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  1. ...so how many Wounds do Tau PCs start with? Because there's no rule for it in the pdf.
  2. I adore having Fortress World as an option, so as to allow Guard characters of all stripes. One of my niggling problems with the Beta was the lack of ability to create a Psyker that worked with the Guard or Arbites.
  3. With the reboot, there's a lot of discussion about what to keep. Most seem to be in favor of the new character creation system, with the multiple stages, though with some revision so as not to make characters so similar. I like that system quite a lot, but I see within it a chance to fix one of my most niggling issues with Dark Heresy: "why were you recruited?" As presented, DH had your cell as little more than a group of bumbling rookies in their fields working for the most secret organization in the Imperium of Man, for what seemed like very little reason. This was somewhat fixed with Background Packages, but I believe such a thing should be incorporated into character creation. This is not to boost the power level, but simply give explanation. You would still be a lowly Administratum scribe or a rookie to the Guard, but you would be the scribe that stumbled across some critical error in the manifestos - one of a cult siphoning off war materiel - or the only recruit in your squad to have survived a massacre that really should've killed you. Thoughts?
  4. I left these forums right around the time of Update #1. Have to say that I'm ecstatic about the change.
  5. The Shock weapon grouping is so small as to not be worth the investment. As it stands, Shock Mauls and Shock Staves are basically all that exist. I say just roll them into Basic.
  6. I'm not a fan, and will ge sticking to homebrew fixes.
  7. Xenos using the powers of Chaos. I remember Eisenhorn fighting those spider aliens that were tainted by Chaos. Such a team-up would make sense in that context.
  8. The Tyrant Star, the Hereticus Tenebrae, the Widening Gyre, Komus... the central mystery of the Calixis Sector, and we never got a **** answer about what it is. With the shift to the Askellon Sector, we may never know. Is there any official fluff I'm missing (i.e. anything other than the texts in Disciples of the Dark Gods)? Barring that, does anyone have any good fan theories?
  9. Genestealer cult rules, please. Ordo Xenos needs more love.
  10. Blanche's completely mad art (and art that draws inspiration from it) is one of my favorite parts of 40k. I'd like a healthy mix if that along with characters that look a bit more believable; the OW art has been good for that. tl;dr both are good, neither is superior.
  11. I don't grasp the complaining about a term that has been in canin for a really long time?
  12. I would much prefer a "bonus damage on surprised targets" type ability. The current one is very situational and does nothing for sniper-type assassins.
  13. I like the refinement in Dh2e, because having five players who all had different costs for the same Talents was a nightmare. That said, I hate hate haaate the talent trees for forcing you into taking random crap to get to the talents you need.
  14. A Suffering Marshal is no less an Arbitrator than a stereotypical Judge Dredd sort. Urban combat is not a cnstant for Arbitrators. Having authority is, however.
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