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  1. Shadow and Flame

    If you are from Europe: https://www.bookdepository.com/Lord-Rings-Lcg/9781616612610
  2. I'm from Europe and usually buy from: - bookdepository - but at the moment they have none of the Dwarrowdelf cycle packs available; or - GamerzNexus - but from a quick search they only have the 4th pack (The Long Dark) in stock. Here is the link for what GamerzNexus has on LotR LCG - keep in mind that the search was with "Lord of the Rings" keywords so some of listed products aren't from LotR LCG but other games related to Lord of the Rings. Although there is one that seems to have a wrong product description - it is clearly an Android Netrunner product... Those are my main sites in US. Have one in Portugal (where i'm from) but they don't have them in stock despite advertising that they deliver in 1 to 2 weeks...
  3. To Isengard!

    To add to GrandSpleen response: The only card i see that can get a captive killed is Grishnakh by his 2nd forced effect. Although there is only one of this card in the whole encounter deck.
  4. Hunt for Gollum

    Don't have none, but can say that the Hunt for Gollum adventure pack is on reprint. As of 11th of April, it is on the boat, so it could be in the shops in mid May... You can follow the progress in the upcoming part of the site, or here
  5. Burning Brand clarification

    Yeah, Road to Rivendell has some nasty treachery cards.... Sleeping Sentry being the worst. You definitely need some treachery cancelation, when revealed effects cancelation or much scrying effects that allow you to manipulate the encounter deck. Don't know if you are playing in order and only using cards up to that specific quest, but here are some cards that might help you scrying the encounter deck. Carlos José Matos
  6. Burning Brand clarification

    No, your intention to use A Burning Brand to cancel the shadow effect against Glorfindel is not a legal play. A Burning Brand will only cancel the shadow effects of atackers that are defended by the hero who has it attached.
  7. Have to note the following: Cave Eel has 2 different situations that seem to be mixed here: First situation: "Cave Eel cannot be engaged unless the active location is Underwater." For me this means that you cannot engage Cave Eel, unless active location is Underwater. This only applies, though, if Cave Eel is already in play at the stagging area. So, unless, you have an active underwater location, you cannot, optionally or by engagement check or by any card effect like Tactics Aragorn's response, engage Cave Eel. Although card's effect like the one from Dunedain Hunter will occur because Cave Eel isn't in play at the time you choose it and the text isn't active. What will happen then is the 1st hypothesis i mention below. Second situation: "Forced: At the beginning of the encounter phase, return Cave Eel to the staging area unless the active location is Underwater." This forced effect only triggers at the beggining of the encounter phase. So it arises two different situations: 1 - In the beggining of the encounter phase, there is no active location or the active location isn't underwater, if Cave Eel is engaged with any player, it immediately returns to the stagging area; 2 - If, by any means (ex: Legolas' response in combat phase), after the beggining of encounter phase, you clear the active underwater location, then Cave Eel forced effect doesn't trigger and thus Cave Eel remains engaged with the player. After this, if Cave Eel isn't killed, then hypothesis 1 will occur... This is what i think of what is written in Cave Eel text. Carlos José Matos
  8. Welcome back Glaurung... Keep those videos coming
  9. Can you guess who?

  10. Can you guess who?

    Correct! Each line is a deck from him(Seastan's Boromir, Háma's Thicket, Love of Tales Combo, Very Good Reinforcements(save the North because of BoCD), Breaking Across the Ettenmoors-Infinite Resources, Anborn, the hero we need, Dori?). The final sentence is obvious. What's a "Seastan"? O_o Seastan is one of the most skilled deck-builders here and finds many many combos that can (sometimes are game breaking) Seems it is John Constantine's time
  11. I believe you cannot bypass the "Attach to" rules, because the response on Master Ironsmith specifically says "attach". Despite you not paying the resource cost for the Weapon or Armor attachment, you still have to verify if the "attach" conditions match. So you cannot attach those two weapons you said to Tactics Boromir
  12. Heed the Dream and A Good Harvest

    You can use A Good Harvest to pay to play Heed the Dream, if that is your question. What i don't think you can do is use A Good Harvest to spend 3 leadership resources in part of the Heed the Dream action as you don't have time to play A Good Harvest after playing Heed the Dream and not fully resolve its effect
  13. Finally getting started.

    Nope. Last scenario from CoreSet is almost impossible with only the CoreSet even if you are a skilled deckbuilder. So the pre-made decks are good for scenario 1. Scenario 2 is difficult with some (tactics might struggle in the end to quest and spirit might strugle to kill)
  14. Hobbit-sense vs. Durin's Bane

    I would say it works. It can be used to prevent several attacks from Durin's Bane since he is considered engaged to every player
  15. It must be out there - someplace

    I use this offline app by Zorbec allot http://eric.minet.free.fr/lotrbuilder/index_en.htm