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  1. Sorry to bend the rules but I REALLY want: Spirit Aragorn Lore Legolas Non saga Anduril Lore Arwen
  2. Before this game ends I'd love a spirit aragorn and lore Legolas. Having more versions of your favourite characters opens up so many more deck building options.
  3. I personally think the whole never repeating heroes from the core set thing is nonsense. It's so hard to build thematic decks, in multiplayer at least. There are so many principal characters with only one version, yet there are five fellowship characters in tactics! I want as many options to play with my favourite characters as possible, not be stuck using the same version of legolas for four years. I like what they are doing with the allies but quite frankly it's not enough. For the fifth box I'd like to see Denethor, Imrahil, (Bergil ally maybe?). A boon designed for Eowyn to make her more Dernhelm like and one for Aragorn to recognise his Gondor status. I'd maybe even like a Gandalf the White hero but I realise there is no hope of this.
  4. Somebody started a similar thread when the Road Darkens was announced, claiming FFG would only release a Gandalf Hero if the game was about to end. It was equally as idiotic.
  5. My hopes for the final quest are a bit different. I hope the fifth box is paths of the dead, siege of Minas Tirith, battle of the Pelenor Fields. Ending on the cliffhanger at the Black Gate, but not featuring the actual battle. Then the last box would be Cirith Ungol, Gorgoroth and then ... The final battle would be a split staging area quest like The Breaking of the Fellowship. On the one side Fellowship Aragorn would be defending against impossible odds, trying to hold out until Fellowship Frodo reaches mount doom. The two sides could influence each other (eg, Aragorn being able to engage Frodo's enemies to help him quest - like the breaking of the fellowship quest.) I realise this approach would work best in multiplayer but I'm sure the designers could make this work in solo. I do hope we see The Scouring of the Shire too, but maybe as a POD quest. I think this approach would be the most epic climax to the long saga.
  6. There's no evidence to suggest this game is going to end and lots to suggest its doing really well. Why even make these stupid threads? At present Lotr Lcg is above Netrunner and X wing on Bgg's hotness list.
  7. I've been carrying the broken pieces of it around for so long I've forgotten how the **** thing works.
  8. My guess is FFG will tackle the branching narrative by allowing players to change their heroes at the start of each box. That way, players who wish to keep the same heroes for the whole campaign can do so, and players that want two groups for Frodo's and Aragorn's journey will be able to do that too. It will also enable people to include all the cool new heroes as they are released.
  9. Hello FFG, Can we please have more Art Sleeves? Also, can we have Playmats available on your store like the ones you did recently for Netrunner. Many Thanks. Anyone else interested? If so, post any particular artwork you'd like to see. Personally I'd like either Arwen, Galadriel or Lore Aragorn.
  10. Hey guys, When you attack an enemy as a result of defending with Anduril, is there any chance of anyone else joining the attack. For example someone with ranged? Many thanks,
  11. Maybe in a fifteen year run we'll actually see a second hero version of legolas and Gimli.
  12. I still find not giving the Hero slots to Legolas and Gimli a curious choice. We've only just had Gandalf, Treebeard and Erkenbrand, we got the two hobbits in the Black Riders (and there's already a second version of Pippin), Theoden was at the end of the Against the Shadow cycle. But Legolas and Gimli?! Two of the most prominent characters in the entire story are neglected since the core set? For nearly four years! Yes, the existing versions hold up well, but I want new options to play these characters! Not just allies who take time to draw and pay for, and may not show up at all in a single game. And as for the possible inclusion of more obscure characters as Heroes in this box, believe me, I want every tiny detail of Middle Earth represented too, but not at the expense of the feel of the core story. For me, regular expansion packs are the place to do this. I prefer the Sagas to stick as closely as possible to the book. I'll admit I would be glad to see another version of Eowyn, depicting her skills in battle, but isn't the fifth saga box a better place to do this? Is no one else mystified or disappointed by this choice?
  13. I always look forward to the saga expansions and they never fail to dissapoint me. So there have been no Hero versions of Legolas or Gimli since the Core Set, and now there is not even the hope of them on the horizon. Hey FFG, I would actually like to play as my favourite characters one day in a sphere other then tactics. The three hunters are one of my favourite aspects of the story and still the only way to make a deck is to have 32 starting threat and double tactics. My patience with this game is wearing out.
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