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  1. Dr 45 Dragoon Cavalry blaster is exactly what you need. It's a heavy blaster with extendable stock that turns it into a carabine. The pistol uses light, but the carabine uses heavy.
  2. Our most recent adventures involved hitting an imperial controlled mine, which was run by slave prisoners. Now we are defending a rebel base on Arda from an imperial assault. The lightest weapon used against us so far claws (8 damage) and a heavy blaster pistols Before that we had a brief stint on Coruscant where we were meeting a crime boss, but it was in a remote location so I was able to bring the HBR for intimidation purposes.
  3. My personal opinion is that the damage scaling between weapons does not appear strong enough to make them stand out from one another, even if it does mechanically due to the flat reduction from soak. Firing a single shot blaster pistol or rifle seems meh. Ranged weapons do not have many interesting qualities and at some point you are just looking for a way to redistribute those 2-4 advantages yet again. Autofire offers an easy and powerful way out and it rewards high skill in a very obvious and satisfying way. I think the biggest problem is that Autofire is readily available on the highest damage guns that already do well at penetrating enemy soak. The combination of high base damage + access to multiple hits is the worst offender to the power curve.
  4. My DM's biggest argument is that Autofire is inconclusive. Two good rolls can end a battle in two rounds, but if he accounts for that and my character misses tow turns in a raw we'd be in big trouble. I can understand why people believe that Autofire is broken. There are only three mechanics in the game that allow you to turn advantages into hits&damage - DW, Linked and Autofire. DW is capped on 2 hits and Linked is very rare, mostly found on Gunnery weapons. Autofire is the only one that allows you to cap in as many advantages as you can. But the issue is that our characters are nowhere near the power level required to get enough advantages to land 3+ Autofire hits. In the last 6 or so battles I've only landed a 3 hit Autofire TWICE and only on targets in short range with 0 defense. I assume a trained trooper with an assault rifle would be able to score multiple hits on a target that is several meters away no matter how inaccurate spray&pray is. ===== I would like to thank everyone for their thoughts. I think we are not using the system to its full potential - for example we've never rolled a fear check despite facing some really overwhelming odds. Visibility is usually perfect and so forth. Adding some black dice will reduce my advantages and make both of us happier - NPCs would take less damage and actually rolling a good roll would feel more meaningful to me. The Squad rules in particular looks appear like the perfect solution to protect an important NPCs from an Autofire burst without adding extra firepower that could inadvertently kill us - the thing he has complained about the loudest.
  5. The crits were part of a house rule to prevent NPCs from dying too fast to pure damage. Anyway, we were able to come up with a compromise to test next session. Enemies with Adversary quality will need +1 advantage to activate qualities on them. This should allow me to mow down inconsequential mooks, but protect bossess against heavy burst and stunlocks.
  6. A little backstory: Out group consists of relatively experienced characters with 310 earned XP. We started off as Rebel recruits, but have since evolved into free running operatives operating a Light Freighter. The game is a mixture of AoR/EotE where we do the odd smuggling job that mixes with hits on imperial bases. My charcter is Human (Ace) Gunner/Chamer, who has 4 Presence and 3 in AGi, Willpower and Cunning. I have most of the Gunner tree filled out. My character is the captain, but he is usually in the gunner seat. I took a 4 in Presence with my Gunner Dedication and have branched into social stuff afterwards. Another player is a Chadra Fan (Engineer) Mechanic/Pilot with 5 Agi and 4 Intelligence. He is our hacker, mechanic and pilot baked into one. Another player is a Gank (Hired Hun) Enforcer/Gadgeteer with 4 Brawn (now 6 due to armor and mechanical arms) 3 Agi and Willpower. He is the party tank and my right hand man in social encounters. The argument My character uses a Jury Rigged Heavy Blaster Rifle and a Cybernetic Retina implant for +1 advantage on Ranged [heavy] checks. The Chadra-Fan carries a generic blaster rifle and pistol and the Gank uses a Shield (modded with concussive quality) and a Vibroblade. Note that we all agreed that Jury rigging Autofire was broken and the rifle has been rigged for damage instead. The ST is constantly complaining that Autofire is too good and that landing a 2-4 advantage Autofire on is too easy and it allows my character to vaporize all but the toughest opposition with my 3 yellow dice. He has come with all sorts of house rules to make enemies tougher, the latest one being that non-minion enemies need to receive a 150 crit on the table to die (but for NPCs previous crits increase the crit multi by +10 per severity instead of flat +10). Naturally I am pretty pissed with that. I find it pretty ridiculous that if someone comes in short range of me I have to hit him at least 4 or 5 times before he drops dead. If it was a dangerous Nemesis like a Jedi, a rancor or something similar it would make some sense, but at the moment your average Strorm Trooper sergeant takes at least 2 actions of dedicated full auto fire before he drops dead. And that's with average-to-good dice. Considering that I've invested around 200xp into the gunner specialization I expect to be able to vaporize people Autofiring them with my Heavy Blaster Rifle, but he thinks that an ordinary Blaster Rifle modded for damage would already good enough to emphasize my character's prowess with weapons and that Autofire is just a broken mechanic I am abusing. On the other end of the spectrum is our Chadra-Fan, who is basically solving most of our non-combat problems with his high Computers and Mechanics. His 5 agi allows him to consistently hit with his blaster Rifle without putting any ranks in the skill itself and he is pretty happy with that. The gank was having some difficulty as a melee character, but after he lost his arms and we replaced them with new ones + bought him Brawn enhancing armor he is able to reliably stun one NPC or occasionally deliver nasty criticals with his vibro sword. The argument is getting bitter now. I don't want it to end our game, but at the same time I feel that while using Autofire is important for my character concept and his contribution in combat. Without that I'd be no better than the Chadra Fan in-combat, but without access to his wider skill set and abilities. I am trying to branch into a more social role, but we just started a premade adventure on the Arda planet and it looks like the next few sessions will involve a lot of combat encounters and Autofire arguments. Help me with some arguments to present to my DM, so that he can create the encounters around the ability without introducing arbitrary house rules to keep the enemies alive for more than a turn.
  7. Azmodael

