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  1. Rebooting the Server for 2014! Our weekly casual Netrunner League returns to Monday Nights hosted by Games Hub Edinburgh and supported by Red Dice Games . The Edinburgh City Grid casual league is free to join and beginner-friendly. Players turn up on a Monday night and play in a round-robin format. Decks can be changed or tweaked on a weekly basis, but we ask that players stay within faction for that month's league. On the last weekend of the month we'll host an open tournament where players bring their finalised decks. Decklists will be required. Once a quarter we'll host an open tournament using the official FFG Prize support kits subject to availability. https://www.facebook.com/events/461830800587900/
  2. We were very lucky to get hold of the incredibly scarce (to the UK) Season 1 and Season 2 Game night Kits for our league & tournaments, but I don't think any Season 3 made it to the UK at all I've just checked on a certain auction site and there are *14* (14!!) out of an original 19 Season three playmats on sale from US retailers... If you're not running tournaments with them, send them to metas that will!
  3. Hiya Is this in USD/ Canadian? And would you consider posting the House cards to the UK?
  4. Agreed. We did a bit of reseach when we set up our league and found the original OP material from FFG - voting for future cards etc. All that sort of stuff looks awesome and would be great to participate in. I've always been envious of the AEG storyline prizes for L5R, but with the upcoming Netrunner tour, maybe FFG are slowly coming back round to this way of OP?
  5. Yeah, I'm not terribly excited by Davos and Drogo Playmat, but SW... isn't that awesome?! We're running a SW tournament this weekend using the "Season 2" kit - the playmat, Luke and Vader's Tie look frikkkin amazing!
  6. 12th October 2013 @ the Edinburgh Games Hub 11:30am £5 Entry Shapers vs Haas Bioroid! A belated celebration for the release of the Creation & Control expansion. Get your Green and Purple on as the restriction for this tournament is that all Corp and Runner decks must be HB and Shaper respectively. Using the Season Two Games Night Kit we've got a sweet playmat and some sexy full art cards as prize support. We'll be running a sanctioned tournament every quarter now, as the culmination to the weekly leagues so keep an eye out for updates. Quarterly Tournament: https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/519070901496697/ ***MONTHLY TOURNAMENTS*** There are also monthly tournaments in Black Lion Games which offer store credit for Data Packs Monthly Tournaments @ Black Lion: https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/177811889072034/?fref=ts
  7. We've been running weekly Netrunner and AGoT leagues from the Edinburgh Games Hub. Games Night is every Monday from 6pm but players are free to meet up throughout the week to get games in and report them before Sunday night. - Free to join League... - Bonus Acheivement points awarded (see below) - League matches can be played anywhere during the week between two registered league players, so long as both agree that the match counts. - All results to be submitted by following Sunday. - Any number of league matches can be played and submitted during the week. Players top 4 results will go toward the monthly total for Bragging Rights. - League culminates in a Quarterly Sanctioned Tournament held at the Games Hub with FFG Prize support. League: https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/382361295228634/ Group: https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/edinburghcardgamers/ Next Tournament is on 12th October
  8. As previous posts - the stone house cards are definitely of interest. I'm throwing my hat in the ring and am interested in the set of stone house cards and the two promo decks of Wildlings and Circle of Spies. Otherwise please post a link if you do decide to ebay :-)
  9. TWO Opportunities?! I'm coming in November - when is/was the second tournament?!
  10. Enter the Lists: Weekly Hedge League based in Edinburgh Games Hub. Get as many games in as possible and post your results before Sunday in the fb page: - Free to join League - Bonus Achievement points awarded (see below) - League matches can be played anywhere during the week between two registered league players, so long as both agree that the match counts.... - All results to be submitted by following Sunday. - Any number of league matches can be played and submitted during the week. Players top 4 results will go toward the monthly total for Bragging Rights. - League culminates in a Quarterly Sanctioned Tournament held at the Games Hub with FFG Prize support. July League - Joust August League - Melee https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/642198839126260/ Edinburgh Card Gamers - https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/edinburghcardgamers/ House Achievements Playing as House Stark Playing as House Lannister Playing as House Baratheon Playing as House Targaryen Playing as House Greyjoy Playing as House Martell Agenda Achievements Winning with Siege of Winterfell Winning with Power Behind the Throne Winning with Heir to the Throne Winning with Maesters Chain Winning with House of Dreams Winning with The Long Voyage Winning with Brotherhood without Arms Winning with Knights of the Hollow Hill Winning with Character Agenda Winning with Nights Watch Agendas Winning with Wildling Agendas Winnig with the White Book (+5 Points!)
