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  1. Just finished our third game of IA. Diala has two abilities (at least the way we are playing them) that are driving me nuts. 1. Force Throw without LoS Can she really force throw Darth Vader without having LoS on him? Seriously? 2. Battle Meditation Full damage wipe on rest + focusing either self or ally? That's pretty OP I'd love the community's wisdom on both. Thanks.
  2. So please help me here. Let's say you have a dice pool of 3 Ability (green) 1 proficiency (yellow) 2 Difficulty (purple) and the successes and failures cancel out or you get blanks with net Advantage/Threat. Do blanks and net 0 (equal successes and failures) count as failures with the Advantage/Threat weighing either way in the narrative? Example #1: 2 Successes 2 Failures 1 Advantage Example #2: Blank Success Blank Failure 1 Advantage Thanks.
  3. You guys are a good humored lot…make this forum fun. Yeah no more betting for me…that nickel was for the kids college fund. Off to buy some plastic soldiers!
  4. You guys are a good humored lot…make this forum fun. Yeah no more betting for me…that nickel was for the kids college fund. Off to buy some plastic soldiers!
  5. Sweet thanks…Zack seems like a cool dude. Let us know what we can do to help! Yes, I'm becoming a fanboi…new for me the Ever-cynic.
  6. …does anyone know who the "voice" of Dust Warfare will be? I know we'll prolly find out at Gen Con, but I'm curious to see how the company gets behind the community with communication. Alot of good momentum in the community with Dust-War and UnitForward. There's also some podcasting rumbling out there.
  7. Hahahaha! I'm really hoping that FFG does some direct community communication soon. The release notices are nice, but I'd like to see some real Privateer Press type goodness.
  8. So, I can't find the post where I lost my bet. The new supplement shows the IS5 on the cover and specifically notes the Winter Child rules will be in the book…I lse so I need to send that shiny nickel!
  9. All I can say is, "Gen Con is coming." My guess is that FFG is behind the curve on DW as a result of the high sales volume. When DW launched at Adepticon the word was that the game would be getting quarterly updates. The first big one was to be the SSU book which I think will have the stats you seek in it…maybe as I remember an interview saying just that. From MArch 30th on out the quarterly release schedule would give new units with new stats. So…the DW rules came out in March 30th, the SSU missed the 2nd quarter release for June 30th and now we are getting the SSU book mid 3rd Quarter (July 30th at the latest.) So I would expect and optimistically hope for September 30th (3rd quarter supplement) catch up for SSU, Allies and Axis (Hades maybe) and then a 4th Q teaser for the fourth faction. Yeah that's all a massive wish list, but…for me this makes sense of the quarterly release schedule detailed by Mack Martin before departure. (I also think the end of Tannhauser is great news for DW. I hope FFG will focus and get some good work on stabilizing releases and communication about those releases. THey still have a lot of good will from the community, and I'd love to see them capitalize on that with some good community rep type feedback and communication.) /endramble
  10. OldHat, Very, very cool. So glad you managed to get the STuG in! Thanks for taking on a really cool piece of work. -Yakmandoo
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