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  1. I would be interested in this. Would love to play a heretek
  2. Long range combat is not something that ever comes up in our group tbh so would a sniper rifle be a good option if you took away that advantage (I am aware that the accurate quality is quite nice) I am only starting with 40 BS (not sure if that's good or not) and with the tricked out autogun I can get a +50 to hit as long as I aim for a turn first then full auto.
  3. Okay, yeah I did plan on that (sneaky manipulator was kinda the character idea for me, especially as our ships master of whispers) however I was specifically referring to that autogun. Any good (it does have a much more sneaky and subtle feel than any of the other starting weapons, without being refined which as a penal worlder I am trying to avoid) or is it a mistake?
  4. So starting a new character in a rogue trader game and my GM has said I can start with a weapon that I thought was a good shout a best quality autogun with omniscope, motion predictor ammo selector and silencer. What I'm questioning is if this weapon would be viable, from a fluff stand point it fits the criminal/spy/assasin feel I was going for, and I planed on getting the tox rounds to add toxic to the weapon, however I'm unsure if this is a wise choice, my other weapon is a las gauntlet with whisper-bolt discharge rate and the overcharge pack (reduces ammo by half but keeps damage the same while making the beam almost invisible and silent.) Do you guys think this could work or should I rethink? If so any suggestions that fit the theme?
  5. Actually I like the short and sweet strength/weakness/ dark secret aproach... might give that a try.
  6. Now I am sure I can't be the only GM with this issue (or faced it in the past), but I am tending to find my group is approaching their characters from a rather one dimensional approach. What I am looking for was ways other GMs have managed to bring players more into the spirit of the game rather than 'I am a big gun, that is all' sort of game. I came up with the idea of randomly allocated character traits, multiple for each character, representing the characters quirks and tastes,for example, clean freak and eternal optimist and awarding experience points for playing up these qualities in a significant manner. What do you think? How do you deal with it?
  7. Yeah its a starting game. will point out that the space marine is still paying SM exp costs for his stuff (no cheap freebies was part of the deal) so he will be out skilled by the human characters (or at least that is what i hope) very quickly. The SM also has subpar gear for the group in total (the group is rocking BQ Flak, AV 5, while he is in his Flack tent, AV 3) though he is armed with the same gun as the rest of the group (which is a custom MK Las carbine,) I tried to balance it by giving any player who wanted it custom equipment to start with from Hammer, some did really well out of this including an accurate melta gun with a range of almost nothing and a heavy stubber that basically fires rusty nails (has the crippling quality and some penalties to ranged AP) etc. so they do have shiney toys to play with. I just hope its enough to at least make it feel sorta balanced. Yeah it Dominate to begin with followed by dark eldar... so .. yeah... To be honest the exact purview of a space marine is a bit debatable different fluff says different things, however at the point of discovery if the player says 'what you going to do about it' the answer is rule zero, the space marine leaves because i say so. As for his reason for being there he is investigating rumored Fallen activity on the front to see if there is any truth to them (one way of doing it is if he is discovered the fallen WILL know about it and leave the area, therefore meaning he has no reason to stay. that could work. so how common are Long las anyway? would you say its one a unit? one a platoon even?
  8. cause he wears a flak cloak, so that kinda covers it up (and most of him) or at least that's what i figure. Its more going to be a problem at proper camp situations where showering/ not wearing an armored tent (I mean really, what the hell is a flack cloak exactly, its the weirdest idea of an armor, i mean i could get mesh...but flak isn't that kinda solid?) come up. I will address that problem when it comes up (assuming I have to and the squad don't just report him at the end of the mission).
  9. Okay so long las is an option. Do people that know more about this kind of thing know how likely it is for long las to be standard equipment? like every unit having one or would that be the domain of the more specialist units? yes I am using the (+4) rather than (x2) variant of unnatural toughness, so that's a thing. I have specifically told him his solo mode and squad mode abilities are just out, he can't use them. However he did pick up one guy and kinda merged him with another by the application of brute force, would that be something that the rest of the squad should maybe pick up on and report (at the very least I can get a commissar involved and get his cover blown kinda thing at the end of the first mission, if the squad report it). Yeah as for the art I've seen most space marines look like a roid raging comic character out of Armour, but in a universe where biological implants (and specifically the muscle graft one) exist i thought he might be able to get away with it as long as he didn't act too super human (which he is kinda doing a horrible job of and to be honest of being subtle as well, keeps dropping SM jargon into conversations). Oh and the squad have only just been deployed on their first mission (old soldiers) and this is his first deployment with them so he hasn't had any time in the barracks as yet.
  10. Yeah, well essential i was going with the fact that not many people in the universe have actually seen space marines, let alone out of their Armour so there is the possibility that he may pass for a human (admittedly a rather large guy, standing at about seven footish and made of pecks, however if a fallen can pass for human so can he was the argument) however as soon as someone wishes to do a medicae on him they will notice that he most definitively isn't human. Weather they add one and one together and get 2 (hes a SM, report him to the commissar) or 3 (hes a mutant report him to the commissar) is anyone guess (depending on suspicion level and weather its a PC or not) of course i foresee that he may try to 'silence' said individual, one way or another. Basically its a giant headache. Not that I haven't got ideas for how to deal with the situation that it becomes apparent that he is a space marine, simply put his cover is blown and he has to leave (I figure this way I can remove the problem and keep the player, hopefully, as it will be his fault). Also im having fun pointing out that space marines while physically extremely powerful and very capable warriors, aren't so good and the humdrum soldiery of the Guardsman, simply put not knowing how stuff works in such a large scale operating bureaucratic system. but yes I also do not foresee it ending well (we all make mistakes, its best just to try and work with it and see what i can do with the situation)
  11. First off sorry for ALL the text. Now the problem I face is one of my characters Is a deathwatch space marine (yes I know, stupid mistake but its my first time GMing and seeing as how he was agreeing to give up all his gear and the solo mode etc abilities I at the time agreed to it) and i didn't really have much choice as he was either playing this or nothing at all (trying to keep his number of characters down as he works offshore and misses a lot of games anyway). As a group consisting of close friends who mainly meet up to game, I allowed it. So he is a Dark Angel, working undercover, as a specialist light scout, for some reason or other because reasons. now the problem I have is that almost no way to hurt him without increasing the power level of the game to frankly ridiculous heights (plasma, plasma everywhere). I've come up with a theory but thought I would run it by the forums, see what you guys think/ any advice you guys have. Basically if a gun by passes your Armour it instantly does a minimum of one damage, not a massive change but im trying not to outright murder the other characters who do not have the ridiculous im a space marine hear me roar (and by god the implants!). So the question is, does this make things more challenging (still nowhere near lethal but at least it can hurt him) without being a huge factor for the normal PC? any other suggestions (other than refusing him the SM which at this point would be a **** move and not what i want to go with) for how to deal with this?
  12. That seems like quite the mistake , though you do have to wonder why they haven't just released it if its that ready? oh well
  13. Having just rolled a Tzeenchian Heretek I must say I am looking forward to the maletek section with bated breath. Good work and keep it up
  14. Now this is just a question, but does the combination of a good quality cyberbrain implant (i forget the name but the one that gives you (+2) unnatural Int and a plus 20 to Lore and Logic tests) seem a tad overpowered when combined with infused knowledge? do you get the bonus of the brain to the lores you get through Infused Knowledge or do you have to have purchased the lores to actually recieve the plus 20? thoughts?
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