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  1. I don't think we'll get another Gloin, since Gloin is the only member of Thorin's company in the core set, and the core set is required to play the saga expansions. If Oin, Dwalin, Bifur, and Bombur are allies, that would leave one hero spot that could be Gwaihir. I hope this theory is accurate, since it would make it possible to include all of Thorin's company in a two-player game. Skilled thematic players willing to take a beating could even try the saga with no other allies in their decks…
  2. There was an earlier post that this Gandalf would work better with Word of Command. I can see that combo working, but it's easy to overlook that the original Gandalf also works nicely with Word of Command. If you don't sneak attack him, then after questing or combat, he readies at the beginning of the refresh phase. There's an action window in the refresh phase before Gandalf leaves play "at the end of the round," during which you can exhaust Gandalf to play Word of Command. That helps to make Word of Command more playable if you're not running Radagast.
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