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  1. As an inquisitor, he has access to the inquisitor talents that lets him spend fortune points to reduce insanity and corruption to zero. So in essence, he wouldn't go crazy or suffer any repercussions. I told him that if he negates the insanity or other ailments gained, he's not accepting the item on full and thus would not get the bonuses. I mean the halo device changes his genetic makeup as he physically changes throughout the stages. He reluctantly agreed, but I didn't want to be unfair. Wouldn't he still get the described side effects such as vivid nightmares, hallucinations, etc.? He just said he was just so badass as a character to deal with all of that easily, but this isn't some simple tool he's using. This is a halo device. Very ancient tech that no one understands as the knowledge was lost. Any thoughts on this? Mind you I know I am using old Dark Heresy rules for the Halo Device since I don't have a reference for current edition.
  2. I have been talking with my friends and they have become interested in having a pre heresy campaign. However, there are no exactly rules for the chapters that had turned heretic. I know there was a fanmade one online, but I cannot seem to find it. It encompasses all the various chapters and their squad mode abilities. Does anyone have suggestions/links?
  3. Well we have come up with a ranking system that takes from the Rogue Trader (rogue trader) career and adapts it to Dark Heresy format. Please provide criticisms as this is still being edited. Rank 1: Awareness - 100 Climb - 100 Pilot (Flyer) - 200 Literacy - 100 Drive (Ground Vehicle) - 100 Basic Pistol (Universal) - 500 Melee Weapon (Universal) - 500 Resistance (Cold) - 100 Sound Constitution (x2) - 100 Dodge - 100 Sprint - 100 Gamble - 100 Rank 2: Ambidextrous - 200 Common Lore (Imperial Navy) Charm - 100 Quick Draw - 100 Navigation - 100 Logic - 200 Peer (Navy) - 200 Trade (Shipwright) - 100 Inquiry - 100 Sound Constitution - 200 Evaluate - 100 Performer (Choose One) - 100 Rank 3: Commerce - 100 Common Lore (Imperial Navy)+10 - 100 Intimidate - 100 Deceive - 100 Leap Up - 100 Blather - 100 Command - 100 Charm+10 - 100 Scholastic Lore (Astromancy) - 100 Deceive+10 - 100 Navigation (Stellar) - 200 Speak Language (High Gothic) - 100 Pilot (Spacecraft) - 100 Rank 4: Scrutiny - 100 Decadence - 200 Evaluate+10 - 100 Scholastic Lore (Heraldry) - 100 Commerce+10 - 100 Common Lore (Rogue Trader) - 200 Secret Tongue (underdeck) - 100 Security - 100 Dark Soul - 300 Sleight of Hand - 100 Two Weapon Wielder (Melee) - 200 Awareness+10 - 100 Two-Weapon Wielder (Ballistic) - 200 Light Sleeper - 100 Barter - 100 Carouse - 100 Dodge +10 Rank 5: Trade (Choose One) - 100 Swift Attack - 200 Common Lore (Rogue Trader)+10 - 100 Tech-Use - 200 Counter Attack - 100 Driver (Skimmer) - 100 Cipher (Naval) - 200 Disarm - 100 Sure Strike - 100 Scholastic Lore (Imperial)+10 - 100 Barter+10 - 100 Step Aside - 200 Cipher (Ship) - 200 Trade (Void Farer) - 200 Air of Authority - 200
  4. I have a player who wants to be a Rogue Trader for our next Dark Heresy campaign. I had no problems since I would just give other players bonus 5,000xp so that they can match Rogue Trader abilities, but it is still not balanced. Part of this has to do with the skill/talent access DH have over RT. He finally realized the change in balance in characters, but is wanting to modify the RT career path so it fits. I am against this considering Universal Weapon training etc. What do you recommend?
  5. then what would you say about the +5 to stats only applying to rogue trader… would it give some balance for not having specialized skills?
  6. well it is only one character that wants a career in rogue trader while the rest would play dark heresy. so would you advise that i shouldn't combine them?
  7. Hey everyone, I am having trouble as to going about combining the DH with RT for my new campaign. I know about the 5000 bonus exp, but there is debate as to whether they receive the bonus +5% to all stats as well. It seemed to make sense considering RT get universal weapon training, but it is still 5000xp… Thoughts? What would I do should they pay for additional advancements? RT will still have cheaper stat costs in earlier stages.
  8. Should I reduce the weapon's range if it's a close quarters assault weapon?
  9. Obviously, it has been a huge debate about the storm bolter and how overpowered it can be in DW. I am in a worst case situation where one of my players is an infamous power gamer who relishes in using his storm bolter. I am a pretty lenient GM, but I am beginning to notice everything becomes relatively once that player fires full auto into an enemy. Part of this has to do with the level of hits he gets during horde. It has even gotten to the point where he can deal as much damage as a heavy bolter. What sort of rules can I implement to sort of balance it out? Even my heavy bolter character is getting a little pissed.
  10. I am having trouble determining what to the extent can my players use Imperial Navy Assets. For starters, we simply assumed that request of Orbital Surveillance allows it to be used multiple times throughout the mission. Is that correct? Or is it simply a one time use for the amount of requisition points it costs?
