that they are releasing career PODs, but I can't help but think the necromancer careers have very limited appeal, especailly as they are advanced careers. That being said, despite the high price, I did pick it up, and will seek to find use for it in the future. At the very least, it looks fun. A career box would be really awesome, though.
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