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  1. A bit more explanation of my ideas. I tried to simulate the feel of the Blood Bowl miniature game Norse team. The Norse Team The team is bashy and most of the players have block skills in the miniature game. Now the teams has 5 players with Tackling skill and 4 players with downed Tackling skill. All humans in the Norse team have low armor in miniature game 7 and in this BB:TM version downed Star Power of 0. To simulate their fierceness and aggression, they try to prevent going down with every legal and illegal manner they can, thus the Cheating downed skill to every to positionals (expect lineman). The Norse live in the same region as Chaos, so their are related to their neighbors with the Cheating skill, but they cheat heavily only when attacked. Linemen To make them bashy (as the block skill in miniature game) they have the extra Tackling as downed skill. Throwers Quite a normal thrower, only lower armor as the other teams (thus downed Star Power of 0). Runners The fastest player in the team (Sprinting) and the most likely ball carrier and scorer (Passing). As they are the ones who seek openings in the enemy lines to charge forward, they are most likely to be there first when the opposing team fumbles the ball, thus the Intercept ability. Berzerkers Because the more simpler distribution of skills and abilities in this card game, Berzerkers are related to the miniature game Berzerkers (they are hitters) and Runners (they have Dauntless skill). As the games and abilities are not 1:1 comparable, the Dauntless ability (as the Norse have it in the miniature game) and Tackling skill give a good Norse fitted stats to Berzerkers. Werewolves They are stronger and they have Frenzy (= multiple tackles in the miniature game) so they have Frenzy here as that gives them the extra strength compared to other players. They also have Regeneration as the Norse Werewolves in Warhammer universe have the skill, just not in Blood Bowl miniature game for some reason. Snow Troll I researched a bit of the Norse lore in Warhammer and did not find any Yetis, Yhetees or anything, but they had Snow Trolls in their armies. So Snow Troll it is. He has the same stats as the most big guys, but he really has no idea of the Blood Bowl rules, so he hits everything downed or not, which is against the rules, thus Fouling. And the Frenzy and Claws in the miniature game come together in the current Claws skill, as Claws in the miniature game is pierce armor = easily injured and Frenzy brings multiple blocks (tackles). With this Claws skill you have opportunity to do multiple tackles and injure a player. Now I am starting the final playtests to balance the team and try out these Team Upgrades: Extra-Special Magic Ale Response: After 1 of your players becomes injured, exhaust this card to return the Player card to your hand. During the Matchup Phase, if you have 1 card remaining in your hand at the start of your turn, discard it. Team Anthem Response: When you commit your first player to a matchup, exhaust this card to allow the player use any one skill: [Cheating], [sprinting], [Passing], [Tackling] or [Fouling]. The Wall Response: When 1 of your ball carriers is targeted during a tackle attempt, exhaust this card. Regardless of the difference in Star Power, the opposing manager rolls 2 dice and you choose one result to apply. Come on Boys! Response: During a tackle attempt at a matchup where you have more downed players than your opponent, exhaust this card to reroll all dice once. Surprise Blitz Response: Exhaust this card after 1 of your players becomes the ball carrier. The player gains [Tackling]. Norse Supremacy Scoreboard Phase: For each matchup where you have more standing players than your opponent, gain [Fan]. These upgrages have thematically a bit of beer, song and bloody carnage...
  2. Ok, I heard you. The thrower is back. There was no good reason to remove it, only that the original 6 teams in Blood Bowl: Team Manager all had only 4 positionals. But Chaos Dwarves for example have 5 and now the Norse also... Actually the 3 Berzerker build would not be legal in the miniature game, as I am trying to get the feel of the team from there. Here is the roster, now some more options: Standing Skills: 5 Tackling 3 Passing (2 optional) 2 Sprinting (2 optional) 1 Fouling Downed Skills: 5 Cheating 4 Tackling 2 Regeneration Compared to other teams, they have decent variety of options. And Intercept ability bring a good option to get the ball, as it bring more Passing to the team. 4 - Norse Lineman - 1 / 0 - ... - Guard - [Tackling] 1 - Norse Thrower - 2 / 0 - [Passing] - Dump-Off - [Cheating] 2 - Norse Runner - 2 / 0 - [sprinting] / [Passing] - Intercept* - [Cheating] 2 - Norse Berzerker - 3 / 0 - [Tackling] - Dauntless - [Cheating] 2 - Norse Werewolf - 3 / 1 - [Tackling] - Frenzy - [Regeneration] 1 - Snow Troll - 4 / 2 - [Tackling] [Fouling] - Claws* - ... * Intercept - When an opposing player drops the ball, gain [Passing]. * Claws - Each time you roll ⭐⭐ during this player's tackle attempt, this player may attempt another tackle against the same opposing player. I definitely think that the linemen are not too good. They have 25% change to succeed in their 0 Star Power tackle attempt and 31% change of injuring themselves. So 4 linemen means 1 successful tackle. And comparing the team to other bashy teams this is not a decisive difference and the them is not super strong compared to the Undead or Chaos Dwarves for example. The skeletons are better than Norse Linemen, as they have 31% change of regenerating, thus giving +1 Star Power for sure and an extra change to protect a Ghoul, for example, who has 3/0 Star Power. Here are the graphics now: http://infinity.net76.net/Lineman.jpg http://infinity.net76.net/Thrower.jpg http://infinity.net76.net/Runner.jpg http://infinity.net76.net/Berzerker.jpg http://infinity.net76.net/Werewolf.jpg http://infinity.net76.net/SnowTroll.jpg PS. Still waiting for instructions to use this My Media thing...
