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  1. Hello x-wing people! Some days ago I had an idea for a new x-wing game concept. I just want to share the idea here to get some feedback. Maybe the designers will like it as well and can do something cool! The idea is a new type of upgrade card called "squadron upgrade". It is not assigned to a specific ship, but instead to any number of non-unique pilots (in small ships) with the same name. The upgrade card works for all of the ships, but the cost has to be paid only once. The idea is to boost some of the non-unique pilots, which do not see play yet. Therefore all squadron upgrades should have a pilot skill restriction (e.g. 3+ or 5+) or any other restrictions to avoid super swarms. I cannot remember any game in the last year, where I faced a non-unique ship with PS3+ except for Ties and Z's! An example: Super crazy dodgers Select a non-unique pilot with a pilot skill 5 or higher. All your pilots with the same title gain: If a ship in your fire arc attacks you, you might re-roll one defense die. (with any costs which may fit to the ability) Targets would be the PS5 phantom, PS6 tie interceptors and the PS5 scum ships. Basically cool ships, but the increased pilot skill is just a waste of points if you meet a PS8+ aces list, so they do not see play. What do you think?
  2. Try four advanced each with sensor jammer and proton rockets for 24p / ship. Additionally I added a twin ion engine, but the new guidance chip may also fit very well. When you can use your ships to block enemy aces, the sensor jammer makes them very hard to kill. Just ensure to hit with your rockets and your damage output is fine as well.
  3. Thanks for your responses.
  4. Hello folks, I am really sorry if this question has been asked before, but I have tried to search for a similiar topic. I have contacted two local stores here in Germany and both have answered they are not able to order the book from the German retailler. Will there be a PDF version of the book? It would be far more easy to buy a PDF in the FFG shop instead of shipping a book through the hole world and pay more for shipping than the book itself...
  5. OK. Thanks. Anyway it seems that there is no word from the developers. So we have to be patient and hope for an upgrade, which is not overpowered for Vader, but brings the other ones back into the game!
  6. Hello people, actually I am no master player, but I think everybody knows that the tie advanced is not usable except for Vader. I have tried to create some Vader builds, but in most times I decide to play an interceptor instead of Vader. The A-Wing seems to be to expensive compared with the Tie, so FFG is going to give them a -2 upgrade card to replace the missle slot. Is there any official statement about the tie advance? For instance they could relase a card like: "Weapon upgrade. Tie Advanced only. Missle slot. Cost 3. The fighter gains a cannon upgrade slot." Then you are able to use a 31-cost fighter with two points of shields and a heavy laser cannon. I think the model would be comparable to the B-Wing. Thanks for your responses, Tobi
  7. And I would take "The Vale" and "The Reach" as well.
  8. Hello folks, actually I'm searching some legacy cards and I would like to buy them or trade them (for instance; I've got a lot of old promo cards for trade, e.g. the queen of thorns, lady of pleasure, cards of the wildling deck and many more). I'm searching for: 1) Outfox 2) Bounty of the Realm 3) Robb Stark (FKE) 4) The Riverlands Just send me a PM or write here. Thank you!
  9. Well. For me there was only the one round, where we have used it together to blank all opponent's icons and I made fun of it, that we should be disqualified becaufe of that. But I've not heard of someone, who has been warned or disqualified because of that. And I've not mentioned that someone has called a judge because of it. So I don't think so.
  10. Because I always enjoy reading tourney reports from other players I guess I have to write a report from Stahleck too. It was my first tourney and my friend and me guessed we would lose all games and hoped to win one game in every event. First of all: it was not that bad. Melee The first event was melee. I played a Martell Brotherhood deck. Without that awesome combo with Scourge + Brimstone, because I didn't know it. I playing 1x The Scourge and 3x The Stand-The-Scourg-Character, but no Brimstone. I've met it in the first round and after the player steals my icons I thought "I don't care I have enough cards in my hand" and after discarding the first card I got a very a sad look. So the theme was "play Berric + Taste of Blood + all cards that are restricted in Joust + some protection for Beric". The first round was a three player table. One opponend played Martell (he showed me the combo) and the other played a Baratheon deck. A got an awesome setup. In the first round I had a renown brotherhood character and Beric with a Flaming Sword and one taste of blood. I started with 5 or 6 power in the first turn. The other taste of blood and Myrcella comes up in the second turn and because with Myrcella and three players it was very easy to force the player to attack me or attack nobody it was an easy game. I collect a lot of power on Beric and after the opponents had too much characters I played a valar. With duplicates, save and Beric it was no big deal to win the game afterwards. In the second round there were two Martells and an Greyjoy Alliance deck. Both of the other Martell players played the combo and all of them played Ellaria Sand. Because two of them was played in the first round and they are really bad for Beric I've decide to kill them with a valar. And both of them were really sad about this. The game went on and the we got to the last round. Both of the others Martell had their combo out. And the Alliance player told us that I've killed his main deck with my valar and he always tried to convince us to break our promises to become second player by talking. It was not that