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  1. First, I believe you played correctly if the card making you discard was Plain of Isengard (through the Wizardry effect). And that's because in Rules Reference: You are the controller of that card and as such you may choose to discard it.
  2. Not sure if @danpoage will like Minecraft having rights over him... 😛
  3. I'd say that the attack being ruled as undefended removes all possibility of declaring a defender.... From Core Set, pag 18 From Rules Reference It says you have the option to let the attack go undefended, but Striking-Tentacle's Forced effect takes away that option of you by declaring the attack as undefended, so you have no choice to declare the defender... Carlos José Matos PS: Those 2 are the only references I found about undefended...
  4. Just to add up and clarify: Although Prince Imrahil can't count towards Caldara ability, he still looses ally type and becomes a hero...
  5. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/8/2/available-now-august-2/ Just announced as being available
  6. In the respective rules insert there should be the symbols you are looking for... Here you can find some useful info... but also in the products page of FFG there are the respective rulesheet for each Expansiona and AP...
  7. Í would resolve the Surge in that case due to being part of the effect as @stimpaksam said. If the Treachery card had Surge and a When Revealed efects then i wouldn't resolve Surge because it wasn't part of the when revealed effect that was triggered by the Location mentioned in opening post
  8. It got to be a typo, like @stimpaksam said... Both cards say to attach to a dwar character. Doesn't make any sense attach to a ally and don't get any bonus. Oh and now the damage is for the defending character instead of the enemy as it was in the original one...
  9. If you don't mind to have the story spoiled (specially in later cycles, that are tied between them), you can do it... Don't remember a single scenario that couldn't be beaten without a specific Adventure Pack (at least until the Voice of Isengard cycle - haven't played the others yet, but still collecting them) Sagas Expansions (Hobbit and LotR) are different because they are built to be played as a campaign... CJMatos
  10. Not really... The Road Darkens is the second "chapter" of the Lord of the Rings Saga, which usually is best played as a campaign mode... And you only mention finding the 3rd one (Treason of Saruman)... I'd go Hobbit and Sands of Harad...
  11. I believe there isn't... Maybe @danpoage can make a search with that parameters.
  12. I'd say it is only the bolded: "When Revealed: (...)" effect... The card was revealed as a shadow card so the time to trigger Surge and Doomed never happened, nor does the shadow effect says to treat the card as if it was revealed from encounter deck.
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