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  1. It doesn't make any difference, if he changes his form of government from anarchy or any other form, or have I forgot something important in the rules? He can changes his form of government regular and the question is whether he can changes the form of government before he founds the city or not.
  2. If I remember correctly, the turns are played player by player (at first the start player, then his left neighbour and so on). So my guess is, that you make your actions and the other player plays his culture card or what else in his turn.
  3. Hi, I have a question: can I change the form of government and then build a new city? The order in the rule book implied, that the order is first, build the city and then change the form of government. The reason why I ask is, that in one of the last played games we have the situation, that one player wants to found a city with his army figure, but before he can do that, he has to change his form of government into Republic (researched in the round before).
  4. Fnoffen said: As I understand it, FFG was forced to exchange chairman Mao for another leader due to a chinese law that prohibits any negative portrayal of Mao. This would apparently include even the potential of loosing this board game with him. I believe, however, that this only affected the copies of the game to be distributed to China/Asia. In the german version Mao is also replaced by Wu Zetian.
  5. RoyalRook said: Thanks a million in advance: 1. Can a scout figure explore an undiscovered tiles? 2. Can the figure move the reminder of the movement points after spending 1 square movement for exploring the undiscovered tiles? 3. Can I withdraw a great person from the map without replacing it with a wonder, building, or another great person? 4. Can scouts perform "gathering" on a great person, building, or wonder tile? 5. Can culture card ability influences tiles across undiscovered titles? For example, if there are two undiscovered tiles separate the two players, could one play use a culture card ability on the outskirts of the other player's capital city. 1. Yes. 2. Yes. 3. I don't know. 4. Yes. 5. I couldn't find any rule, which conflicts with that.
  6. After our first game, I have some questions to the gameplay: 1. Can I change in the first phase (Beginning of the Round) my form of government before I found a city or is the order fix? 2. Can I dissolve some of my units?
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