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  1. I haven't clipped anything out yet, so I may change my mind, but I think I'll skip the shields for aesthetic reasons. Plus they rarely use them on Clone Wars. If anything, I might do just one shield commando -- the one without the gun hole.
  2. I frequent the Reddit page. Mostly just folks sharing paints and mods, but it's fun. https://www.reddit.com/r/SWlegion
  3. I hope this is OK, resurrecting an old thread, but it seemed the only dedicated post for this card. I've been playing with my 8-year-old son, so I'm largely playing against myself here, but we tried this one out with Grievous for the first time yesterday. Am I using this correctly? We were doing things like have Grievous move towards an enemy, get his relentless attack with the blaster, then move again to melee range and attack with sabers. If that's right, then it seems like a key card for ol' Greves, right? Because even if he's not doing a lot of damage with it, he's harrying the enemies and potentially dropping some suppression on them. Is there ever a good argument for NOT outfitting him with the Annihilator? Thanks!
  4. Gungans are the best answer for the Republic. As for the Seps, hear me out on this mounted division...
  5. I can confirm that my third-grader has never seen Knight Rider. But he does love Droidekas, so I think he's ultimately in favor anything that gets them more love on the gaming table.
  6. I talked about this with my third-grade son this morning and he did argue that Droidekas DO talk sometimes, supporting the idea that they are individuals and not vehicles. However, I pointed out that they are very specialized droids to the point that they are probably more vehicle than functional individual. B-1s are ultimately really advanced troops capable of filling in for various roles that would otherwise be occupied by a living soldier. They can drive a vehicle, operate coms, communicate with captives, perform recon, etc. Magnaguards too have been known to pilot ships in addition to their specialized combat niche. I guess B2s don't do much other than their specialized function, but they seem more capable of moving within a humanoid world than Droideka -- which is ultimately more of an AI-piloted rapid-delivery gun pod IMO.
  7. From a pure bulk standpoint, most of the Star Wars visual media out there is Clone Wars. I know it's the era that my own son connects with the most. But, really, I think young folks will connect with any Star Wars they see on the table.
  8. I watched these all the time as a kid, so I have a lot of nostalgia for them. The second one especially has a lot of cool stuff in it. Sadly, having to watch these with my own son today on Russian YouTube instead of Disney+.
  9. Follow up question! What are generally considered the worst units for each army?
  10. Like, is there a balance issue or something that prohibits them from being dual army units, like R2 and 3CPO? Because, obviously, lore-wise they would seem good to go. Sorry if this has been discussed before. Did a search and didn't turn up anything on it. Just curious.
  11. Coleman instantly dies if he makes base contact with a commander or operative.
  12. Yeah, that would be awesome. I'm not sure my man Coleman Trebor can rationally make the cut, but it would still be fun.
  13. I'm fairly new to the hobby, but I'd like to see... * Ahsoka Tano as a Republic operative. * Tactical droid commander. * I'd love to paint some Gungans. Perhaps they would work as a Republic unit, in the same vein as the wookies? Or perhaps some Kaadu riders. Obviously, a Gungan Grand Army would be awesome, but I realize not everyone has embraced Gungan Greatness. * I'd love to pain some of the weirder Jedi characters. Not sure how they'd fit into the game though, except as operatives and generals down the road. * Magna guards of course.
  14. Tactical droid could be a fun model.
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