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  1. I don't understand why FFG doesn't want my money. I am not buying your falling apart at the seems hardcover, no matter how much you'd like me to. All withholding the PDF is doing is making me unhappy. Why are you making me unhappy instead of taking my money? Its bad business.
  2. Thats how I roll! I'm an avatar stealer. The campaign never got off the ground, so it would be all up to the GM.
  3. I'm sure we'd be fine playing on skype instead?
  4. I'd be thrilled to get into a game also, and have a group that just needs a GM, too =) Hook me up if possible =) Skype: poison.flowers Roll20: https://app.roll20.net/users/21098/poison
  5. Hey Folks, Our GM's schedule changed drastically, and he's no longer able to fit Black Crusade in. We'd love to have you, if you have been wanting to GM Black Crusade! We have a skype group set up, and a Roll20 campaign, of course, as GM, you can decide how you want to proceed with all the game stuff, and whatnot. You can contact me on Skype at poison.flowers on Roll20 at https://app.roll20.net/users/21098/poison or here on this forum. Thanks a lot for listening. Poison
  6. At least one of the crew on this Human RT ship is a Dark Eldar. So there is that.
  7. Hey Hunter. I play in a RT game on Roll20 on Tuesdays. The voice chat isn't so hot, so we use Mumble for that. Good program, though.
  8. Thats pretty cool, Happy. Good suggestions. We could probably do up some sort of mock up Origin Path for each Alien, too.
  9. Do you think having access to Tormentor talents and such makes up for lower stats and a severe disadvantage in almost all social situations? I get that the Dark Eldar, for instance, start with 5 traits (only 3 positive, though) and 7 talents, but my last Arch Militant started with 2 positive traits, 9 talents and 4 skills through Origin Path, so it isn't like that's coming out ahead, or anything. I guess what I am getting at is this. The aliens are mostly good for combat, as they are pretty terrible in social situations, due to disturbing voice, speak not unto, etc, and it seems even for combat, they are worse than a human. At least with the Kroot, they can paste you in melee with Unnatural Strength, which really does have an impact, where Unnatural Agility seems good for Lightning Reflexes and thats about it. As I rolled up a Wych last night, I was really struck by all the stuff you lose, and you don't seem to gain anything except the license to write "Dark Eldar" on your sheet. Thanks for the response, No 1, even if this post sounds critical, I appreciate that we have rules at all.
  10. I'd be interested in hearing opinions on this, not of the "You are playing it for the roleplaying!" or "Munchkin!" variety, but opinions on the actual mechanics. A Dark Eldar starts with a 30 Agility, and gets a 2d10 bump, for an average of 41, and all have Matchless Grace, for an Unnatural Agility x2, for an average bump to AB 8. An RT character starts with a 25 Agility, can bump that to a 44 through Origin Path, gets 2d10 to add for an average of 55, and you can get Unnatural Agility from Disturbing Grace, and other places. Seems out of place, even without disturbing grace, any effort at all can get you into the 50's on the human character, where you need to roll a 20 to get the Dark Eldar there. Unnatural Agility isn't particularly thrilling, as far as I can tell, as much uses the unmodified bonus, like movement, and few things are determined by the agility bonus itself. Long story short: Origin path lets you boost Agility to 44 before rolling, or Ballistic Skill to 48 before rolling, or Fellowship to 46, gives a bunch of talents and skills and perks, what do the aliens get to offset it? The pleasure of being an alien? I hope I am missing something.
  11. Nothing stops people from picking up Warp Lock and Favored by the Warp and just going nuts, but never forget many powers are practically as good used Fettered as Pushed.
  12. I also responded on Dakka, but I might be interested, depending on what all PC choices are available. Can I get more info on the feudal worlders and off worlder choices?
  13. Duplicate post…how exciting! I guess I can use it to say thanks for this quality sheet!
  14. I would kill for Dark Eldar to be added to spreadsheet!
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