I don't like to become second player by talking, but I don't like to break promises or convince other players to break their promises. So I decide it may be the first, second or third place depending on the decisions of the other two Martell players. The good thing was I hd the Scourge and an Stander as well so I ask the better standing Martell to make him first if he tries to make me second player. So we blanked all the icons from the other players, but they were doing a good job in preventing him to get too much power. Finally he could not win the game, but it was the last round and I had the last challenges. So he blanked Berics icons as well, but it doesn'et really matter. Their was two characters with renown left, one was not kneeling, three unopposed challanges. I could easily win that game, but I decided to let him win the game, because I told him to make him the first player. So the only thing I did was to attack the Alliance player with power to make him loose the game, because he was always trying to make the others player break their deals. So I become second player and the winning player promises me if he would win the melee we could design the card together. : ) In the third game I met Baratheon deck, a Martell deck (the player I gave the win in the last round) and another deck I can't remember. I had a bad start and my opponents had good ones. I can't really remember a lot of details exept for two things. My valar cleared the board once (only the player, who knew my deck didn't play a lot of characters) and another player played a valar in a term of a the plot, where you have to reveal a new plot card after losing a challange, because I attacked him twice. And so the were only Brotherhood characters left and I was the only player with a lot of cards in my hand. So I won. 26 points. So I got into the top 16. I guess at this moment I was the happiest guy of Stahleck. Guessed to loose all games and getting into the top 16… wow. So I was smilling that much, that someone asks me "why are you so happy?". In the semi-final table there was the baratheon player from the last round and two Targaryen players. One deck was a really fast dragon rush deck, that may have won in the second round (!), but… he calls it thinking AND burning on the sand had stopped him. After that we crushed him, kill his dragons, discard Daenerys and he was out of the game. The Baratheon player wasn't really a threat, but the other Targaryen player (playing Knight deck) had an awesome round playing Threat from the North. We cut a deal I will not blank his icons and he will not discard one of my STR 2 characters. He was the first player and make 8 oder 9 power in one round and won. If he had not get all these power, I would have won, because I was the second player. So I got second player in the table. Over all I got 4th player in swiss round and because of that I got 6th player at all. So at this moment I was the happiest guy in the whole world. And therefor I couldn't sleep very much in the night, I was SOO exited and happy and things like that. Joust Okay, 66 players in melee, 140 in joust. So it will be MUCH more harder. I played a Targaryen jumper deck with was very similiar to the deck, which won worlds. And of course I've not done any play testing, but after I saw that the a player had won worlds with a similiar deck, I guessed it could not be that bad. Finally I had decided that his plots were better than mine, so I decided (two days before Stahleck) to play with Waste their times and Seach and Detain instead of Fury of the Dragon and Retallation. In the first game I had to face a Targ Summer Burn deck. I got two Much and More in my hand, played them pre-plot and flipped a Rule by Decree. In the first rounds I fouced on intrigue and so I took board dominance very soon. He was never in that game, so I win 15 to 0. In the second game I faced the spanish champion. He played Lannister PbtIT and I was a little bit of intimidated. I played VERY WELL (in my opinion ) and my biggest card was Aegon's Hill. But he then drew Cersei in that round I played Valar. With Cersei and his Iron Throne he was able to grab more and more power. I won two or three intrigue challenges every round and drew A LOT of cards. But the only Street Wife I had drawed was enslaved by him (and was killed) and I didn't draw another one. His LAST intrigue challenge of the sixth round was unopposed, so he got up to 15 power. If I could have defend that one he had to play Valar in the 7th round and I would have won the game. But I was very impressed by his game style, because he didn't make a single misstake. : ) The third round was against Stark Wildlings. I've never seen a game in which a Targ deck has won against a Baratheon Wildling deck, but I hoped against Stark there would be a chance. I made the best move ever. In round three or four I wanted to play Valar. So I took it and revealed it: Threat from the North. **** IT. I thought now I was doomed. I didn't discard a single card in this round and he made three unopposed challanges with claim two. I felt so stupid. But he drew the bigh army and has to play it because of my Aegon's Hill. So I dropped Valar in the next round and killed the army as well. And the best thing was, that I played a Street Wife and got them up to the 7th round. Threat of the North would have killed her and so I used my Long Lances combo to get back two or three cards every turn. 12:0 before valar. 