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  1. I had a really hard time to find a proper introduction scenario. One player from my previous group joined our new group so I could not run An eye for an eye again. Ultimately I've found a D&D adventure converted to WFR 2nd Ed. I chose it because it forced me a bit to think on my feet and I've rewritten 70% of it. It was great to see "my own adventure" come to life. My players enjoyed it, but due to lack of GM knowledge they did not find out a lot of the motives of the villain. My group is really interesting: I've got a brutal Sigmar initiate and a really nice Celestial guy. There is a lot of opportunity to "direct"them with omens, celestial calculations and magical sight. Many opportunities arise to lure the wizard to foul Choas pracitices. My mercenary player really hates any oppressing person and employs harsh tactics to send out a message and motivate certain people to speak. A dove was sent to the apprentice with a request from his order to investigate Ogasse. Actually it was a scheming of a fellow Celestial initiate who forged the document to bargain his life and expand his knowlegde in exchange for another "coloured fiend" to take his place at the ritual. The party did some investigation and learned a few facts. The Sigmar initiatie gained a flock of believers who were hard to ditch when the need arose to investigate further. They gained intelligence about the bird's shop attic and tranformations in the Dove of Love. When the opportunity arose Yuri, the "Celestial" apprentice and some hoodlums tried to abduct the apprentice. With some really good use of certain action cards the apprentice escaped the net he was in and was being dragged away. I've only used the time tracker to confuse my players: it really didn't do anything. At certain intervals I've described how many times the clock tower bellowed. After the abduction attempt I have kept things moving: the adventure morphed from investigation into a race against time. When the party was stuck I had a cowardly rat catcher NPC provide them a bit of information and after an exchange of brass coins and Fel checks he was convinced to lead them to an entrance pipe of the sewer. Now they are fighting an abundance of cultists ("Oh that person is a cultist too?!" The priest had motivated his flock very succesfully to donate small gifts to the mutant and beggar Leo Duer). The intiatie priest and player really (dis)likes beastmen. I was thinking of implimenting beastmen attracted to the surroundings of the village due to the foul magic energies of the ritual. I will give the party the opportunity to some down time after they roll up the ritual. The plan is not to create a whole lot of Choas with beastmen rushing in when the ritual is taking place (=> not the same situation as An eye for an eye ). The beastmen know it would be hard to rush the village in an uncoordinated attack. Any tips how to make this work? Ogasse is a "small" town in my games. It is a labyrinth of streets, houses, corridors... with only Shallyan priests and it had a representative of every magical Order. The party still doesn't understand how the bodies of the deceased are properly buried without a priest of Morr. The city is run by the "local" and minority of official authority and as everyone in town they are working together to create better odds in this miserable town.. As you can see I use prewritten adventures, because I know there would still be be many gaps when I write my own adventures. I do rewrite a lot of stuff in and out of sessions. I force myself to create situations where I have to improvise: that's my way of subtly coming out of the comfort zone. I am not comfortable enough to create a whole siege scenario of beastmen attacking Ogasse. It doesn't make a lot of sense in my head either. Beastmen are not stupid and would know it would take a temporary coordinated attack. I think the best idea is to let the scattered beastmen (they don't feel the abbundance of magical energies by the ritual anymore) harras the players when they are travelling. Any tips or other ideas how to do that? I don't really like random encounters. It would be very helpful if you could direct me to any adventure where I could convert enemy X into beastmen or approproiate beastmen adventures in this situations. I have read the Eye of Sigmar, The Green Man and Stop The Rot, because those adventures have beastmen as adversaries.
  2. Thanks! I've got a player who's very into Beastmen and his PC's background is a testimony to that. The party will face these creatures when they got a few more adventures under their sleeves.
  3. Thanks for sharing this very useful, unofficial supplement to the game!
  4. Dorianvd

    Worth getting?

    Thank you! That reply really adressed my concerns about the original game. Now I can purchase the revised rules with a clear mind and start again from there.
  5. Dorianvd

    Worth getting?

    Thank you for your response, butI'm afraid my answer is still not answered. Are the one hit wonders gone in the equipment? = > I thought it was really ridiculous that for example the heavy gunner would kill someone rolling a 10 if the opponent didn't roll a 10 as well. There were other characters as well that could equip this ridiculous overpowered equipment. I have almost no abstract games in my game collection, so I'm not bothered by the luck and randomness of dice: I like rolling dice. I just don't like overpowered abilities that ruin the fun for everyone and are no brainers that ruin the gameplay for me.
  6. Dorianvd

    Worth getting?

    Three months later still no response... It's my most important issue with the game and I haven't found an answer to it yet. This topic already dead?
  7. Dorianvd

    Worth getting?

    Hi I was just wondering: has the revised edition fixed the lucky roll termination? I have played this game twice and while this was several years ago I seem to recall some broken things. The greatest reason to not like this game is represented by this example: character rolls a natural 10, special rule with that weapon kicks in, if the defender does not make a certain roll this results in his/her/it's death. That's just broken, makes strategies redundant and depends on random luck. I cannot read the reference card sheet put on by that one poster. They are too blurry to read when I zoom in. Thanks Dorian
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