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  1. Well found the player card's in Hall of Beorn
  2. Don't see those cards in CGDB... Can someone point me to them?
  3. CJMatos

    Returning Veteran

    Welcome back richsabre... Glad to see you back to LotR... Book Depository usually has some packs stored... Dunno how it is now, since i've lost track of my account there and had all in the wishlist...
  4. CJMatos

    Heroes and Deck Building for Saga Expansions

    @willbrooks1989 nothing in the rules from the LotR campaign says you can't use cards from the later Saga boxes in the first one, so i'd say to follow the general rule that you can use them. Although temtically using Gandalf in escaping from the Shire doesn't makes sense, but it is your play.
  5. CJMatos

    Knights of the Minas Tirith response

    I'd say you can only activate the response for each card that enters play. Meaning, the already in play Knight of Minas Tirith cannot use his response... From Rules Reference: Self-referential Abilities Self-referential abilities refer only to the card on which the ability is located, and not to other copies of that card. From FAQ: (1.31) Self-referential effects If a card refers to its own title in its text it should be read as referring only to that copy of the card. A card that refers to other copies of itself will use the language “any copy of...” or “another copy of...” or “a card with the title...”
  6. CJMatos

    Gold ringed icons

    Even on easy mode, some quests are pretty difficult... Escape from Dolg Guldur comes to my mind...
  7. CJMatos


    Thanks for correcting my mistake... It is soo long since i played with Legolas that I missread his ability
  8. CJMatos


    No. But i seem to detect some confusing there. When you complete a stage of a quest, you imediatly reveal the next one. As for trave: Travel is always optional. Either you choose to travel or not and explore the locations in the stagging area with cards like Asfaloth, Northern Tracker or Legolas You only do it if you want, despite recomended due to removing threat from stagging area.
  9. CJMatos

    New Core box, and more

    This is shown in the LotR Card Game LCG (the physical one) section of the products in FFG site... EDIT: And that is the only add in the rules section of the product, that still only has the rules until Mumakil
  10. CJMatos

    Added to Staging Area meaning

    From FAQ: (1.35) “Enters the staging area” Enters the staging area is a term that applies to a card (enemy, location, objective, etc) that is placed in the staging area. This term applies whether the card in question has been revealed from the encounter deck, placed in the staging area from out of play, returned from the discard pile or from engaged with a player, or by other means. From FAQ page 14: Q: What is the difference between “adding” a card to the staging area versus “placing” a card in the staging area? A: There is no difference between “adding” a card to the staging area versus “placing” a card in the staging area. These words are used interchangeably and mean the same thing in all instances. With these in mind, i would say that entering staging area and adding to stagging area is the same and, thus, any effect that trigger by entering the staging area would trigger despite the place where the card came from (engagement, discard, encounter deck, victory pile, etc). On the other hand, an effect that needs the card to be revealed only occurs if the card comes from encounter deck or if the effect that places that card in staging area specifically uses the word "reveal" (1.45) “Reveal” vs “Reveal and add” Any time encounter cards are “revealed” from the encounter deck, the players should follow the rules for staging as explained on page 14 of the rulebook and rule (1.39) of this document. If a card effect uses the phase “Reveal and add to the staging area”, it means the same as simply using the word “reveal”, and the above steps should still be followed (i.e. treachery cards should still be discarded after resolving its effects, unless otherwise indicated by the card’s text).
  11. So i got it right... YAY
  12. To add to my previous reply, look at: (1.50) “Considered to be engaged” vs actual engagement An enemy that does not leave the staging area but is considered to be engaged with a player does not actually engage that player, nor does that player engage it. In order for a player to engage an enemy, the enemy card must physically enter his play area.
  13. I'd say Lurker in the Depts doesn't get to do an extra attack. The preceding effect (on the shadow clause of Orc of Ered Luin) is engaging the nex player. That cannot happen due to being already engaged with all players due to the Lurker text. So if the preceding effect doesn't happen (engaging next player) the word "then" cannot be taken into account due to rule 1.15. I also belive the example of ruling 1.46 also sheads some light in this case despite not being directly applied to the case. CJMatos My opinion is based on these 2 FAQ entries: (1.15) The word “then” If a card effect uses the word “then,” then the preceding effect must resolve successfully for the subsequent dependent effect to resolve. (1.46) “Next” player If there is only one player in the game, there is no next player. Card effects that target the “next” player will not trigger if there is only one player in the game. For example: The shadow effect of Pathless Country (TBR 72) reads: “Shadow: After this attack, the attacking enemy engages the next player then makes an immediate attack.” If there is only one player in the game, there is no next player to engage. The word “then” indicates that the immediate attack is conditional on the attacking enemy engaging the next player, so the enemy will not make an immediate attack
  14. CJMatos

    Shadow and Flame

    If you are from Europe: https://www.bookdepository.com/Lord-Rings-Lcg/9781616612610
  15. I'm from Europe and usually buy from: - bookdepository - but at the moment they have none of the Dwarrowdelf cycle packs available; or - GamerzNexus - but from a quick search they only have the 4th pack (The Long Dark) in stock. Here is the link for what GamerzNexus has on LotR LCG - keep in mind that the search was with "Lord of the Rings" keywords so some of listed products aren't from LotR LCG but other games related to Lord of the Rings. Although there is one that seems to have a wrong product description - it is clearly an Android Netrunner product... Those are my main sites in US. Have one in Portugal (where i'm from) but they don't have them in stock despite advertising that they deliver in 1 to 2 weeks...