    Advice on second career

    I actually decided on charmer. The talents are absolutely amazing. I love "Just Kidding". It's both hilarious and useful.
  8. Azmodael

    Advice on second career

    Inspiring Tirade is definitely nice, I saw it in Charmer. But what the deal with Scathing Tirade? Wouldn't switching your blaster to stun setting be much easier way to apply strain? And out of combat I don't think anyone will ever take enough verbal abuse to fall unconscious...
  9. Azmodael

    Advice on second career

    You get only your original career skills plus all the skills of your specializations. The issue is that I am not the main pilot. We have an Agi 5 Int 4 Mechanic/Pilot who will be the main pilot. I will be co-pilot and will take over on turns in which he has to repair the ship. Any pure piloting talents and specs are wasted on me. I looked up Trader, Quartermaster, Advocate and Charmer. Out of those Advocate has some very suspicious talents (in our sessions we are only one to roll the social skills 99% of the time, not the NPCs) and Trader's tree is horrendous. The quartermaster is serviceable, but I think I like Charmer the most. Thanks for Figurehead. I will take a look on it, even if the spec name is not very inspiring
  10. My character started as a Pilot (Gunner) and now, 200xp in, I have most of the tree filled out. We recently acquired a light freighter and since we are quite bad at following orders the High Command decided to make us independent agents. We owe some kind of crime lord a lot of money for the ship and we have no operational budget at all. So the game is turning into some sort of EotE/AoR hybrid, where we have to finance ourselves and help the rebellion at the same time. Our first scheme will, apparently, involve robbing a casino... With the military missions of shooting rebels behind our back we realized we are very good at killing stuff... and very bad at actually talking to people. My character is the only one who has a presence of 3, so I was assigned captain. The question is quick specialization should i pick or should i pick one at all. Considering that off-career specs are 30xp i can just use that to buy 6 ranks in cross-class social skills, which might just be enough. Buying a second spec will unlock a bunch of talents, but I also need to spend the XP on the social skills first, so I will be a long way from being able to buy the talents in the first place.
  11. Well that would be a solution if I were the pilot looking for a gunner. But I am the GUNNER that needs a pilot The final solution appears to be to get one of the other Human characters with 3 Agi pick one skill rank in Pilot (Space). Thanks for the link. I did listen and it cleared some things for me. Regardless, having a seperate gunner and pilot will boost the combat power of the ship immensly. I do have one question though. When I shoot the guns and score advantages do I use them to recover ship strain, personal strain or either/both?
  12. Azmodael

    Melee viability?

