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  1. As ofters have said, in this kind of multiple axis resolution system rolling more failures than successes means that (in this case) you fail to lie convincingly. If they are at net advantage they wont slip what part they are lying about. This is important in most cases, since very rarely will an interrogation get to a point where the perp will be answering yes or no.
  2. Do you remember which one is that? Personally I think HT is plenty handy. Once my Magus gets his second force rating I will be getting even more bang for my buck from all those ranks of Channel Agony combined with HT from the spec.
  3. The group I play in also has used a title crawl for each episode. Im pretty sure the official websites (atleast used to) have such creator which also can give you links to the crawls you create. I feel its a great tool to mark the end of off game chattet and the start of playing and get everyone in the mindset of the campaign and where we left off last time. So yeah, definitely do it!
  4. I would also point out two things I have used in my games: 1) slugthrowers are much more robust and thus easier to take care off and 2) being able to coat your bullets with nasty/interesting stuff. Both have been relevant when the groups have been in extreme conditions (sand is rough and coarse and gets everywhere and moisture is... wet. Good luck keeping your fancy plasmathrower functional without a maintenance kit while the sluggee laughs all the way until the first encounter they realise that they are the only one with functioning ranged weapon) or the survivalist found the wonderful world of poisons and drugs ?
  5. Ah yes, I completely forgot it was always an opposed roll. Havent actually had anyone use the Mind Trick part in my games and havent had a chance to use it yet with my Magus. That makes the answer obvious, its in the dice! I blame insomnia and the midnight sun and constant brightness outside ?
  6. Cant remember which of the more social career focused books it was in, they talked how running out of strain doesnt always mean going unconscious, especially in social situations. It could mean angrily chewing on your cigar and harrumphing at everything and unable to participate meaningfully further or getting too frustrated to keep on talking and leaving. In the stormtrooper situation I would personally narrate running out of strain instead with getting a splitting headache/migraine or otherwise zoning out so badly that they are unable to really even tell what is going on around them. Maybe even complaining to their patrol partner that there isnt anything going on the street and it seems that there are a lot of shady characters going to that nearby cafe, maybe we should investigate and grab a cup of refreshment? Those seem much better ways of handling the situation, in mot cases, than the troopers simply slumbing down unconscious ? But of course if the influencer is a dark side user or used dark side pips I would have them just slump down all ragdolly ?
  7. I have also wondered how have other forumgoers played influences control that allows you to make people feel/think something that isnt true when it comes to its duration? Do the targets realise they have been bamboozled after the 1 round/5 minute time or do they most of the time pass on a la the movies? After all if the stormtrooper sergeant realised that something was done to their mind/perception they might have gone after Obi and Luke ? Maybe minions dont realise it but nemesis npcs do, as a general rule?
  8. Kinda strange that they decided to translate the name of Teräs Käsi to english in this, since the original name has even been used in Solo. Other than being a grumpy Finn and thus mildly miffed at that, thanks for the infos Khazadune! ?
  9. Could you folks kindly just shut up and get a room instead of spamming a topical thread with nonrelevant bickering? Especially since its really clear that both of you have already made your homes in your argumentative trenches and arent going to move, no matter what either says unless we get a word from god on this (which aint gonna happen on the forums). At least make a new thread so you arent ******** this one up.
  10. Guess you really have to get into the flow of things ?
  11. Kinda interesring that none of the new mystic specs have FR+2 in their trees. I would have supposed that atleast the Magus, whatnot being presented as a literal force wizard, would have had that ?
  12. Gah, hopefully someone spoils the skills and talents of the Magus, since I have a new campaign starting today and thats what I am gonna be starting as. FLGS said that my copy will be arriving end of the next week at earliest and most likely around mid june ?
  13. Great to see everyone getting their creative juices flowing and mixing in this thread! It has proven to be exactly what I wanted, to see loads of different thougths and ideas on the subject what FaD can be. Ps, group from Oulu, DONT READ THIS! I have decided that, atleast in the start, my players will be doing some outdoorsy exploration stuff by pretty much themselves. They will meet an archeologist from Alderaan who needs some extra hands for his next exploration mission and the players will likely want to join up, since its a ruin very likely to contain jedi/sith/force shenanigans (we have finished the back-of-the-book adventure so should be interested). And we all know what happens to Alderaan and how Force sensitives felt that, thus giving a story reason for the players to start understanding more about the nature of the Force and showing exactly how ruthless the Empire can in getting what they want. They will also encounter some Imperial forces on the said ruin, once they find it. The leader of the Imperial group will inform them of the situation with Alderaan and thus try to arrest the archeologist for being an "obvious" rebel activist out to undermine Imperial operations. This kind of start for the story/campaign also allows us as a player group to do some exploration stuff, since our EotE game hasnt really had any of that. Should be interesting. The group so far is Mirialan Mystic/Seer, Togruta Sentinel/Shadow, Human Warrior/Aggressor. We also will have a Droid Explorer/Big Game Hunter who is not yet with the group and will tag along as a completely new player to the system. The droid is a helper bought for the Archeologist by his family to make sure "their little boy will stay alive in the bad galaxy" later modified heavily by him to be actually useful, instead of just reminding him to eat enough and wear warm clothing
  14. I think for the Beginner Box they might do a "oh you killed ALL the orphans? the characters morality drops by 1" or some such simplified version of the whole "your actions affect your morality" mechanic, without going to the conflict mechanic. The IS all about Dark side/light side and morality being a big part of the game (even more than Duty and Obligation were of the other systems, I feel) and I think new players will expect a game about playing force users to have some dark side vs light side things going on for it. I might be wrong, too
  15. That exact case is pointed out as use of Force Drain (Harm?) on multiple targets in the aforementioned wookiepedia article, further backed up with the fact that the Sith Triumvirate were very fond of draining other force users to death to gain some of their powers. Personally, uses of Unleash can be described as all sorts of damaging (often elemental) effects. Lightning, throwing fire, sucking the heat out of the enemy, pure bursts of energy (something akin to Force Destruction) and so on. Harm can easily be described as the usual wibbly-wobbly red energy coming from the target, especially if you have the upgrades for it to heal wounds/strain from you, or maybe as the breath being sucked out of the targets lungs. More or less anything you and your players feel cool describing
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