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  1. Where I appreciate R2E's dedication and innovation regarding modeling the trials of the journey, I can't say that is what got me in the door or kept me entertained for 4 hours. It was neat, but often became a hassle that lent little to the overall enjoyment of the experience. The hardcore gamer in me laments the ease 3E's number's imply, but in application I suspect the lessened focus on the trials of travel will translate into more meaningful engagement with the towns, quests and gems within the world.
  2. So.. could you elaborate a bit on what let you down?
  3. "Are the heroes too generic?" Yes. More female representation is needed too, FFG (and I say this as a man). Its a veritable sausage fest of uninteresting characters in the base set. If I didn't anticipate a fast expansion release schedule to rectify this, I'd have been inclined to pass on the title.
  4. It would have been a smart move to allow some non-combat boss resolution mechanics, I agree, but I can't fault them for leaving out the environmental tweaks or ideas I loved from the expansions (notably Sands of Al-Kalim, my personal fav). I suspect stuff like that will come in expansions, but you can't say they didn't push innovation in the design (and one could argue the build in round counter was a nod to Midnight). Incidentally, by building in a timer, expansion developers can take for granted its inclusion, making cooperative content a higher possibility. I really look forward to seeing the vision FFG has for how to expand this.
  5. This is a provocative thought I hadn't considered; 2e Runebound was all about item acquisition to defeat the big bad. I had naturally assumed the same would be at play here, but you're right that there is potential for skills to fill the void of an alternative choice. That said, I'm not 100% sure this has been borne out by any preview or reveal -- none of the skills currently spoiled seem particularly strong in regards to taking down the end game villain. No real reason to quote this, save my admiration for the maturity exemplified in this perspective. Kudos.
  6. The German language expansion, [url=http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgameexpansion/136986/die-legenden-von-andor-der-sternenschild] Die Legenden von Dandor der Sternenschild[/ur], should get a US release. I'd pay good money to FFG's coffers if such a thing occurred. Or, better yet, gather all the released small expansion content into an official box. I must admit, I helped diminish this game's initial sales because I wanted to wait for the first round of expansion news before purchasing a copy. Sadly, I now realize the disservice I paid Andor, and have recently purchased a copy of the "base" set to have in my collection. Please FFG, feed us more content.
  7. SnowcatAssassin said: Aside from what's already in the rulebook, what are some good tips for deck building? I only have one core set, I might get another one, don't really have the money to blow on a second one with sleeves at the moment anyway. I've got a custom HB deck and a custom Anarch deck, but both proved to have their issues when played against someone just using core set decks. Advice? Can you elaborate on the issues you referenced towards the end of your commentary?
  8. TheRealLeo said: The run diagram has been shown to conflict with the actual printed rules in the main part of the book. In fact, the quote I made of the rulebook should be a clear example of this. Nowhere does it say anything about approaching ice that has not already been approached. It instead refers to following a sequential order, nothing more. As such, I wouldn't recommend using the run diagram for anything other than a visualization for when you can use triggered abilities/rez cards. The ONLY reason it uses the added verbiage in the run diagram is because, due to the nature of how the diagram is written, it had to take into account loops. At various points, it says stuff like "If.. then go to X", so it's shorthand for "continuing from where we left off."
  9. vermillian said: Playing today as Jinteki, runner hit my RnD and revealed a Snare asset. It did three damage to him (I had the funds to pay its trigger)… YIKES! So runners really need to hold on to some cards to avoid being flatlined when on the offense… AND need to have creds for the subroutine breaking… sounds kinda maddening! We play that right? Check out Project Junebug. ::cue evil laughter:: *Ahem* .. and yes, you played that right. Remember, however, that it's at -1 cards, not zero, that the Runner dies. The Runner can have zero cards in their hand and still be alive.
  10. Ariston said: Anarchosyn said: Thankfully, while writing this, I see a playtester has come in and quoted from a developer to say my camp was correct, that conditional abilities resolve before paid abilities can be triggered, but the fact it turned into a thread where so many people chimed in with the wrong answer speaks to a need for errata. Not errata, just a clarification to the rules. Anyhow, where is the playtester's comment? I don't see it in the thread, or as a new post here in the forum, either… I mean, I'm convinced by prune's quote from the original rules (going by the assumption that anything that is not explicitly different is the same), I'm just curious. Mateusz Nowak (Mateui) is a playtester. The last person he quoted, Lukas, is the lead developer (second to last post, as of this posting): javascript:void(0);/*1347241108516*/ btw - Errata, though technically meaning "corrections," is the general expression used for post release FAQ and clarifications. To rationalize the word's usage, you can think of the ambiguity as the mistake being corrected.
  11. msdttt said: This game has ZERO local organized play support. If I cannot find a diverse group of players to play with, I cannot play. Heck, even this own message board is being used more for a player locator than an actual discussion form. And the championship support being offered for this game is good- if only it was *clear* where it was being held. (http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=3546) I do not have doubts that the game is good. On the other hand, it does not matter how good a game is if you cannot convince players to get together and play it. You have no friends? This isn't a CCG where you need a thousand people with their own decks and enthusiasm to play. You can rock this like a board game -- the core supports two decks, with several options (12 distinct match-ups) .
  12. radiskull said: Yes, they do. It's nasty. Of course, that just means the Corp is going to decide to purge all your counters that much sooner. Yes, but since the Corp now has to give up a turn to do that, the Runner will get a free set of runs if the Corp wasn't capable of locking everything down before initiating that.
  13. Yeah, things are kind of murky around the edges, for sure. Take this example: Runner places Parasite (effect: trash at 0 strength) on Matrix Analyzer (NBN Ice with an On Encounter effect). Later in the same turn, the Runner decides to run against the Matrix Analyzer, using a Datasucker loaded with tokens to match the Matrix Analyzer's strength (effect: spend a token to reduce ice's strength). Over in the BGG forums, we've been debating back and forth whether you could Datasucker Matrix Analyzer to death before Matrix Analyzer's On Encounter effect triggered. My camp (the small) felt it couldn't, but most people cited "simultaneous effects" in the rules to argue the starting player had the right to choose. Thankfully, while writing this, I see a playtester has come in and quoted from a developer to say my camp was correct, that conditional abilities resolve before paid abilities can be triggered, but the fact it turned into a thread where so many people chimed in with the wrong answer speaks to a need for errata.
  14. Yes, you restart the run. Cell Portal causes you to re-encounter the outermost piece of ice, then it deactivates. Once inactive, it has no ability to warp you past any intervening ice.
  15. Corp chooses. Subroutines are written from the Corp's perspective (it's "Do 3 net damage" not "take 3 net damage"). Good question, though. It is ambiguous at first glance.
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