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  1. peterstepon said: I justify this by saying that increasing profits for FFG will increase GDP and help the economic recovery. I do the same thing. Holy crap, I am excited for this. I love Space Hulk; I love Deathwatch. Perfect blend.
  2. I am thinking that you would do this, like stated before me, like a called shot but I would also mention that I think the firer should not get the shooting at horde bonus as well.
  3. Yeah, your Jonson, Manus, and Konrad Curze are great. I personally don't resonate with the older actors all that much. I never thought of Christian Bale as Jonson but I think you are really onto something there.
  4. Ioan Gruffudd (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0344435/) = Corax, Brock Lesnar (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brock_Lesnar) = Horus.
  5. Rourke = Russ, Dolph Lundgren (Rocky era) = Rogal Dorn, Jean Claude Van Damme (early 90s) = Lion El'Jonson, Iain Glen = Roboutte Guilliman (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0322513/), Jason Mamoa (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0597388/) = Jaghatai Khan, Liam Cunningham (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0192377/) = Ferrus Manus
  6. Decessor, I do it that way, personally. I have an end game of how I would like to have the character "look" and I go about it that way. I guess, when I posted this question, I was mainly thinking of which is more powerful. I personally still have this question. I can see both sides of the coin: an Iron Hands Techmarine woul dbe very specialized, as you put it, but a Blood Angels Techmarine would be less tanky and more offensive. In a way, they balance out quite nicely in this occasion. In the game I currently GM with some close friends and relatives, everyone is pretty much a power gamer and we have a great time. We use a grid and miniatures and just love it. Each person was trying to make their character as powerful as possible. My brother plays a Blood Angel Assault Marine (Blood Angels have always been his favorite and they are just asking to be an assault marine), a friend plays a Dark Angels Devastator, there's a Raptors Tactical marine (sniping), and a Black Templar Techmarine (which is pretty much the only non-redundant player in the group). As far as GMing with power gamers, most of my work goes into making combat interesting and difficult. Also, a decent chunk of their exp comes from their roleplaying during the night.
  7. With Techmarines, I would go for durability. You should be one of the "tanks" of the party in that you can take tons of damage and tie up bad guys from attacking other people. I would either pick Iron Hands as a chapter (because they make a handful of your techmarine advances much cheaper, some of which benefit you in combat) or combat chapter like Blood Angels, Black Templar, Howling Griffons, Carcharodons, Storm Wardens, Space Wolves (using the Errata). Also, since you won't probably have extra shooting talents for bolters, I would grab a specialty weapon like a flamer, melta, or plasma; this will be a good compliment to what your party will most likely have (bolt weapons mostly). Also, get the Servo-Harness asap and the Omnissian axe. Those are awesome Techmarine items and totally worth getting when you can.
  8. Here has been a question of mine for a while… When you make a character, do you find it to be better to choose a chapter that is redundant with your specialty or complimentary? For example: Iron Hands Techmarine. The chapter and specialty clearly overlap in many areas. One might say that one of the benefits of choosing Iron Hands as a chapter for a different specialty is the benefits they get in having Tech-Use available and for cheap. Also, The Flesh is Weak is a really great talent to get and is relatively cheap for Iron Hands. Assault marines can really benefit from The Flesh is Weak. On the other hand, The Flesh is Weak is cheaper for Iron Hands than it is for the Techmarine so and Iron Hands Techmarine would be able to get many talents for cheaper and be able to spend more on other upgrades. For Iron Hands, The Flesh is Weak is 500 for levels 1, 2, and 3. That's much cheaper than the Techmarine specialty offers it and you cannot get that high in that talent until you are Rank 5. Techmarines have to spend 2,600xp and need to be Rank5 to have it that high and Iron Hands, Techmarine or not, can have it at Rank 1 for 1,500xp. So, which side do you fall upon?
  9. We have decided to use the squad and solo modes on pg. 32-33 in Rites of Battle for the codex chapters. We just pick from the lists.
  10. Being someone who likes to have each individual character power balanced (which I think DW needs a whole bunch of help in), I have a hard time with this question. Our game group has house rules for each of the chapters that were left behind power-wise. Yes, i know, I am supposed to play this game for the roleplaying factor like all the elite players, but we have found that there are chapters that people will just not play, and cool chapters with great back-story. Answering this question out of lore only, I am a big fan of Raven Guard, Raptors, and Carcharodons (find a theme there?), also Red Scorpions, . Overall, I like each of the chapters for their own reasons. There isn't one chapter I just do not like, though I have a sour taste in my mouth about how weak Space Wolves were until they Errataed them.
  11. Agreed. Either way, your idea fits perfectly. I'll go with it!
  12. I am confused about this. Do Codex Chapters (from Honour the Chapter) not have squad mode abilities? They get "The Eyes of Fate" as a solo mode ability but there aren't squad modes listed for them.
  13. Are the Librarians less overpowered that Wizards in D&D? Depends on the version of D&D. I am thinking of 4th ed which I found was quite balanced, power-wise. Yes, as consumers, we are pretty impatient. But that impatience is usually for expansion and supplement books and erratas AFTER the game is released. My point is, before we knew Deathwatch was a game being made, customer patient is much less of a problem.
  14. Dude, there are all sorts of typos in the Core rulebook, blatant overpowering of Librarians (Smite), and a whole truck full of issues that you cannot just "glaze over." I don't think you have the grounds to make the claim that I am in denial; I am not rationalizing anything for any particular motive. Even in the first weeks of gameplay of Deathwatch by our game group, we found massive glaring errors. We have played D&D for years and there were only a select few that came up. Most of these could be easily fixed with a new version of the Errata or house rules. True, the Errata has fixed many things and I do think there are a lot of great clarifications. But having a rule that says that the squad leader's squad mode abilities only affect those of his chapter makes me wonder how play tested this game is. I would venture to say that just about everyone who starts playing this game finds that ridiculous and house rules it right away. Like I said earlier, I do not think that these rules are game breaking (beside a few). But I do wonder if anyone has playtested certain things that come up.
  15. Dude, Tyranid Warriors, stock style with a Deathspitter and Scything Talons, are awesome. Throw 3 with a horde of gaunts at the marines and see how it goes. I send a few Warriors at my killteam with Scything Talons and Rending Claws. Rending Claws+Lightning Attack is nasty. Notice, if you remove the ranged weapon option, you gain lightning attack. The one downside is that they don't have Dodge (which I think is stupid).
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