    My issue with Knockdown, especially against minions, is the oportunity cost. Why would you want to knockdown a minion when you can easily use the advantages (or triumph) needed to knockdown to just crit, instantly killing him? The same goes against Nemesis and Rivals, that is if you have stacked enough crit boosting talents, which the majority of people in this thread already advised to do. What the system needs is a basic array of combat options for free to melee types. The talents should improve on these actions making them better for the people that want to specialize in them. I would like to see the option of tackling someone for his weapon, grabbing him to prevent escape and other very basic actions available to every human being without going into specific Class X/Specialization Y and spending Z experience down that road. Can you point me to a page/source?
  13. So we are about to start an Age of Rebellion campain and we have a restriction on starting careers - we can only take one each of Ace, Soldier, Spy and Engineer. I kind of like the Ace (Gunner), but after reading the rules about space combat there are quite a few stuff I don't understand. Like how to drive the ship and shoot at the same time? My best talent, True Aim requires aiming. Most piloting stuff require maneuers to use. So I have to take 2 strain per turn in every round of combat? A lot of ships have turret weapons and I am not sure if I can even use them if I am in the cockpit driving --- Am I missing something here? It looks to me that having seperate pilot and gunner is a much better solution for every ship.
  14. Azmodael

    Melee viability?

    Imho, I am fine with that melee should be weaker than ranged in a modern setting. What I am not fine with is that melee doesn't have some of the advantages it should have - notably engaging giving penalties against someone with a longarm weapon. The system also doesn't have a grapple/brawl rules. Being the DM I was actually a bit grateful for that, since grapple is a can of worms, but I did have to invent some simple rule to keep enemies pinned for interrogation/apprehention. Stun first, ask questions later is way easier... --- Say you spend the maneuers required to close the range. You are now engaged with the enemy. There is absolutely nothing preventing that enemy using a Heavy weapon to simple take a maneuer of his own, disengage and shoot you with his Rifle from short range. In a real situation you could hold him by his clothes, wrestle his weapon, go after him and not allow him to take aim and fire etc etc. The system completely fails to represent that - the engagement penalty for Heavy weapons doesn't work, because there is no mechanic in place to keep the enemy engaged. As a DM I decided not to use this loophole against the wookie, because it would make him feel very stupid for actually using his bayonett. What the system actually offers you is knockdown and stun, but with the low crit rating of melee weapons (as multiple people above pointed out) it is just better and easier to simply crit and take the enemy out. The same applies for many melee enhancing talents - simply spending the XP on skill increase will produce more dice -> more damage & crits -> apply the best condition there is - dead. In comparison many of the Ranged talents offer stuff like dice upgrades, range increases, ignoring penalties and the like, which can be a very useful addition to a high dice pool. Lastly while Brawn is a much better attribute than Strength in other RPG system, because it adds melee accuracy, damage and resilience to a character it is still a lot worse than Agility for skills. Sure, you can make a fairly competent melee monster that is also the party tank, but guys with rifles can also Sneak, Pilot and fire the ship's cannons. Being melee kind of reminds me of this guy from the Guardians of the Galaxy. He is very tough and can still kill stuff on his own, but he's loud, dumb and otherwise generally useless I guess some people are fine with that. --- My verdict for melee in Star Wars is viable if optimized for combat, but the Brawn required can leave a character lacking in vital skills.
  15. Azmodael

    Cover and armor penetration

    Can you point me to where can I look it up in the book or is it just the way your group uses it? I've spent a lot of time searching and found no clarification on the matter...