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  1. Just completed my run of mount doom as well. It was quite the slog as I drew a mixed hand at the beginning and not enough restricted attachments. I found myself stuck on stages for much longer than I wanted too, having to use Boromir, Frodo and Gandalf to quest. I didn’t produce much willpower but Strider on Gandalf and his Shadowfax allowed me to be able to handle the fortitude tests. Also it super helped only having to raise my threat by three each round since it was just for the three heroes. And Boromir with his shield and Raiment of War was able to hold off the beastly enemies coming out of the deck and with a later war axe and golden belt he was able to defend and then strike back for a powerful killing blow along with Legolas. The game lasted very long and when I finally got the contract flipped then I was able to start clearing locations and progressing through. Favor of the Valor kept me alive and in the game long enough to finish the final phase with my ending threat being 98 on my first run. I swear the game was like an hour and a half and if we had done black gate before I would for sure have lost because it took me a crazy amount of time to make it through Mordor. 0 tokens used and The Three Hunters proved their worth and strength against one of the hardest quests in the game.
  2. Just finished Breaking of the Fellowship and here Forth, The Three Hunters really shined. Due to having no allies, the encounter deck was really on my side. I drew three copies of Black Feathered Arrows in the game and other than one Uruk-Hai Hunter, the only enemies I encountered were Uruk-Hai Archers, which with no allies made their reveal effect meaningless and with the contracts healing I was able to better deal with the arrows raining down on my heroes. On the player card side I started with Wizard Pipe, Gandalf’s Staff, Shadowfax, War Axe, Dwarven Axe, Citadel Plate and and seventh card and Gandalf’s top deck were Elven Spear and Light of Valinor respectively. So my engine got going quick and I was able to flip the contract third round (with Frodo duel-Wielding Dwarven axes). This was great fun and really a quest where Three Hunters is made to dominate. But now onto the final challenge. 0 tokens used
  3. Pretty good, I recently took a three hunters group consisting of the same hero lineup with slightly different cards through the whole campaign and they performed excellently. There is a ton of ally hate in the game and these guy don’t care. And the other advantage is if you build it with enough generic restricted cards that can go on anyone then with Gandalf’s card draw you can usually get what you need pretty quickly and I found I was flipping the contract usually by turn 3. And thankfully you get enough of a go questing with all four heroes and just readying Boromir or using Legolas’s readying to have Gandalf ready for any enemies that pop up. It’s not a perfectly synergistic deck as there are some better restricted cards and some card draw that I cut to keep it more in line with the selected cards for this month but it worked great so far. Mount Doom will be the true challenge.
  4. Flight to the Ford Drew an amazing starting hand of all weapons and Light of Valinor so great start right from the go. And putting Raiment of War on Boromir allowed him to hold off the initial Nazgul while he also readied and attacked back with Legolas. Gandalf, Legolas and Frodo quested and once the unexpected courages, Magic Ring and Shadowfax were added to the grey wizard I was able to use Gandalf to help with combat as well. The weapons drawing trickled down and I regretted throwing two citadel plates into my deck as having to wait to afford those meant my contract wasn’t flipped until literally the last round of the quest which helped to finish stage 2. But due to Boromir and Gandalf being able to obliterate any Ringwraiths that popped up and always questing for at least 6-8 I was able to win without needing the extra willpower all game. Also really helped that I drew all of the minis willpower and then deal damage to allies treachery cards which did nothing to my deck. Onto the next quest and zero tokens used.
  5. Curse it! Foiled again by those meddling hobbits and their rules hahaha. Alright I’ll come up with something else.
  6. Question, can we use Smeagol as a hero despite Gollum potentially popping up in mount doom?
  7. Anyone else notice that the last 4 announcements on the main page are LOTR related? One for our beloved game, one for JIME, another for the anniversary edition of LOTR The Board Game and the livestream with JIME as it’s cover. After the long hiatus it’s nice to get a ton of love from FFG. Especially leading up to unto their annual livestream and future products announcement. And with all of the above it seems to me at least like LOTR isn’t as dead as many think it is after this cycle. They obviously recognize that it’s a popular property and are still pushing even the older LOTR games. Also there was the interview with the head of Asmodee who stated (More or less) that the market was flooded with games and that a focus will be on expanding existing games with established lines. This definitely describes the LCG. So regardless of what things look like post-break, I’m optimistic that we are going to get more content, and here is hoping for some more campaign material and contracts! Anyone else pick up on this and have any hopes or thoughts?
  8. I will exclude Redhorn Gate so we don’t necessarily have to bring high willpower decks.
  9. Thanks for the breakdown and as usual for making this a reality Dale. You rock and good job everyone and welcome to the new players!
  10. Awesome final quest to finish it. And nice to confirm the cards are all true. Still sad about Spirit Aragorn though being kind of meh.
  11. Thanks for the breakdown! Clearly all core set heroes are not created equal haha.
  12. Awesome to see so many people participating and love reading the play through guys.
  13. Awesome glad to hear it! I chose this cycle so those without the whole card/quest pool could participate and Dale is a legend for organizing and running this all. Cool decks and I’m a huge fan of hobbit Gandalf as well. I find running a deck with only the allotted cards quite challenging and alternate between that and just running whatever new, fun and/or powerful deck I’ve cooked up. So many ways to play.
  14. I think the easiest way would be to just add more planets and then have more contact tokens in those slots, or have new tokens that actually go on a planet space itself like ground forces and beasts and such, or just have a pool that you can always spend your encounter to reveal the top of that particular deck.
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