  11. Whoops… I derped. I really appreciate you doing this. Gives me an idea where Primarchs stand and helps me determine skills and talents. The Emperor Protects
  12. N0-1_H3r3 said: Because I've got a few minutes free… Primarch Baseline (Master) WS 80 BS 80 S 85 (20) - includes armour T 65 (18) Ag 70 (14) Int 70 (14) Per 70 (14) WP 70 (14) Fel 70 (14) Move: 8/16/24/48 Wounds: 200 Skills: Acrobatics (Ag), Awareness (Per) +20, Carouse (T) +10, Charm (Fel) +10, Chem-Use (Int), Ciphers (Legion Runes, Imperial Codes) (Int) +20, Climb (S) +20, Command (Fel) +20, Concealment (Ag), Deceive (Fel) +10, Demolition (Int) +20, Dodge (Ag) +10, Drive (all) +10, Evaluate (Int) +20, Inquiry (Fel) +10, Interrogation (WP) +10, Intimidate (S) +20, Literacy (Int) +20, Logic (Int) +10, Lore: Common (Legiones Astartes, Mechanicum, Imperial Army, Tech, War, Imperium) (Int) +20, Lore: Forbidden (Legiones Astartes, Psykers, Xenos) (Int) +20, Lore: Scholastic (Archaic, Astromancy, Beasts, Cryptology, Heraldry, Judgement, Legend, Philosophy, Legion Doctrine) (Int) +20, Medicae (Int), Navigation (Surface, Stellar) (Int) +20, Pilot (all) (Ag) +20, Psyniscience (Per), Scrutiny (Per) +20, Search (Per) +20, Shadowing (Ag), Silent Move (Ag), Sleight of Hand (Ag), Speak Language (Homeworld, High Gothic, Low Gothic) (Int) +20, Survival (Int) +20, Swim (S) +20, Tactics (All) (Int) +20, Tech-Use (Int) +10, Tracking (Int) +10 Talents: Air of Authority, Ambidextrous, Astartes Weapon Training, Bastion of Iron Will, Blademaster, Blind Fighting, Bolter Drill, Bulging Biceps, Call to Vengeance, Combat Formation, Combat Master, Crack Shot, Crippling Strike, Crushing Blow, Deadeye Shot, Die Hard, Duty Unto Death, Exemplar of Honour, Good Reputation (Imperium), Hammer Blow, Hardy, Heightened Senses (all), Hip Shooting, Hunter of Aliens, Into the Jaws of Hell, Iron Discipline, Iron Jaw, Killing Strike, Lightning Attack, Lightning Reflexes, Marksman, Master Orator, Mighty Shot, Peer (Imperium), Polyglot, Precise Blow, Preternatural Speed, Psy Rating 6, Quick Draw, Rapid Reaction, Rapid Reload, Resistance (Cold, Heat, Poison, Psychic Powers), Sharpshooter, Sprint, Step Aside, Storm of Iron, Strong Minded, Sure Strike, Swift Attack, Takedown, Talented (Command, Tactics [All]), Target Selection, Thunder Charge, Total Recall, True Grit, Two Weapon Wielder (Ballistic, Melee), Unarmed Master, Unarmed Warrior, Unbowed and Unbroken, Wall of Steel, Whirlwind of Death, Wisdom of the Ancients, Traits: Auto-Stabilised, Dark Sight, Fear (2), From Beyond, Regeneration (20), Size (Hulking), Sturdy, The Stuff of Nightmares, Touched by the Fates (20), Unnatural Agility (x2), Unnatural Fellowship (x2), Unnatural Intelligence (x2), Unnatural Perception (x2), Unnatural Strength (x3), Unnatural Toughness (x3), Unnatural Willpower (x2) Special: The Emperor's Sons: The Primarchs are the Emperor's finest creation, the beings from whom the Legiones Astartes sprang, and each Primarch is to his sons as they are to mortals. A Primarch may employ relevant Squad and Solo Mode abilities (based on his Legion, etc), as if he were a Battle-Brother of Rank 10. In any army led by a Primarch, all Space Marines of his blood add +5 to their squad's starting Cohesion. Armour: Master-Crafted Artificer Armour (All 13; +20 Strength. Armour History varies by Primarch) Psychic Powers: Varies by Primarch - some have many, others all but ignore their innate psychic power. Weapons: Varies - every Primarch possessed countless dozens of different and unique weapons, all of them crafted to the highest standard either by their own hands, that of a brother, or by the finest artificers of the Mechanicum. Two fairly generic examples are presented here: Primarch Bolter (120m; S/4/-; 1d10+16 X; Pen 6; Clip 28; Rld Full; Accurate, Devastating (1), Tearing, Never Jams), Primarch's Sword (2d10+29 E; Pen 9; Balanced, Felling (2), Devastating (2), Power Field, Razor Sharp) Individual Primarchs would further modify stats, skills, talents, powers and equipment and will probably have an additional special rule or two each as well. I would maybe change the strength and toughness bonus to x3 considering that they can kill Greater Demons. I imagine they would be just as strong/tough
  13. To be specific, I am not having my characters fight a Primarch nor would I encourage it in any way. Part of the Primarch's purpose is to guide the Kill Team through an important mission regarding the End Times (a sort of potential prophecy). The Lost Primarch will not reveal much about themselves, but will make it known that they are wanting to preserve mankind at any cost. I am still in the process of writing it, so some ideas have been tossed around. Eventually, I want the Kill Team to fight something like a Greater Demon. However, I will wait until they have achieved higher rank/experience.
  14. Later on throughout the game, I am having them face something ridiculously badass (like a Greater Demon or Avatar of Khaine). I just wanted some guideline. I just used a Greater Demon Statline for a Bloodthirster and ensured 50% more wounds, 2d10 to each stat etc. Does that sound fair?
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