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  1. Hi, The thread that you posted had this response: Page Not Found
  2. The rumor mill says that the Rebel Aces expansion is due out end of September or first week of October. Three cheers for that news Hip, hip, hooray!!! Hip, hip, hooray!!! Hip, hip, hooray!!!
  3. I would have a spaceship be crewed like this: Pilot and optional co-pilot Each gun turret would require a person behind that weapon system. A ship could be modded to allow the pilot to man a turret remotely; however, the pilot skill would be reduced by a pip and also for the gunner skill to be reduced by a pip. [My $.02 worth]
  4. Hi, I wanted to see what the stats and unit cards for Bot Hunters would look like. Can I get some help from the community please. Thank you, SteetWarrio0r
  5. Where can I find the Duist Warfare stats fpr the Red Cossack with Nokilai as the pilot? Thank you, R.O.
  6. Thank you for the reference sheet and the updates.
  7. Did you pick up the Joe vs. Sigrid set ?
  8. SteelWarri0r


    Where can I fin/d SSU unit cards ?
  9. During the Setup of a tournament round, one of the Objectives is Critical Position. Reading this in the Tournament Rules, I see that if one player chooses this that the other player must also choose a critical position. Does this force the player not choosing the Objective to spend one Scenario Point ? Thank you, RwO aka SteelWarri0r
  10. Thinking about setting a RPG in the D20 realm for Dust. RwO
  11. Hi, Drop me a line here or my email address if you are interested in playing Dust Tactics or Dust Warfare. Thank you, RwO
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