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  1. I am currently in the middle of a Black Crusade game that takes place prior to the Horus Heresy ever occurring. Their actions essentially influence how the actual Heresy would play out and who would turn to Chaos. My main question is what would have happened if other legions (Loyalist legions specifically) had found out about Sanguinius' gene flaw prior to Horus ever turning? There was talk in Fear to Tread that Sanguinius' legion would have been expunged from Imperial records, but I wanted other thoughts regarding this. Sanguinius was the most loyal out of all factions
  2. Now I know that Deathwatch is a game where it is meant to be enjoyed like all other tabletop games. However, what do you do when players begin lying about their rolls in order to succeed certain tests? I have caught some of my players trying to play off that they succeeded and I have to outline the rules numerous times. Scenario example is one of my players using an Intimidate Test and realizes that he fails. He justified that Unnatural Strength x2 gives him double strength characteristic when actually it only doubled his Strength Bonus. He then assumes he gets certain modifiers when I already stated there are none in this given scenario. I know I am a fairly balanced GM and I want my players to succeed, but I also want to ensure we play by the rules and not allow people to manipulate gameplay. It has even gotten to the point where I don't let them roll unless I am around the gaming table (and not in the bathroom or kitchen). They get pissed, but I still keep my foot down. Should I penalize them for pulling stuff like this? Is it unfair?
  3. I am currently designing a mission that involves some Adeptus Custodes. Could anyone come up with some accurate stats for them considering they are the elite form of Astartes? I know they do no have any squad mode abilities, but I want to be able to capture their pure awesomeness during when I run my campaign. Any suggestions?
  4. For my campaign, I have already had my Players invade a planet along with their entire company of Battle Brothers. The planet is a recently conquered Tau world and the Inquisition had deemed it necessary to send DW for complete annihilation (Not exterminatus as other objectives are needed to be completed). However, this world is said to be under control of a Space Wolves Company. Essentially, once the DW have taken over the planet, a Space Wolves Company will arrive and demand they leave their sector. Given that the level of Xenos activity in the area and the weakened state of the Space Wolves, the DW refuse and now tension has begun to build up. Side note is that this Space Wolves Company has openly declared war on the Inquisition in previous circumstances. At this point, the Company will approach one of the Players (who is also a Space Wolf) and essentially ask him to relay any information that the DW has on potential Xenos inhabitants. Also, the fact that the Space Wolves want to know the exact motives of the DW inquisitor currently accompanying the DW.
  5. I was thinking of a Mechanicus able to use Necron Artifacts towards harnessing a massive sleeping army to do their bidding. I am not sure how this would be done. Any ideas?
  6. What exactly is the Necron's goal in 40k? Since they scattered the C'Tan, there doesn't seem to be any motivation for them. Am I missing something? Also, what does the Adeptus Mechanicus feel towards them? Would any turn heretical in harnessing Necron technology?
  7. I am simply suggesting that maybe the Inquisitor does have radical beliefs in how he perceives both Chaos and Xenos. The inquisitor justifies his actions as few resources are at their disposal at this time and would prefer having Xenos fight with chaos or amongst each other for the better of the Imperium. I talked about the idea of a radical inquisitor with one of the players and he believes it would be more interesting to have a more conservative Inquisitor rather than a Radical. The player (more knowledgeable about 40k than me) had said that Deathwatch use Xenos technology against the Xenos. I was confused as they would be completely opposed to all Xenos.
  8. I essentially want it to be that they either do as the Inquisitor says or simply kill him. I wont make it easy as the Inquisitor knows that people on both ends of the spectrum are after his life. I was thinking of having it as a twist where they kill someone posing as an Inquisitor (and the real one simply uses him as a cover).
  9. I am currently running a campaign where the Inquisitor is at complete odds with the PCs. I know they will plan to kill the Inquisitor later on in the game and I just want some advice as to whether they are allowed to actually do this. The Inquisitor is a radical whom uses Xenos relics against both other Xenos and forces of Chaos. There is even circumstances where he would ally with Xenos for the greater good. Now I don't want the Players to kill the Inquisitor and not suffer the penalties for it. How exactly should I handle it in this situation?
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