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  1. That's a great idea! What would you name it though for theme reason? I do think we are getting a Grey Company one and a Hobbit one which I hope would be : Grey Company You may only play heroes or allies with the Ranger or Dunedain Trait. Combat Action: Exhaust this card to choose an enemy engaged with a player, that enemy cannot attack that player this phase. After you have 3 or more enemies engaged with you flip this card. Grey Company You may only play heroes or allies with the Ranger or Dunedain Trait. Resource Action: Exhaust this card to (choose one): draw a card for each enemy engaged with you or place a resource on a Dunedain or Ranger Hero you control for each enemy engaged with you. Heroes of the Shire All heroes you control must have the Hobbit trait. You may start the game with one additional Hobbit hero in play. After you defeat an enemy with an engagement cost higher than your threat place a resource token here, after there are 4 resource tokens here flip this card. Heroes of the Shire All heroes you control must have the Hobbit trait. You may start the game with one additional Hobbit hero in play. Refresh Action: Reduce your threat by 5 and draw a card. Forces of Good Choose a trait, all heroes and allies in your deck must share the same trait. Reduce the cost to play the first ally each round by 1. After you have 4 or more allies flip this card. Forces of Good Action: Exhaust this card to move an ally from your discard pile to your hand. If you have less than 4 allies, flip this card. I would also really love to see a boost for bringing one or two heroes only like: Last of the Company You cannot have more than 2 heroes in play. Heroes you control have +X Willpower where X is equal to the tens digit of your threat and can have 1 additional restricted attachment. Action: Exhaust this card to ready a hero you control and remove 2 damage from it. If you only have one hero in play flip this card. Last of the Company Ready your hero at the start of each phase. Your hero has +X Willpower where X is equal to the ones digit of your threat and can have 2 additional restricted attachments.
  2. There is still that mysterious preview that possibly references the grey company contract.
  3. Ok I was originally thinking Saruman as technically him and Gandalf both have the mantle of white wizard at one time or another. Could also be Gandalf the White. And small chance it may also be the Blue Wizards which would be a cool entry. But we only have three heroes yet unspoiled if we are going with the collectors edition heroes along with Lothiriel being 3/6 for this cycle. So it could be but makes more sense to have Spirir Aragorn as one and then Gandalf the White/Saruman as one or both of the remaining. Lothiriel is amazing. Going to be a Spirit staple with that low threat and high WP alone. Not to mention how she revitalizes Rohan builds. Wouldn't it be cool if Wilyador was a hero? And as much as I would love him to be a healing one (starts with all the excess Athelas in play from JtR!) I feel like the poem more references an attacking one. So perhaps some kind of splash damage Attack where excess damage is dealt to another enemy character or it can attack two enemies in one turn? One of them a star makes me think Spirit Aragorn, or maybe a Fellowship one if that's the case it could be the 3 hunters one, but it just doesn't fit the rest of the poem. Was Aragorn knighted? Not to my knowledge. The hobbits were absolutely knighted by Aragorn and Eomer and there is four of them so that would be a sweet boost to have them in their scouring the Shire Mode. Also allowing you to play four hobbits would be great! You could even pair up Frodo's four friends with him (woot Fatty!) or Aragorn with the four classic Hobbits if it's not hobbit specific. They could definitely use the help and the boost. Thorin for sure, nice for us to get him. Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dong dillo! Ring a dong! hop along! fal lal the willow! Tom Bom, jolly Tom, Tom Bombadillo! (Seriously most anticipated ally here) Gildor, see #5 and combines great with leaderships main weakness. It really seems to be referring to the people that the ghosts are stalking which totally says grey company contract to me, Dunedain are one of the weaker traits so would be nice to give them a boost that works along their engagement strategy. All in all very excited for this cycle, it's pretty much total fan service what most of us wanted. Very much loving this game right now!
  4. Maybe if you add Elrond then perhaps but otherwise it's pricey to play and you can only do it three times barring some card recursion. A lot of the 4+ Cost events are crazy strong but trickier to play, unless you have Vilya haha
  5. Boromir, The One Ring and his shield and sword. Legolas and a chariot of 3 Rohan Warhorses! Gimli or Gloin and an Ironman suit if 3 Citadel Plates! Eowyn being able to wield her uncle's Sword, Shield and Steed just like him. Beregond and Armored Destrier, a Shield and a Spear. Haldir/Faramir/Legolas/Bard with Grear Yew Bow and stil room for two attack-boosting weapons. Also anyone notice that you can still have allies given to you by other players you just can't have them in your deck. And also it doesn't specify the number of heroes required so 4 for the Sagas is cool.
  6. Amazing! The lastest cycle is looking incredible! Very excited for this! Well actually the Knight makes Derufin more interesting now since Derufin is repeateable. It's like a delayed Galadhrim's Greeting but you trade the higher threat reduction for some ranged attack help and being able to eat an archery arrow.
  7. Nope you are good to go as long as you get the deluxe for that cycle. I would recommend just grabbing whatever deluxe interests you and has the most adventure packs available.
  8. Very interesting idea, and perhaps a new core set with some of these cards in it?
  9. Awesome! Glad to hear it! That is an underutilized card but if you have the characters you can obliterate even some strong enemies.
  10. Yeah scrying is great and you really want to Power quest it/lots of card draw so you can luck out and clear it by discarding. Also another consideration is sneak attacking Gandalf or Descendent of Thorondor to wipe out a tentacle that way. Hail of Stones likewise is nice to take down a tentacle without attacking it. If not playing progression mode then Thalin hero combined with a few Gondorian Spearman equipped Spear of the Citadel are great ways to auto kill enemies.
  11. This is awesome and nice to not have to pick up a core set for those that have all of first edition but don't want to go all in on second.
  12. I also had a ton of difficulty beating this quest with my usual decks but I managed to stomp through it with my nuclear weapon super deck: http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/12422/legendsofthelighttakemountdoom-1.0
  13. You could bring the new guarded attachment sting?
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