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  1. Hello guys, can I make a negative moviments with my train spending my moviments points? Or the train can only move to front, and move back only with the special movements cards? Thanks
  2. daveuk82 said: hi all ive setup the game for the emergence day mission which is recommended for first time players but past setup ive no idea where to go next Check this guy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w32S-DPi83o and follow the next videos… I learned more with these videos than reading the rolebook. regards
  3. this is strange because in rolebook I can't found any rules saying that in case of a tie, the Oil Baron wins. I think this can be arranged with the other player before the game started.
  4. Yes, you can find this in the rulebook at optional rules: Deeper Double-rig Wells When players drill at a double-rig well, they are taking a big risk. For experienced gamers, this is a calculated risk, and they must determine if such a move is worth it. For inexperienced gamers who feel compelled to build a derrick during every single round, it can be crippling to discover two (or more) double-rig wells with an oil value of “2.” So, to lessen the blow of discovering multiple shallow double-rig wells and to cater to a younger audience, the Deeper Double-rig Wells optional rule can be used. Under this rule, double-rig well markers with an oil value of “2” are considered to have an oil value of “3” instead. These well markers show a circled “3” to act as a reminder when using this optional rule. The wells with an oil value of “5” remain unchanged. Att Alessandro
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