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  1. Noticed that they're currently re-printing the base game box of Descent 2nd ed since it's out of stock right now, doubt they would go for a reprint if they intended to go for 3rd edition anytime soon. Still would be nice to know what's next though lol, i'd be happy even with a new app campaign! Selling it around the price of the Delve would sure be an instant hit.
  2. So I just got back into the game (had stopped just before the app was released I think), and bought everything to get the app to 100%. But usually there's always a product or two that's already announced that will be released in the future, but I can't find anything. Anybody got any info on this?
  3. You'll get used to it fast don't worry Right now I'm busy painting models from another game but I'm sure I'll be back on Descent in a month or 2.
  4. Going to stop painting Descent stuff for a few weeks, got the sudden urge to play another game lol. I'll be back soon with more photos
  5. I link them through my facebook page, this is the link to the descent album - https://www.facebook.com/christian.grech.771/media_set?set=a.10151869199111610.1073741840.711026609&type=3 don't know if you'll be able to see them or not like that.
  6. I only manage to paint so much and still have time for a quest or 2 every day because I'm unable to work anymore due to health problems. When I used to work (not too long ago,about 2 years now I think) I thought in the same way you did, if I'm painting I don't have time to play, so unpainted models kept piling up lol. In a way I'm glad I didn't paint them then as now I have something to pass the time with, and with around 1900 unpainted models that's going to fill my time for a looooooooong time lol.
  7. Thanks Don't worry about the skill part if you find time, just jump in and you'll get better as you paint. As I've said before I don't consider my paint jobs as pro jobs or anything like that but I know I have improved A LOT from when I first started. I occasionally find a model from the ones I painted in the beginning and I just laugh at how bad they were BUT at the time I was personally happy with them and it was enough to make the game more enjoyable for me and continue painting. You never really know how good you are at painting until you try anyways, my ex's first model was fantastic compared to mine for example! I'm working on Shiver and Trenloe the Strong now, liking how Shiver is turning out
  8. Thanks a lot guys managed to get them with a reasonable shipping price. Was planning to try out the first co-op adventure soon and really didn't want to shuffle the cards without sleeves.
  9. I've been having some trouble in find the orange tag fantasy flight sleeves (the tarot card size). They're out of stock from FFG's store, and the usual stores I buy them from are out of stock as well. Tried ebay, but the only 2 people that have them want to charge me $45 shipping for just 2 packets!!! (I live in Europe and the seller is from America). Anybody knows of an online store that has them in stock and ships to Europe? I just need 2 packs since they'll be enough for 5 Co-op expansions (and there's only 3 for now anyways). Thanks.
  10. That's how I started too, just bought a few colours and then kept adding as needed. The box I mentioned I got because I'm now at a point where I know I'm going to be using most of it since I have around 1900 unpainted models.....sigh
  11. The exact wording is : If the heroes have a number of objective tokens in their play area equal to 3 more than the number of heroes, they win. Same exact condition for the overlord.
  12. No Idea to be honest, Descent is only a very small part of my mini collection so don't think I used alot of paint. I mean I obviously used a wide range of colours, but if you had to take all the paint used and put it in bottles you'ed only have a few full bottles for the Descent models painted so far. I had bought the large box with all the new Games Workshop paints (around 150 different colours i think) and haven't needed to replace any colour while painting these.
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