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  1. 2 questions about this ability. First, it states it's action type is passive. Does this mean you could choose to not maintain it and just cast it whenever you are hit or does it mean it is a passive action to use your shield once you are already maintaining it? Second, I understand that these shields bleed off 5lp per turn until they reach the state that your natural potential can maintain. It isn't clear on the secondary aspect to this shield when cast at high level though. What happens to the damage barrier and blocks energy aspect of the shield when it is cast at a level of 280 but can only be maintained at 180?
  2. Where is this rule about not being able to recover ki while maintaining a ability? The concept of the character is a martial artist who is freakishly strong and fast. With the unification of ki points rule being used and Ki Recovery 3 advantage I would be getting 1 ki every 2 turns. Superior characteristic augmentation maintenance is 1 ki every 10 turns so I had planning on boosting my dexterity, str, and agi all by 4 and maintaining them permanently. That rule would pretty much break the character concept i had planned.
  3. If I am using superior characteristic augmentation to boost my agility, therefor giving me a higher dodge score due to the modifier, can I use this modified value towards a martial art or ars magnus that has a dodge requirement or are the requirements purely your base values without anything else considered besides innate bonuses?
  4. Ehhhh... no. Natural Spell is great for getting rid of the casting cost, but it doesn't change the maintenance costs. Even if we did run with a rule change that zeroed maintenance costs, it's really not much better than just using Create Being instead of Monstrosity, especially since you could just use Natural Spell + Create Being instead. So... no. The reason I think this is becuase Natural Spell states " In this way, the spellcaster can perform one of these spells innately per turn." Then under the Innate Magic section on page 111 it states "If the Innate spell has maintenance, the spell caster will be able to keep it active without spending magic points". If natural magic doesn't intend to make the spell use innate magic rules it's easy to see why one could get confused when it uses the word innate in its description.
  5. Free access lvl 80-90 spell Natural Spell + Create Monstrosity. Wouldn't this just get rid of the cost issues and give your monstrosity plenty of time to regen his zeon thus creating a regenerating mana battery for the caster.
  6. I'll admit to not knowing as much about Medicine as I should, but I've even tied a tourniquet in 3 seconds before. Perhaps not the most professional one, and perhaps not around a thigh but, in the end, it's just tying something tight. Also, to be fair, Bleeding Out in Anima can take hours. You only lose 1 LP per minute until someone makes an Easy Medicine check, and you only bleed until 0 LP, at which point it's Between Life and Death rules instead. Even at 3 turns, you'd have 7 tries before someone would lose 1 LP. It's simply never going to be as scary as it is in real life. CPR seems fine for 1-5 minutes. Can't believe I forgot that one. ^-^; And... I honestly don't know if the Anima world would have the other thing. It sounds like a complex medical procedure (or at least one we only discovered fairly recently), so... I dunno. Do you have anything on the history of that particular procedure? It sounds good, I just don't know. I think these types of injuries would have actually been more abundant in ancient warfare. The symptoms of tension pnuemothorax are pretty recognizable; extreme difficulty breathing, unilateral rise and fall of chest, trachial shift, blue lips ( lack of oxygen ). I tried to google around and find what you are looking for and found this (link below). Honestly what we do now a days isn't terrible different, just sterilized plastic tools and modern scalpals replacing their tools. On tourniquets, for a arterial bleed you would need something to crank. Here's the one i've had the pleasure of applying to myself and had a buddy crank it down on me. http://combattourniquet.com/. Took about 30 seconds in total for him to get to the point where he could no physically crank on it anymore. Granted you don't always have to go that tight, if you stop the bleeding you stop the bleeding. I wonder what kind of bleeding out Anima is referring to. Bleeding out from a normal wound is much different than a arterial bleed. It would be really cool with the more in depth medicine rules you propose if they differentiated to give more options to the GM to make wounds more horrific. http://www.ctsnet.org/article/history-thoracic-drainage-ancient-greeks-wound-sucking-drummers-digital-monitoring "First, cut the skin between the ribs with a bellied scalpel; then wrap a lancet with a piece of cloth, leaving the point of the blade exposed a length equal to the nail of your thumb, and insert it. When you have removed as much pus as you think appropriate, plug the wound with a tent of raw linen, and tie it with a cord; draw off pus once a day; on the tenth day, draw all of the pus, and plug the wound with linen. Then make an infusion of warm wine and oil with a tube, in order that the lung, accustomed to being soaked in pus, will not be suddenly dried out. When the pus is thin like water, sticky when touched with a finger, and small in amount, insert a hollow tin drainage tube. When the cavity is completely dried out, cut off the tube little by little, and let the ulcer unite before you remove the tube"
  7. Things that could take 1-5 minutes: CPR can take as long as it takes so it would fit into either of these. Assessing and then performing a needle decompression for a tension pneumothorax (air in chest cavity, could require multiple decompressions over a period of time as the cavity continues to fill with air). Typically a tourniquet takes longer than 3 but for sure less than 30 seconds. I'd probably shift that into the 3 turn area to make arterial bleeds as scary as they actually are (i.e. you have 3 turns to apply the tourniquet and the character will bleed out in 5 turns).
  8. It did help thanks TyrHawk. Are there any poorly translated sentences with the free access spell levitation sphere? If it is being maintained does that 80 foot radius just follow the caster around or would he have to recast it?
  9. When using the Lie spell from the illusion path, does the mage have to recast the spell for each lie he wishes the audience to believe or does he just cast it once and maintain it and have the ability to lie multiple times under the same spell? In other words can one maintained version of the spell cover as many lies as he wants or must he recast the spell in order to submit a new lie to the audience? Likewise if the mage maintains the homunculus spell from creation does he maintain the specific number homunculus he made at the time of the cast or is he maintaining the ability to freely create those homunculus up to the number the spell allows anytime he wants? For example if he creates 4 homunculus and then 1 gets destroyed and he wants to recreate that 4th again, does he have to recast the spell or can he just create it whenever due to maintaining the spell?
  10. In the case of a summoner invoking the high priestess shield, role would he defer to for his defense?
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