  11. Breach the Wall! Stake your Claim as King of the North! House GamesHub in Edinburgh welcomes challengers from the Noble Houses of Glasgow, Newcastle, Durham and any roaming Hedge Knights to present themselves at Castle GamesHub to stake their claim as King of the North! Format will be 4 rounds of Joust followed by 2 rounds of Melee. Prizes abound, not just the glory of winning! but also a Playmat, full-art cards and custom power tokens! £5 Entry. https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/585930554792124/
  12. Can you just confirm - are you playing with one core set plus the Queen of Dragons big box expansion? Are you playing Melee or Joust? If you have a limited card pool and are playing melee with the prebuilt decks straight out of the Core Set then yes, that dragon deck will be a power house compared to the others and has an unfair advantage including cards from a Big box expansion! You could either invest in another Core Set and/or the other big box expansions to beef up the other Houses (and introduce Greyjoy and Martell) , or use the single Core Set to build a more competitively tuned Joust deck and challenge your GF to a Joust match rather than melee. With one core set your best bet is probably to build a controlling Lannister Deck that kneels the Dragons before they can attack, or a Stark Deck to try and overwhelm them. There are only single copies of powerful plots like Valar in the Core Set so you want to ensure they're all in the one deck! Check Cardgamedb.com for more info and deck lists.
  13. I'm the local Greyjoy fanatic in Edinburgh and for Joust I've been using (and winning with!) a House of Dreams/Longship Grief deck using Raiders with the Euron that gives other Raiders stealth. I've found that works well, but maybe just in our very limited Meta. Melee is slightly more forgiving so you can have a bit more fun with mill decks in this format :-) I really wanted to make the River Plots work, but to be even in with a chance you can really only use the mill plot and the one that sends a card to the top of your deck. I use this with "Mill Euron", The Reader, all the other Raiders with Mill effects and Corpse Lake. I've been toying around with adding Winter to the mix for Frostang Peaks and Winter Armada. In addition, you want to try to win Dominance so I include 3 Cogs. Helps with Initiative too. As much as I love Mill, it's not yet viable for Joust. As much as I love Greyjoy, they currently get pipped by Stark (assuming from your post that these are your choices)
  14. As part of the Games Hub's May The Fourth activities we're running an introductory tournament for the Star Wars Living Card Game. Prizes up for grabs but don't let the Wookie win! :-) We'll be running a demo before hand and will have decks available available. More details to follow but put the date in your diary :-) https://www.facebook.com/events/120028641527318/ https://www.facebook.com/GamesHubEdinburgh
  15. We Dinnae Sow! House Greyjoy wins the first A Game of Thrones LCG Scottish Regional Tournament! Thanks to Spellbound Games and Paul Mclachlan for running the first official Regional event for Scotland's burgeoning AGoT scene. Sadly only 5 players turned up (come on Scotland! You're better than that!) and my House of Dreams / Longship Grief deck won undefeated. The rest of the field comprised Targ Hollow Hill, Greyjoy Black Sails, Lannister HoD with Tunnels of the Red Keep and Martell Brotherhood. Props to James, Mark, Paul and Bryan for being worthy opponents - I couldn't have done it without your bad draws! ;-)
  16. There's a couple of small printers available between $200-$500 (obviously not worth investing in for a one-off house card! :-) - but they're quite interesting all the same. http://makibox.com/details/product/A6-LT http://www.sumpod.com/products/sumpod-basic-pickup http://store.solidoodle.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=59&product_id=56 I've noticed a few custom Netrunner deck boxes on Thingiverse - no reason why you couldn't make Thrones boxes. In fact, if you moulded the House sigil onto the front, you could use your deck box as a House Card. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:34029
  17. mdc273 said: It's cheaper and easier to get a single person into Magic. That's really the crux of the point. That would be a very dull game :-D
  18. Totalgit and I have been trying to grow the AGOT meta in Edinburgh most of last year. There's 5 of us that play regularly, but we also all play Netrunner and Star Wars on the side too. Other than that there's not been much take up so far in Thrones (perhaps we're doing it wrong?), with a few bystanders commenting that they just hate the theme. Compared to this, Netrunner has a regular monthly tournament, with people travelling from Newcastle to the last one, and a growing player base in the rest of Scotland. The UK and European Netrunner forums on Facebook are jumping and there's way thriving NR community on G+, whereas I'm seemingly the only player in the AGOT community.
  19. Toqtamish said: With 1 core for LS I recommend Smugglers and Spies with 6 Rebel OSets and the 3 neutral. I can't remember the name of the specific OS but there are a couple of "Rebel Alliance Only" cards that are pretty much auto includes, so I think you need to run Rebel Alliance splashing for Smugglers and Spies?
  20. Francisco G. said: Question…..with one coreset what are the best builds??? (in our tourney next week theere is that limitation) We've found that The Rebel Alliance Objectives splashing for Han's objective plus the other Neutral set (total of 10) consistently beats both the Sith and Imperial Navy decks, where the DS decks splash for Scum & Villainy. The Jedi deck isn't as strong and it can go either way depending on who's steering the deck. This is based on an admittedly small sample of 10 games each. The Rebel home ship (Home One?) is a bit of a beast and if this gets out early then you're on to a winner. As I've mentioned in previous posts, I really like this game - it's lighthearted, fast and fun. But completely ridiculous! :-) With one or two exceptions I generally keep the high powered cards to use in Edge Battles. For example Whenever I get Palpatine or Yoda into play, they rarely last long without getting taken out by a lowly fighter or Force Choke!
