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  1. evilmg

    Talisman - Digital Edition

    Yup, and can't wait for the Dungeon to appear
  2. evilmg

    Talisman - Digital Edition

    I've experienced 2 issues so far: 1. AI casted the Healing spell on himself although one of the players was already at the Crown of Command space, and the rule 'No More Lives' was in play. That was kind of pointless 'cause he couldn't gain any lives. 2. I gained the Unbeliever Achievement although I used Fate couple times during the game. However few games before that, I didn't use Fate at all and I didn't earn that Achievement.
  3. evilmg

    Talisman: Digital Edition Player List

    Steam name: Drazmierz
  4. evilmg

    Talisman The Nether Realm Expansion

    Great job, Jon!!! Congratulations and thank you for the lovely expansion! I was shocked when I saw the news after such a long time. Talisman lives thanks to people like you.
  5. evilmg

    New expansion announced!!!!!!!

    Finally! i thought we'll have to wait one year or sth, for another expansion. Yeeeeah!!!!!
  6. Exciting news indeed. Looks like there's gonna be a huge Crab Boss (cool!) and Orc Hero.
  7. evilmg

    Board Size

    We've never played on a table. Never. Since we were kids always floor. Good old times Summer holiday, 4-5 players, 3 characters for each player, and loooong Talisman sessions. 2nd edition.
  8. evilmg

    On to the next!

    0beron said: Rather than new boards that need to be placed on other surfaces, what about mini-boards that fit between City and Dungeon, or Highlands and "Forest"? They would not make the overall playing area wider. One might make a cool desert and one a "sea" perhaps? That would be quite a nasty surprise for the owners of the main board made by Black Industries (which is smaller than the FFG one). No chance to squeeze in new mini-boards. However I would love to see more boards in future expansions!
  9. evilmg

    Additional Dice

    I would buy a new set as well. Maybe even a fancy looking Overlord set of dice will be available in the future.
  10. evilmg

    On to the next!

    Forest expansion with all the swamps, sacred spots, glades etc. sounds very climatic. Here's my vision: The further we go into the forest, the difficulty level goes up. First spaces are quite easy - draw x cards. Then we start to get spaces similar to Runes Space in the middle region of the main board (enemy's get modifiers +1/+5). Of course at the end player has the chance to fight powerful boss, and the reward is a magic item which protects the owner from the Command Spell (limited to x spells only). OK, but wha't next? After 4 corner expansions are there gonna be any more big ones with boards?
  11. evilmg

    Talisman The City Expansion

    Finally! I think it's gonna be the best expansion so far. I'm really curious what's next.
  12. evilmg

    Monsters you want to see in Talisman?

    Nemomon said: 0beron said: Deranged human killers, that, not really monsters, immoral slashing Jack the Ripper types (for the City, of course). Ditto. I would want to see some well known characters from the other media, like books, movies, fairy tales or folklore. Blood Moon brought us Mina Harker, Headless Horseman, Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, The Phantom of the Opera, Red Riding Hood, Frankenstein's Monster and more. I think these cards can bring a smile to players who already know their origins. For others they will be just yet another cards. C'mon , who doesn't know Red Riding Hood or Frankenstein's Monster these days? As a horror fan, I would love to see more creatures from my favourite movie genre. And there's plenty of them.
  13. evilmg

    MLC's: Thumbs up or Thumbs down?

    Thumbs down. I prefer to play one character only, from the beginning till the end. Plus, Ghoul who becomes the King's Champion? It's totally crazy
  14. Personally I would love to see more monsters. Here's my small list (human and non-human): Nun (!!!) Cannibal Demon Worshipper Cyclop Leshy (aka Lesovik) Serial Killer (or Psychopath) Satyr Undead Templar Scarecrow Beast Tamer Viking
  15. evilmg

    Next Talisman Expansion Predictions

    It would be nice to add an expansion where players could spend their gold. I think City could be next, with all sort of potions, magic weapons, other cool items and chances to change proffesion (good old days)