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  1. No Problem, I really hope you find a good game!
  2. I do agree with MHW ..somewhat, that there is a flaw in 4ed that doesn't stop that (other than missile attacks, why every crane warrior carries a spear!). Basically, no outnumber rules, and no "blocking" mechanic. Many systems have a mechanic in place to let someone intercept you if you get into their "threat" range, and I think that an important one to have, so you can corner that bob and weave Bushi. As for Shugenja being able to nuke, and unless you can counter spell (Book of Fire), there is nothing to do about it, maybe 3ed is more to your liking? Bushi were far more powerful there and could cut a shugenja down on one action, generally before the Shugenja went.
  3. In Only war? Really remembering the Comrades and trying to rp them as all different. As for "bonuses" , that is something, after 4 40K campaigns, I am just getting decent at. If a GM forgets to add +10, +20 or so on for simple tests, the system can be one of the biggest "whiff" games out there. It takes some practice.
  4. Well my source was Athenor in the earlier part of this forum, so your right, that could be just rumor. As for the R&K system, I am pretty happy with how FFG develops their systems, so if they want to keep, alter and expand upon it, I feel pretty good they would put out a quality product. As for a new system? They did a good job with Star Wars and WH40K RPG, and WH fantasy RPG. The only caveats I have is most people have two complaints. First is proprietary dice, second is numerous "core" games. If you worry that a system may not be good, do the Betas. They do respond well to the beta testers, as I can attest, when their new system for DH2 was not liked and had serious flaws, and the community complained, they scrapped it instead of putting out a bad product. They are a good company when it comes to divorcing their egos from their customer relations.
  5. Oh, just to clarify, this game is not Online, but at my house. So you would pretty much have to get to San Antonio for the game.
  6. Sadly they did not get LBS, and for those who get confused as to if Theah and Rokugan are in the same rule the answer is yes, and no. Basically they were designed to be the same rule when they first started, but when AEG sold the licence (temporarily) to WotC back around 2000, they had to make the worlds totally separate. That's when they started to drift apart. The Battle of White Stage was more defined as many years ago, Cathay was the east of Theah, and so on. That said, there is nothing saying that they couldn't be re integrated. The Big hurdle is the time line. The Battle of White Stag was defined as what, 600 years ago in Rokugan timeline. That would make Theah be....pretty much modern Europe. Unless you say that Cornejo and his fleet were lost in time "in the 7th sea' and actually went back 600 years before finding Rokugan.
  7. Hey there, we have started a campaign for Only War that plays 1-2 Saturday nights a month. We have four players, but would like one more. Pretty experienced group that has all played OW, DH, DW before, and the GM (me) has ran OW and DH campaigns. We do require the player to be 18+, as most of us are in our 30s. Player must be well versed in the 40K universe (although if you are reading this, you probably are). We play from 6pm to 12 pm, and its pretty much every other week. The regiment was GM made and is based on the French Foreign Legion. The Game is not set in the spinward front, but the Jericho Reach. So far we have an Operator, Sergeant, Psyker, and Enginseer. If interested, send an email to rorymvance@gmail.com or if you have questions, feel free to post them here.
  8. I think its interesting they did get the rights to L5R, but not the rights to legend of the burning sands. I thought they were tied together
  9. Athenor, I can only hope they do sell 7th sea, my wife is still running a campaign with our books that are all falling apart.
  10. Maybe we should have an L5R RPG forum too? So we don't bloat up the LCG forum? I am so giddy, I could talk about this for days.
  11. I think they best thing they could do would be to disconnect the RPG story from the LCG story. Make them two different time lines or something.
  12. Question answered! Its official, I am jumping up and down like its Christmas. I mean, the only thing that would be better is if they also bought intellectual rights to 7th sea as well!!!
  13. As someone who has played L5R RPG from 2nd edition to fourth, I can say that this move is a GREAT thing. AEG was, well, lets say one of the least customer service orientated game companies out there. During that same time, I have played pretty much all the 40K RPGs since Dark Heresey, and have never felt disappointed by FFG, but rather enthusiastic about their products. One example was GenCon about three years ago, we went to the AEG area to buy the newest l5R book, and they only brought 20 copies each day, and we never could buy it. Meanwhile, FFG, had just come out with Black Crusade. All nervous we saw they had a few copies left on display and were afraid we couldnt get one. Until they brought out a whole stack of books for people to buy. Rule number one of business, never turn away a customer with money. FFG understood this. Its reason it has been a company I continue to buy products from. That said, I do hope they continue the rpg! I know they would only do it well, and give us a good game. I think they will, when AEG put a pause on the rpg during third edition, they saw a huge drop in sales of the CCG. The RPG may not be as profitable as the CCG (Now LCG), but it has a synergistic effect on the sales of it.
  14. I was at gencon, but wasn't able to attend, how did it go?
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