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  1. Looks great!!! Is there a custom plug-in/character sheet/roller (I forget what Roll20 calls it) for Genesys? Like we have for Star Wars?
  2. OH.... dude... you just have to get Complete Pews. There's some awesome Pew-based Prestige Classes, too. And a highly imbalanced Pew-based race. Some people prefer Unearthed Pews, but I've found it over-complicates the game. ;-)
  3. Absolutely. GamerNationCON 5 And the Order of the Gamers is April 5-8, 2018 in Plano, Texas! The theme of this year's con is: "Magic!"
  4. Any TTF or OTF fonts? Windows doesn't seem to recognize the woff or eot...
  5. Aww, shucks. Thank you. And yeah - if anyone wants it (in it's "semi-complete" form), email me. GMChris@d20radio.com
  6. GamerNationCON gets a SHOUT OUT!! And GM Phil deserves kudos for his hard work on the Fallout hack that literally inspired all of this.
  7. You know, you SAY that, but it's not just a session - it's the best gaming convention in the world! It's small, heavily focused on FFG's Narrative system, and you get free "XP" for every hour you play; which lets you bid for SWAG (games, books, etc.) on the last day in a big 'ole auction! We have a huge overseas contingent every year, and it's growing. Norwegians, Brits, Germans, and Australians all make their way over! And aside from the plane ticket, it's the cheapest Con you'll ever go to. Dallas is an inexpensive city, our Convention block hotel is less than $90 per night, and you can rent a car for $35 a day (assuming you can't just organize rides with locals, as many of our travelling attendees do). Man... I'm really selling this hard. LOLOL... Come to GamerNationCON! We'll treat you right!
  8. Aww shucks. We're glad you enjoy it. So - it's not a secret (we've announced it on the show) that d20Radio WILL be having a GeneSys focused podcast. (Probably, eventually, more than one.) While Order 66 will continue to focus on Star Wars, the hosts will be working closely with the new show, which is called "The Dice Pool". ("Water's great... jump on in!") It will be helmed by d20Radio veteran writers and contributors; specifically, our own Aussie-with-the-mostie, GM Hooly.
  9. Dude. Come to GamerNationCON 5 in April, and you can play it in person!!!
  10. Alright, guys! Thank you for all your questions! At this point, we're (metaphorically) locking this thread, so we can compile our questions. AND - an update! This was announced on the show, but since no one ever listens to the Order 66 Podcast, it's worth saying here that the episode will be delayed by 24 hours. Due to the committments of our guests, the episode will live broadcast and record on Monday, Nov. 21. That's right - the show will be Monday night at 8:00pm CST. So be sure to tune in then, for live chat with our guests and hosts! http://www.ustream.tv/channel/d20radio See you all then!
  11. Well - this episode is a wrap! And it's UP! Thank you all for your questions and contributions. Both Tim Huckelbery and Jason Marker were able to join us for nearly two and a half HOURS of Savage Spirits discussion! We also jawed for a good half hour in post-show about the reveals from Celebration: Europe and SDCC. Really fun show! Big thanks (again) to Huck and Jason, both, for giving their time for all of us! You can listen to Episode 80 ("An Interview With Savages") right now in iTunes, or directly from our podcast feed. (Direct Download link for the episode here.)
  12. I'm sorry we couldn't get to this, man. I'd already submitted Questions and Show Notes to FFG. I'll see what I can't do about getting this answered...
  13. All right, folks! Cutting this thread off, now. Thank you all so much for your questions! I'm pretty sure we can get to all of them - and I can't wait for this show! Please be sure to join us for the live simulcast, where you can also chat with FFGs Tim Huckelbery, Jason Marker, and Max Brooke (along with us) LIVE! The fun starts this Sunday (July 24) at 8:00pm CST. http://www.ustream.tv/channel/d20radio Hope to see you all then!
  14. This is really great stuff - and I can't wait! You know d20Radio will be happy to help host it, once one (or both) are complete. Let us know what we can do to help!
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