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  1. ABSOLUTELY AGREE. The Yog-Sothoth one could be with lots of portals to other places with the adventures that we have and new ones. In the museum you have to collect tokens to open portals that you can use later in the 2nd. part or something like that.... and Shub-Niggurath can happen on the swamps of Louisiana or Dunwich... but if they release expansions I doubt that they put 2 big adventures together... Following the trend of releases they had to release it last november so I hope they release an expansion for Christmas!!!
  2. reborn said: - Investigators quantity: you have to be very careful. I think two and four aren't the number to go. 3 is the best. Maybe with Jenny but with so much terror effects and stamina and sanity losses, I really don't know. I didn' explain myself clear. The thing is, with 4 investigators you can't have enough money and items before entering the pyramid withour risking a doom token overdose, and then inside the pyramid situation worsens a lot. With two, you are going to have enough items and trophy but… how are you going to succeed if one dies? With 3 you have a good equilibrium with these tribulations Saludos Pablo
  3. Last Week I did it!!! 3 tries, and on the third I won. My team: Kate, Wendy and Rita. I cannot say how usefull was Wendy. She "stole the show". Yes, you have to be very careful with her stamina and sanity, but she is so powerfull. In the end you have Kate and Rita kind of as support to Wendy but it's a good team I think. Rita is extremely handy with the adventures with tasks that takes out stamina and sanity, and you ussually encounter a lot. The same way with adventures with terror effects, Kate is the best. On the allies side the guy with lens (don't remember his name) is really an essential factor on winning the campaing. Other important allies are the Healer, Bancroft and the Hieroglyphist. I wanted the healer but he didn't appear so I went with the girl that gives you red dice. I think that the campaing isn't more hard that Ithaqua's but all deppends on the team and allies you choose. No one died the third time, but how ironic, Kate died on my first try and Rita on the second (both before failing completely of course). Wendy remained safe on my three runs. Two things: - Investigators quantity: you have to be very careful. I think two and four aren't the number to go. 3 is the best. Maybe with Jenny but with so much terror effects and stamina and sanity losses, I really don't know. - You have to take advantage of the desert and prepare for the interior of the pyramid when doom tokens begin to pop up and sanity and stamina decrease more. A very entertaining campaing!!! Well done FFG!!! Saludos Pablo
  4. Can I ask for some strategy tips? I'm still struggling with the campaing…. I begun with 4 investigators (Jenny, Kate, Jim & Pete) and then reduced to 2 (Rita & kate)… Now I'm with 3, adding Jacqueline but I arrive, being lucky at the beginning of the 3rd. stage. Saludos & thanks Pablo
  5. klaymen_sk said: Didn't you complete that adventure with Kate Winthrop? She prevents monsters from appearing during her turn, even if they are a "reward" for victory or penalty for failure. Hi!!! Yes, I played with Jenny, Kate and Amanda. When that happened me I was with Jenny. And I had a Midnight effect with monsters and none happened. klaymen_sk said: It's Pharaoh. I know… too much comics in my life
  6. The support team kindly contacted me and gave me an answer. On the penalty doom token on other world adventures I simply misundertstood the rules. It didn't add me a counter because I never failed on that type of adventure. So, don't worry!!! Saludos Pablo
  7. I played and won the Hastur game (on an Android tablet). Pretty nice and defiant. I think that's only normal because it has 2 little bugs jajajaja if not surely it'll be Hard When you play an Other World adventure supossedly you have a Doom token as a penalty but the OW adventures that I played didn't add me a single Doom token. In the same way, some adventures had monsters as a terror or as a result of winning and it didn't add me a single monster. Please check that., thanks!!!! I begun to play the Dark Phoenix and it's really fantastic but I can't survive desert Saludos Pablo
  8. It was a problem with the first release of the last expansion, if you have the last version surely it has to function. I sadly cannot help you because I unlocked the investigator when the problem was sorted so I don't know either if this bug resurfaced again. Hope you can unlock Wendy!!!
  9. Hi!!! Since the Board game is getting an expansion, can we expect a new add-on campaing for Elder Sign: Omens? I'd love to see a new monster at the museum with new adventures and the longest campaing of all!!! Can we dream one with 3 scenarios? Hastur? Nyarlathotep? Something in the depths of space? A campaign with 2 Elder ones to beat? The Bless and Curse mechanics incorporated? I know… I'm dreaming but we can dream!!! Saludos Reborn
  10. I used Wendy vs. Azatoth with a team that consisted of her, Jenny, Monterrey Jack and Lola Hayes… the only that is not convincing me is Lola but Wendy with the others is smashing. I won Yig using only Wendy. You have to micromanage her stats but is extremely useful. I agree with Dasher that Ithaqua is extremely hard but it's not impossible to win. I agree that maybe it have to be more balanced. Dasher, try titmouse advices, they helped me a lot. Saludos!!! reborn
  11. Following titmouse advices, I've won finallly yesterday with Kate, Rita and Jacqueline. I begun with Joe Diamond too, a perfect fit for the team but I lost it in the middle of the game. Although I lost it, I realised that 3 (and these girls specially) is the perfect number for this team winning Ithaqua's trials. I can't recommend enough titmouse advices, thanks a lot!!!! Reborn
  12. Hi Nick! I dowloaded it yesterday for Android and I have the same problem. There are not cutscenes at the start, middle or end, thing that not happens if you play the earlier adventures and the Tsathougha one (I think). And starts "At the window" as you say. Excluding these things, the game functions normally for I can see, I played 2 times since I bought the expansion and download the update. Saludos! Pablo
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