  21. Edinburgh here. We have a regular LCG night on a Monday in the Edinburgh Games Hub and often meet up at weekends too. Main focus is AGOT and Netrunner, but we all bought Star Wars which is proving to be an enjoyable foil to the more serious AGOT and NR play. I'm really enjoying playing SW but it *is* a bit silly - we use it as a side game / bit of relief between games of the other LCGs.
  22. I think we had 35 people turn up at the Guys that Game shop in Stoke-on Trent for their Winter Is Coming event to compete for the glory and for a replica of Needle, Arya's sword from the tv series. GTG have been doing great work in fostering the growing agot community in the UK. They run regular tourneys and hosted UK Regionals earlier this year and had some great prizes up for grabs. A tournament report will follow shortly examining the exploits of a Scottish Wildling breaching The Wall and raiding the Midlands. In the meantime however I can confirm Dan piloted his Targ HH through a gruelling semi to meet Jeff and his Winter Lannister deck in the final, where Jeff walked off with Needle. I hope he didn't get tasered on his way home… A big thanks to Eddie & Steve for putting on a top show. Was great to meet everyone & I had a blast getting soundly beaten by all your decks :-) That final game was a peach - congratulations to Jeff on a masterful game, & commiserations to Dan for coming second. Well done on winning a cupcake… ;-)
  23. Everyday is a school day. Thanks for the (correct!) responses and my apologies to the OP for the dogs breakfast I posted I have a much better understanding now.
  24. Mooch68 said: Hi all, If the other player is the active player in marshalling, and I have 3 x Ice Fisherman, and I have 1 x Cragorn, as soon as my opponent collects gold can I trigger all responses on these cards to take up to 4 gold. Someone told me I could only trigger 1 of them. Cheers, Mooch Each of the cards have their own effect, but you trigger them one at a time. Start of Marshalling your opponent counts gold, then in step 5 of the framework action window (see FAQ) you get a chance to respond by using either Cragorn's or one of your Ice Fishermen's ability. Once that has resolved the option to respond again passes between you and your opponent, and you would initiate the ability of the other fishemen one by one until both of you pass. At which point the framework action continues and your opponent starts marshalling her cards. On the basis that your opponent doesn't cancel any of these effects, you would end up with 4 gold, but it doesn't happen all at once. I've probably used the wrong terminology but I'm sure others will chip in if I'm wrong. tl;dr - you get 4 gold.
  25. Twn2dn said: This line of conversation concerns me as it begins to sound a bit like that "who is Penfold" thread. I think it's really important to take a moment and reflect on what we hope to accomplish by posting on these forums. My personal hope is that through dialogue we will discover the reason for the disqualification, or at the very least clarify what the exact rules are so that competitors do not unintentionally violate them. The line of "personal attacks" against the DC meta (and Erick specifically) concern me greatly for several reasons. First, I would point out that the burden in this case is not on the disqualified players to prove their innocence, but on FFG to prove their guilt. At least, that is the tradition of western democracies, and FFG is headquartered in such a place. But since this isn't a democratic process, and TO's can disqualify someone for any reason without justification, the analogy of a democracy is probably a bit far fetched…the truth is it's more like a benevolent dictatorship. (I'm not saying that's bad, but just pointing out the obvious so everyone is on the same page.) All that said, it's somewhat unrealistic to assume that all players involved have access to a computer while traveling AND the time to post online. If the melee went until 3am, I think it more than understandable that players spend the "free time" they have resting rather than defending themselves from online personal attacks. Second, these are people, and grouping all people together as a mass of "other" is what leads to bias, hatred and unfounded contempt. Several players have noted that even if Dennis and Erick in theory colluded, Rick was also disqualified. But more to the point, I know most of the DC players, and those I know are very generous, friendly people. I have traveled to their events, slept on their couches, consumed their food (free of charge) and swapped stories into the evening. A couple of them are young dads, and as an expecting father, I've received advice. The reason I play AGOT is for the people, and after more than few years of knowing these guys, I can say that I haven't been disappointed. Third, my personal opinion is that these specific personal attacks are unfounded. That these players would inevitably cheat because they have the same decks, there's precedent for collusion, etc. confuses me. After following the past three years closely, I would argue that if one reviews past precedent, the DC meta will do everything within the legal limits of the game to optimize the team's odds at winning. They are a close-knit meta, and approach competition as a community, a team. When collusion wasn't restricted by the rules, they openly colluded. Since collusion is now prohibited, they work together before the tournament to help each other with deckbuilding. Though they take this process to the extreme, I think it extremely problematic to condemn them for helping each other improve their decks. If you draw any conclusion from the past, why wouldn't it be that the DC meta "games" the system…in cases where there are "vulnerabilities" in the rules, the meta identifies those vulnerabilities and uses them to their advantage. To me, that is a sign of a good strategist, not a morally questionable person. It saddens me that some people on these forums would assume the worst in people they don't know. Best post in this thread so far. Totally agree. While there is no team format (yet?) surely it's completely understandable that folk from the same meta (mega-mates! My new favourite phrase:) will want to do well & ensure someone from the area they represent will do well, and even support them in that goal. As Twn2dn says, it's for FFG to comment on such a major ruling.
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