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  1. Every move and list I make in X-wing is calculated... but given my flight record, I am really bad at Math...
  2. The Senator's Shuttle you get with the original core set... http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/CSS-1_Corellian_Star_Shuttle
  3. Hush

    Printing HOTAC

    Funny you should mention printing it all, I just did it this past weekend. These are the rates at my local Fedex/Kinkos: 0.30 - 1 black and white page 0.59 - Color page What I printed and how so, as well as reasoning: Rulebook (80 pages) in black and white, front and back - 10.40 Front deck (10 pages) in color, single page each - 5.90 Stat Cards (pages 1-5) in color, single page each - 2.95 (I decided not to print the character stat cards. I will probably be using index cards to keep record of pilots.) Terrain (15 pages) in color, single page each - 8.85 Back deck - Did not print. I instead backed the front deck on cardstock. All of them were printed on 8.5'x11' paper. Everything, with tax included (Hawaii if you need to know), came out 29.42. To help with things staying in place, I backed all the terrain pieces with adhesive foam sheets like seen here: http://www.walmart.com/ip/Peel-Stick-Foam-Sheets-8.8-X11.8-6-Pkg-Basic-Colors/32884466 They were like 2.85ish for a pack of 6 foam sheets at Walmart. Backing the 15 pages of terrain, I bought 3. Peel the side off, stick the printed terrain on it, and cut it out with a mix of an exacto knife and scissors. Took me a few hours as I watched a movie. So there you have it, basically everything for less than 40 bucks. I placed the mission cards in card sleeves backed by MTG advertisement cards. The pilot cards I backed with cardstock. The maneuvers I did not cut out and placed them with a sheet protectors in a folder. The rules I put in a 3 ring binder.
  4. Wave 1. I remember seeing a preview of them somewhere and thought. "Well, if the game sucks, at least the miniatures will look good on my desk" Never looked back, and my minis have never sat on my desk.
  5. So I just picked up the new Imperial Raider, and I'm noticing that this raider is just as long as the Tantive, but is much wider at the back. I've been using a dual row card box (looks like a shoe-box from the outside) for my Tantive and Transport, but with the Raider's flat and wide dimensions, I'm wondering how everyone is storing them.
  6. The fact that your five year old can play the game, even if watered down, is awesome. It'll definitely help his motor skills and spatial recognition skills (an underdeveloped trait in me unfortunately), as well as overall gamesmanship. I played a father/son combo where the father placed out the templates for the son to choose, then the father moved it and did the actions, and the son rolled the dice. The son, while maybe not choosing the best maneuvers, made it one heck of a fun game. They did some moves that threw my plans out the door. But to answer your question, there's really no age, so long as they can grasp the core concepts.
  7. Any Y-wing with a hero ability slot... please...
  8. Heck Yea, I'm gonna load up a TIE bomber, except for bombs (haven't got the hang of them). Strap them with Deadeye when you can, and you've got a missile boat that has a shooting options. Sure it'll draw fire, but that means that your opponent won't be noticing the other tie fighters pouring damage onto your ships, just trying to take out those bombers.
  9. nimdabew said: Fast Cheap Good Pick two. Fast and Good, because as gamers, our wallets already hate us…
  10. Hush

    New Wave 3 Images

    Really hoping those B-wings have medals. I want Deadeye + torpedo assortment to turn them into heavy gunboats that can choose its targets right before it fires. That was one of my big hangups about the Y-wing. Also noticing a lack of pilot skill cards compared to earlier models. Hopefully it's because they're saving them for a card pack release (take the hint FFG!)
  11. Yes and No. Yes, as in you may only have 1 Millenium Falcon and Slave I. There are ship cards which you attach to the YT1300 or Firespray to designate them as their iconic ships. These are unique, and you can only have 1. However, without these ship cards, the models are just regular YT1300 and Firespray ships, which allow you to bring in as many as you want/can. Example: I have 3 YT1300s on the board. Only one of them may be designated as the Millenium falcon, while the others are only YT1300s.
  12. I'm enjoying this topic. It providing a good view of how players are interpreting the rules. I'm usually an agreeable player, and probably in a casual game, would've thought nothing of it. However, in the case given, I probably would've either talked to the player about it, and then after, called over a judge to get an verdict. To me, this falls in somewhat of a grey category for me. The individual might argue the part about that he's not "pre-measuring, because he's not using the templates", while I might argue the part about "estimating the ships movement solely in their head" So I guess this brings to the question "what is considered pre-measuring?" and what is considered "estimating their ships movement in their heads?" I've played players who have as mentioned before, looked at the manuver template on the table, then back at the ship, then try to estimate that way. Sometimes it works, sometimes it ends horribly for them. In theory, they're using the tool, though not picking it up, to get the measurement of where their ships are gonna be. Lemme push it a little further. I've had players who pick up the template their looking at and think estimate with their heads where the ship goes. The template goes nowhere near the model to measure, but it does provide the mind a guide to where he might place his ships.
  13. It's issues like this is when making friends with your FLGS comes in handy. Yes, it's quite terrible and sad that Wave 2 products aren't in shops. The thing is that they probably were in, but sold out within the first half week. Talking with my local shop owner, I told him that I was interested in the game and he told me that he was willing to hold a few units for a little bit should it come in and not be available. While it didn't come to that (He called me when it came in and I rushed there after work), I thank him by buying it at his shop, even though it came in about 2 weeks late. I figure local shops have a tighter stock supply than their online counterparts, so them gauging interest allows them to bring in the right amount. They also tell me when items come in. Hopefully that rumor is true about a mid-april resupply. I'd like to pick up a few more units.
  14. Assault missiles are deadly, especially when Howlrunner is on the board. She's basically asking for one because of her ability. What I found flying the falcon is to get out of the "pour zone", that is, like you mentioned, the area where they all focus fire on you. Then use the turret to blast them from behind. When I play it correctly, I at least get 1 to 2 turns of unreturned fire, due to the TIEs having to turn around to begin chasing you. There's a bunch of times I'm range 1 from a TIE shooting him/her in the back. Upgrades such as gunner help a lot as well, as well as Homing missiles and as mentioned earlier, Assault missiles.
  15. So the stealth card says that when you are hit, you discard this card. According to the Assault Missile card, "if this attack hits, each other ship at Range 1 of the defender suffers 1 damage" Does this mean, that provided that the ship with the stealth device was not the defender (or target), it does suffer that 1 damage, but the stealth device is still active? Example: A TIE Fighter with a stealth device is within range 1 of Slave I. An assault missile sucessfully damages Slave I. According to the rules, the TIE fighter takes 1 damage, but does it lose the Stealth device? My reasonings says that the stealth device still works due to it not being "hit" , but I would like how the general group plays it out.
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