  3. I also liked your Regeneration idea, it works like jump up, but as the other teams are not that directly ported also... And as mentioned above, Jump Up is not an essential skill for Berzerkers. Now I am comparing this team to Orcs and I feel like the are in the same power level: Linemen: Norse (small) + Runners/Throwers: = Berzerkers/Blitzers: Orcs (big) + Werewolves/Blockers: Norse (tiny) + Yeti/Troll: =
  4. I like your ideas. I worked on the roster and currently nordic men have downed Star Power 0. Like in your suggestion. I also tried to get the feel from the miniature game more to the roster. I investigated a bit what the expert Norse coaches write about the team and: There are a lot of Norse coaches who don’t think the Throwers are worth having on their team and are happy enough to not play with any. So I dropped the Throwers as all teams in BB:TM have 4 + 2 + 2 + 2 or 4 + 2 + 3 + 1 positionals anyway. My current roster is: 4 - Norse Lineman - 1 / 0 - … - Guard - {Tackling} 2 - Norse Runner - 2 / 0 - [Passing] / [sprinting] - … - {Tackling} 3 - Norse Berzerker - 3 / 0 - [Tackling] - Dauntless - {Cheating} 2 - Norse Werewolf - 3 / 1 - [Tackling] - Frenzy - {Fouling} 1 - Yeti - 4 / 1 - [Tackling] - Claws* - {Cheating}{Fouling} The new thing is that ALL THE PLAYERS have [Tackling] skill. Runners and Linemen have it as downed ability, because they are the ones who do not concentrate on hitting as they have 6 players who can do it better. So there is 25% change of Runners and Linemen to succeed with 0 Star Power tackle and 31% change that they get injured themselves. But sometimes against a troll you might try... You do not lose any Star Power. Runners dictate how your team will look to play on offence with the ball. In the miniature game Runners/Catchers are the main ball carriers as all the other guys are doing the hitting. They have the Dauntless skill, yes, but it is not their best asset: Dauntless can also be somewhat useless against a lot of teams and they can also end up hogging most of your touchdowns when you want to develop your Berserkers and Werewolves. ... Norse Runners are in fact better equipped for this role as well as they start with both Block and Dauntless, though the latter is more a bonus that an essential skill. In my build Runners do what they do best: run [sprinting] with the ball [Passing]. Berzerkers loan a little bit from the miniature game runners. They have the Dauntless skill, as they are good hitters, but not to make them too good, they ONLY have dauntless. You can't actually compare the skills in the card game and in the miniature game, because same skill (ie. Frenzy) act in a different way. Yeti and Werewolves hit hard, and they hit 'em when they are down, as they are über aggressive animals, that is Fouling in the miniature game... Bronn, thank you for your good suggestions! PS. How to upload pictures to the forums? I can't figure out how to use My Media -section... So here are the graphics so far. I manage only to insert the links: http://infinity.net76.net/Lineman.jpg http://infinity.net76.net/Runner.jpg http://infinity.net76.net/Berzerker.jpg http://infinity.net76.net/Werewolf.jpg
  5. http://www.iloia.fi/Yeti.jpg He will be the Yeti. I might use some graphics from the star player decks with the other positionals. I have not found a good image for the werewolves though.
  6. Norse Norse teams have a well deserved reputation for ferocity both on and off the playing pitch. The Norse that takes up Blood Bowl is a truly unedifying specimen, interested only in beer, women and song off the playing pitch, and beer, women and bloody carnage while on it! I have seen some interesting fan creations in these forums, I have the graphics to the amazon team and I will try it out shortly. So I decided to design a team of my own, and I need your feedback. I will try to study the Team Comparative Analyses post below and try to put the team stats to that formula to balance it out with the other teams. Any help would be appreciated. The team: # of players - Position - Standing Star Power / Downed Star Power - Skills - Card Abilities - Downed Skills ( ... = no skills or abilities of that type) 4 - Norse Lineman - 1 / 0 - [Tackling] - Guard - ... 2 - Norse Thrower - 2 / 0 - [Passing] - Dump-Off - [Fouling] 2 - Norse Runner - 2 / 1 - [Passing] / [sprinting] - Nerves of Steel - ... 2 - Norse Berzerker - 3 / 1 - [Tackling] - Mighty Blow* - ... 1 - Norse Werewolf - 3 / 1 - [Tackling] - Frenzy - [Fouling] 1 - Yeti - 4 / 2 - [Tackling] - Claws* - [Tackling] * Mighty Blow = If this player successfully tackles an opposing player, he gains [Cheating]. * Claws = During a tackle attempt against an opposing player, you may reroll all tackle dice once. These men from the north are barbarians, vikings, they are violent. They do not care for the armor, they just smash. In fact, they only have couple of people taking care of the ball, others just smash the opponents. That is what I wanted this team to be about. Depending of the power level of the team I originally considered to have: 1 - Norse Thrower 2 - Norse Werewolf That would be in par with the power level of Orc and Undead teams, but I am not sure how powerful [Tackling] is with all the linemen... I will need your opinions and a bit of playtesting before I finalize the print-and-play graphics for this team. I am also working to design the team upgrades, they will also depend on the current power level of the team. But what I understood, no teams have any killer team upgrades, I just gotta go with the power level of the current team abilities and find some Norse-like ones. PS. I gotta decide the lineup of the team (1 or 2 Werewolves) to analyse the team with the formula provided in the original Team Comparative Analyses post.
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