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    thedaffodilfish reacted to mdc273 in When will draft packs be widely available?   
    No one is buying any! We don't need to printe more!
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    thedaffodilfish reacted to Hida77 in Asteroid Pursuit Timing Question   
    No.  All "After you refresh" effects happen after Step 3 - Replace Objectives in the refresh phase and prior to the action window that follows according to the FAQ.  when this objective dies "After you refresh", you do not get to replace it until the next turn.  Ill update with the pertinent line from the FAQ in a few.
    EDIT: From the FAQ
    Core Rulebook Refresh Phase (p. 12) The parenthetical text after step 1, which reads, “...(Any effect with the text “after you refresh” can be used after completing this step)” is misplaced. “After you refresh” effects should be initiated after the completion of step 3 of the refresh phase.   Pertinent Rulebook section   2. Refresh Phase The active player takes the following steps in order: 1. He removes one focus token from each card in his play area. (Any effect with the text “after you refresh” can be used after completing this step.) Exception: During his first turn only, the LS player does not take this step of the refresh phase. 2. He removes all shield tokens from each card in his play area. 3. If he has fewer than three current objective cards, he replaces each missing objective card by taking the top card of his objective deck and putting it into play as a current objective card. If the objective card just put into play has a “When this card enters play ...” (or similar) effect, this effect is immediately resolved. If multiple objective cards need to be replaced, they are put into play, resolving any “When this card enters play” effects, one at a time. After taking these steps, the active player proceeds to the draw phase.  
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    thedaffodilfish reacted to kingrain777 in New Hoth Builds: Darksid   
    My latest spin on Sith control. Take or leave it, I have had a blast playing this deck:
    "Big Dune Buggy"
    Deck Created with CardGameDB.com Star Wars Deck Builder   Affiliation: Imperial Navy (Core)      Total Objective Sets: (10)   2x Counsel of the Sith (Core)      Advisor to the Emperor (Core)      Kuati Security Team (Core)      Sith Library (Core)      Dark Precognition (Core)      Twist of Fate (Core)   2x The Emperor's Web (Core)      Emperor Palpatine (Core)      Emperor's Royal Guard (Core)      Sith Library (Core)      Force Lightning (Core)      Force Choke (Core)   2x Imperial Command (Core)      Admiral Motti (Core)      Duty Officer (Core)      Heavy Stormtrooper Squad (Core)      Heavy Stormtrooper Squad (Core)      Orbital Bombardment (Core)   1x Reconnaissance Mission (Core)      Human Replica Droid (Core)      Human Replica Droid (Core)      Heat of Battle (Core)      Target of Opportunity (Core)      Twist of Fate (Core)   2x Vader's Fist (The Battle of Hoth)      501st Trooper (The Battle of Hoth)      501st Trooper (The Battle of Hoth)      501st Legion (The Battle of Hoth)      E-Web Heavy Repeating Blaster (The Battle of Hoth)      Battle of Hoth (The Battle of Hoth)   1x Across the Jundland Wastes (Edge of Darkness)      Bantha (Edge of Darkness)      Tusken Raider (Edge of Darkness)      Tusken Raider (Edge of Darkness)      Tusken Raider (Edge of Darkness)      Gaffi Stick (Edge of Darkness)    
    The first thing that is going to flip most of you out is the lack of Fall of the Jedi. The pod doesn't do enough against Blockade Runner and Sleuth Scouts. This deck has tons of resources, card draw, Twist of Fate, and 2 drops galore. Vader's Fist is a house of pain for LS. 
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    thedaffodilfish reacted to FatbastUK in WINTER IS COMING 2013 - UK GRAND EVENT - 27th October   
    2011 went well, our first ever AGOT Tournament on a 'grand scale'.  We were not sure we could top it until Winter is Coming 2012 brought players in from all over the region for a chance to win 'NEEDLE'.  

    We thought that was amazing until we then hosted the biggest Regional Event in UK...and now 

    October 27th 
    GTG Games and Hobbies 
    301 City Road
    Stoke on Trent
    ST4 2QA

    First Prize

    THE HOUND'S HELM - A limited edition replica from VALRYIAN STEEL

    We also have a fantastic array of prizes for those that fail to take the Iron Throne (none of them involve losing limbs)

    We hope you will join us for the biggest AGOT LCG Event of the year.


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    thedaffodilfish reacted to Ratatoskr in 3.7 vs 4.2 (Saves from Duplicates as a Character Ability)   
    Oh crap, here we go again...
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