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  1. I would think you could look at virtually ALL the other card boxes that FFG has produced for their LCGs and deduce that this one will be roughly the same size - so probably 400-500 unsleeved.
  2. Blood on the Altar appears to be the same link as Undimensioned and Unseen. Have not printed yet, but I'm planning to do several on a 2' x 12' banner from bannersonthecheap.com and then cut them apart.
  3. I was an attendee and hoped to be on the Council, but no luck (par for an Arkham Files event...). Council's Coffer probably won't get much play because of the reasons mentioned by Radix2309 above. I do enjoy the "What's in the box?" nod to all the unboxing videos and reviews. Tom Vasel & Dice Tower, I'm looking at you... Much more enchanted with The 13th Vision... note that it is a Basic Weakness, and technically everyone who owns the card should add it to their Basic Weakness pool... Not that hard to get rid of, but really annoying while it is in play.
  4. Let me just add, after my busting of the misspelling, that I got a chance to play this at Arkham Nights late on Saturday. One of the seats at the table was Richard Launius. It is... DIFFICULT. We managed to win it BARELY and were told it was the only win so far for the weekend. I got a high five from Richard "from the grave" when we won. Great time, look forward to more!
  5. I guess no one has noticed the misspelling in the title of the news article... What the heck is a Phararoh? Isn't that one of those Italian cars?
  6. Rules reference, page 5: "Attack of Opportunity Each time an investigator is engaged with one or more ready enemies and takes an action other than to fight, to evade, or to activate a parley or resign ability, each of those enemies makes an attack of opportunity against the investigator, in the order of the investigator’s choosing." Emphasis is mine. "Ready" means not exhausted.
  7. There is a place here to submit rules questions. At the top of the page select the "More" menu item, under that select "Customer Service", then "Rules Questions". In there is a link to the Rules Question Form.They are usually pretty good about answering.
  8. hothie. First World Champion and the founder of Fly Casual.
  9. I wondered about the blacked-out dates as well. They issued statements in November that they had moved to the US and were working to catch up the back orders. I speculate that the move across the pond was precipitated by the C&D, since it was issued by the European, Middle East & Africa division of Disney. Perhaps it was an attempt to flee jurisdiction? It may end up being a case of out of the frying pan, into the fire... Your advice to file complaints is probably the way to go.
  10. That's exactly what these folks were doing, so I guess Didney has a different take on the situation. They also sold really nice 3d asteroids with acrylic bases, which probably did not violate any licenses, but are a victim of circumstance. There are a few other questions as well, but I'll leave those for later.
  11. It was only today that the website redirected to the C&D order, the ebay store was empty, and Facebook presence has been deleted. I have been trying to contact them for a while and had visited those places on a daily basis. I was alerted to the fact by a post on reddit.
  12. Not sure, but HotAC is not being sold, so is probably not as likely a target. Space Rocks had hard merchandise that was being sold for profit, so I don't think traditional fan content would be treated the same. I reserve the right to be mistaken, however...
  13. They had a website and ebay store where they sold "scenery" for Armada and X-Wing, including 3d asteroids and wreckage models for the Corvette, Transport, Falcon etc. as well as a kick-ass looking Nebulon-B in X-wing scale. It was probably kind of sketchy as far as licensing is concerned, and they received a lot of paid orders that have not been delivered.
  14. http://www.space-rocks.co.uk/ I hope there will be some kind of refund for those who have paid for orders but never received them.
  15. Interesting and possibly alarming stuff for those who purchase online: http://icv2.com/articles/news/view/33314/asmodee-fantasy-flight-days-wonder-consolidate
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