8:15 at the end. : ) In the fourth game I played against Martell KotHH. I've never played against such a deck. So I told him, because I had a lot of fun with that player in melee the day before. He played the Brotherhood Lady, I killed her every turn and he clears his power every turn (to draw a lot of cards). After 30 minutes he asks me to player faster. He asks some more times and I tried to play faster, but because I have to think about a lot of things and for him everything was so clear. Finally I made a BIG mistake. In round six I didn't drop my valar, so it was sticked in round 7. After my valar was dropped he played tones of characters. At the end of the 8th round I had still more power, there were three minutes left. He asks me that we could make it a Draw, because of my "slow" playing. I wanted to play the last round, just because I wanted to see if I could do this. At the end of that round he had still the board presence, a lot of hand cards and I was reduced to three cards and some few characters. But I won. 10:8. But he was really not happy. So asked him to make it a draw. 2 points for both of us. I saw his point, he would have won the game if we has played another round. I wanted to ask a third person, so we called a judge. He told us he had to call him sooner, but my opponent said he didn't want to call a judge, because he likes me. We argued a while and I dicided to give him the draw. I didn't really care about my points and that two points brought him into the top32. So I guess is it was the right decision. Of course I know it was technically illegal, but they have accepted it. So at least there was another player, which I had made happy. : ) One big problem was that this round has REALLY stressed me. In the next game I met a Greyjoy Winter deck, but I didn't really play. I didn't read his setup cards and made every round a lot of misstakes. For instance in every round (!) he attacked me, I blocked and then he said "I kneel these two warhsips to give them +2". And one second later I forgot it again. In the third round I want to give up, but I played to the end and after 20 minutes I've lost. It was no big deal to beat an opponend, that didn't read your cards and forget every card a second after you have used. So that game was lost before it starts. But I was happy, because it went reallys fast (~ 20 minutes), so I had a BIG BREAK and could call my girl friend. The last game was mirrow match. I played Waste their time in the first round, shuffles back his Aegon's Hill and got mine with a Much and More in the first round. When he had drawed it again in round 5 or something like that, the game was already over. I've become 14th in my group with 3:2:1 and I was happy with it. I've played good games and enjoyed my deck. : ) The driver not the car I was very exited to play that format and it was really fun. I used my Joust deck. My first deck was ok, a Martell Brotherhood deck and I got a lucky start. So in round three my opponent didn't play a Valar and I played to the spears with four renown characters. The second deck was a Lannister Shadow deck and I felt the deck was really bad. My opponent played a deck of his friend, but I've beaten him. In the last game I played a Maester Choke deck of my friend, which I've help to created. I guess only in round 1 and 5 my (Stark) opponent has more than one gold. I got the first three chains very quickly and then I forgot to get more chains. In round 4 I was at 15 powers and then I remembers it was Maester (and that is the reason why I would never play a maester deck in a tourney ). There were seven chains left. But it was no big deal, because my opponent can't play anything. My deck was not that successful. I've seen the end of the first game and it crushed the opponent, but game two and three were loses. So I got to 20 points. Overall I was disappointed. I thought most players should have known the type of deck, but maybe it was too difficult to play. All the way I've won my own three games. : ) Highlander Because I own a lot of old cards from buying a collection I wanted to play that format. I've never played it and it was SOOO much fun. I played Stark Defenders of the North and my deck runs really well. In thirst game I faced a Martel DotN deck (I won), in the second game Lannister DotN (Defeat) and in the third game I faced a deck with only A LOT of locations. He told me there was only three characters. And he has beaten me as well. But in all games I had seen crazy cards or crazy combos I didn't know. Hehe. So 1:2 was not good at all, but it was a lot of fun. : ) So only one thing left: Thank you very much to the organizers and all those players. It was one of best events I've ever joined. : )
  11. I want to say that it is a great idea to use a visual marking. I have a big heart for new players. But that mechanism is easy to understand. "That tiny ship means you can declare this card as a attacker or defender at any time in the challange, for instance you can delcare an attacker after your opponent has declared his defenders". Once they have seen it in play, they will remember it. Keywords are much more stupid and hard to remember because they don't have a visual representation. I really hope they will never ever create more keywords. The idea to use visual aspects on the card is much more better.
  12. Well, no. There are different themes, that can be played with burn. I guess most important are: - Summer (e.g. Fields of Fire, Dragon Knight) - Shadow (e.g. Dragon Pitt, Shadow Cards killing stuff) - Ambush (e.g. Flamed Kissed, Harried by Dragons, Magister Illyrio) And there are some stand alone cards (e.g. Barristan Selmy). The mix of two or three of these themes makes a good burn deck. In my opinion most important thing is the agenda. Knights of the Hollow Hill will slow your deck down, so these decks are late comers. Kings of summer can be very fast and gives you a card advantage, which is very useful in Targaryen decks, but you need a lot of influence providing cards. So there are a lot of variants building a burn deck.
  13. Hello folks, if a player running the maester's path agenda doesn't get his chains from the agenda until the time limit is reached, will he lose the game if he has more power than his opponent? And which rank would he take if it's a multiplayer game?
  14. Hello folks, does anybody knows if the card pool will be restricted some day? Or will all LCG-cards be tournament legal forever? I mean cards supporting summer/winter theme are useless without a black/white raven for instance.
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