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  1. Hi! We had an issue about order of precedence between rules in one of our games. I draw a purple card that allowed me to discard another purple card into another player's line (sorry, I have only the French version of the game, so I don't know the cards' name in English). But, by placing this card in one of my battle lines, it completed this line. The rules say that immediately when you complete a line, you may attack another player, but do I get to discard the other player's card before attacking? Do the text on the card takes precedence? In many games I played, this is the case, but I'm confused about the word "immediately". What do you think?
  2. This is a question I've been asking myself too. How do I make place for the red cards? On incomplete lines? If I get the last piece of a War Machine, can I discard a card that would allow it to be in correct order (even the green one controlled by another player)? E. g. I have the first and the last piece of a WM in correct order, with an unrelated card between them. What if the middle card is also a red card? Can I discard it? Can I replace it with the correct card, and after that place that card in its right spot (leading to a cascading rearangement of my battle lines)? For example, if I have a line that is 8 cards long, with Banner and Musician, and 4 empty spaces after the Musician, does it mean that I need to discard the Musician to make room for the War Machine cards? An official ruling would be helpful! Thanks!
  3. This weekend, we had an argument about the part that says "to a minimum of 1". What about the defence dice? Suppose one fo the Overlord's monster attacks a hero within three spaces of Leoric. The result is three <3 and one surge. The surge is used to get +1 <3. This gives a total of 4 <3 . The hero rolls defence dice and gets a total three shields. The total damage the hero gets is: 1) 0 damage 4 hearts - 1 (Leoric's ability) - 3 shields = 0 2) 1 damage 4 hearts - 3 shields = 1 damage (minimum of 1 applies here) The majority of the group favors interpretation 1, as the card explicitely says that it changes the result of attack dice. Comments?
  4. Hi all! During the last game, we had a debate about the ability of an Act 1 shop item. I don't have the card with me, but I think the name of the item is Shadow Cloak (it costs 75 gp). It works somewhat like the Shadow ability of the Shadow Dragon, but for a hero: the monster has to "waste" a surge. The overlord rolled three surges. He could use two of them, but he didn't have a third ability to spend on the last one. Could the cloak be used to waste one of the used surges, or does it necessarily apply to the third unused one? Thanks!
  5. Wow! I checked and it looks cool! I hope you will be able to finish it, as I will want to play it with my group. Nice work!
  6. Thanks for the answer! I usually play the OL and the other players are often too keen on killing all the monsters in an area before moving somewhere else. For that particular quest, I played a hero with two fellow players, and the three heroes were blocked in the grasslands by barghests. The heroes were able to recover only one crop from the goblin in the first encounter. In the second one, there was only me (still 3 heroes) and the OL player as the two other players had to go. This time, I crushed the OL!
  7. Hi! I don't know if this has already been answered, but I didn't find it in this forum. The rulebook says that monsters get 2 actions during their turn (only one combat action). Does that mean that they can make two move action (without OL card)? If so, goblin archer have a clear advantage in A fat goblin (1st enc.) as they will be able to move 10 squares in a single turn! What can the heroes do?
  8. Many thanks for the reply! We will need to use official scenarios from time to time then to get more goblins and dwarves. On a side note, with the Goblin band, the goblin armies are quite better. We played with a band on each side, and retreat flags were seldom applied. I had bad luck with the hydra the three times I chose it: all heads cut on the first or second fight! The earth elemental was a total killer at least.
  9. Hi everyone! First time posting in this forum (Battlelore). I have a question regarding banner availability when using the extension Call to Arms. Can you deploy independantly human and dwarf/goblin units using only the banner colour as reference? For example, on a deployment card, there is one green infantry unit and one blue dwarf infantry unit (and something else), can you use any green infantry unit (human, dwarf or goblin)? Even when using Specialists cards, the first time tried them, the number of dwarves units was a lot inferior to the number of goblins units. Even if the frightened goblins are weaker compared to the bold dwarves, they had a clear advantage. So I was wondering if the races are interchangeable. Thanks!
  10. SolennelBern said: **** this discussion is depressing… I don't want to point anyone out, call anyone names or anything (and if I offended anyone please report me) but I would never play games with people like that, who over analyse everything and words and provoke mood killing downtime every now and then…I already had one bad session with MoM last year I don't want that to ever happen again. The game is not even out and already there's debate around "if" and "and"… I'm completely with you for this. With very competitive players, the issue about rules wording could be important. I am fortunate enough to have friendly players. With the pre-release event with promo figures to win, those clarifications are needed. On the other hand, expecting to play a new game and knowing in advance it could already have some flaws… it may cool down my enthousiasm (but only temporarily!). Anyway, I am very happy with the rules modifications of 2e. It is what I was looking for to run some old school D&D modules, so I may not use the game exactly as written. Of course I will still play the campaign included in the box! But compared to any version of D&D, it will be easier for me to prepare and run adventures. I can see that a lot of thought went through the new rules as they are more general. A lot of specific elements seemed to be kept to quests specific rules. So I think it will be easier to customize the game with new items, skills, etc. Why not a relic with the power to create transportation glyphs? There's nothing hindering the use of 1e props!
  11. Thanks for the update!Living in Quebec City, I'm happy to see that there's at least one store with the promo figures! There's a mistake for one of the retailers: Le Valet d'Coeur is in the province of Quebec, not in Ontario. Zut
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