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  1. CJMatos

    Hall of Beorn and Shadow Cards

    I believe there isn't... Maybe @danpoage can make a search with that parameters.
  2. CJMatos

    Flooding and "when revealed effect"

    I'd say it is only the bolded: "When Revealed: (...)" effect... The card was revealed as a shadow card so the time to trigger Surge and Doomed never happened, nor does the shadow effect says to treat the card as if it was revealed from encounter deck.
  3. CJMatos

    Where to buy in the UK???

    @Jamie of Gilead I'm from Portugal but used to purchase all my packs from Book Depository but as far as i could see in a quick search they don't have anything in stock and seems they stopped after 5th cycle (Lost Realm/Angmar Awakened). Still sometimes while searching for other products, i seem to find that they have some in stock. It's an UK based site and never had any problem with their orders. CJMatos
  4. Well found the player card's in Hall of Beorn
  5. Don't see those cards in CGDB... Can someone point me to them?
  6. CJMatos

    Returning Veteran

    Welcome back richsabre... Glad to see you back to LotR... Book Depository usually has some packs stored... Dunno how it is now, since i've lost track of my account there and had all in the wishlist...
  7. CJMatos

    Heroes and Deck Building for Saga Expansions

    @willbrooks1989 nothing in the rules from the LotR campaign says you can't use cards from the later Saga boxes in the first one, so i'd say to follow the general rule that you can use them. Although temtically using Gandalf in escaping from the Shire doesn't makes sense, but it is your play.