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  1. From all the movies/tv shows/animated ones they do fear. They are so developted AI, that they know they exist and can be "Killed", but not enough smart to take over everything and see rest of Organics as useless. Basicly in SW universe Droids are like children. Smart enough to get around, but not enough to rule.
  2. From my point of view. (hehe) They would react quite similar, if not the same. But you can read about Force Here It might give you deeper look into it and there are few quotes to follow up. Hope it will help.
  3. I think when there will be enough supplement books out. Or they might make one big book with all the Adversaries.
  4. Welcome to wonderfull world of SW. And to be honest, you wont be at disatvantage even if you are at the same level. You will be more or less the same. Or not even a bit better. because Jedi, will have more options to choose from to invest their XP. When he will want some fancy Force power with upgrades, then you by spending the same ammount of Xp, improve your skills. Now, he can move some smal objects at long distances (If he dont go to dark side), but you now can trow 3 yellow dices in your favuorite skill. to be honest they have made this game quite balanced towards all classes. P.s **** missed by 4 mins xD
  5. Oh, yeah and most important thing - The artwork is diffrent.
  6. About Force, it is stated and many fans agree that M-word is for the "Living force", that some force users believe that there is such thing as living Force, that it is sentient and has it's own mind. That's why people touched by Force is guded all over the place. You can read about them Here The force Living Force, Unifying Force.... Etc. As in books and other ppl say, That M-word is the thing - If you want to believe, then do it if not, then forget about it. It is after all, a option for ppl to explain unexplainable. --- But there was character, who was faulty clone because he was touched by the force. Tho' the original and clones before him wasnt Force-sensitive. That's why they wanted him to be destroyed, but then came The Luke Skywalker and saved the day. And That clone became pretty strong Jedi master and sacrificed himself to safe planet or smth. (details) And as for cloning, Cloning Click you can read there. And you can take cloning the same as twins, tho they are the same, there is few quirks that differ them. If your clones are rised the same way and are integrated with the exactly the same expierences and memories and feelings as the original, then it will be exact copy as original, but if they have diffrent expierences and feelings, then they can look the same, but they will have their own toughts and personalities.
  7. You know, the one thing i hate about that scum - If you wont pay you wont get them.
  8. Well then out of context. look at Dwarfs. small, but strong.
  9. I think in Beta book there was limitations, but on Core one there wasnt any for specializations
  10. I would suggest you to get Begginers Box, it will have everything you need to see how it goes. + dices for SW. RPG And it sometimes is more fun to run game as you all are learning.
  11. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Bothan Enjoy.
  12. Well, taking everything word by word. I assume, that you are right, that all characters can try to make Medicine check and make that poor bastard suffer for long time. Edit: I and copy-paste aint good friends.
  13. That is exactly what i meant, but i dont mind to be corrected. We all make mistakes, that makes us People, or what-not.
  14. So, 1st, Hello there! 2nd. Career skills are all 8 of them, but you can get 1 free rank in just 4 of them, then you can train rest with spending XP Specialization skills are all 4 of them, but you can get 1 free rank in just 2 of them, then you can train rest with spending XP (Unless you are droid then you can choose more) later on you cannot gain more Career skills, but only Specialization skills. For example, if you are Bounty Hunter you get all his 8 skills as career skills (Bounty Hunter Athletics, Perception, Pilot (Planet), Pilot (Space), Streetwise, Vigilance, Brawl, Ranged (Heavy)) but can choose four wich will get 1 free rank, rest are untrained but still counts as career skills And if you choose specialization Assassin, then you get 4 specialization skills (Coordination, Skullduggery, Stealth, Melee) Choose 2 and get 1 free rank in them, rest stays as your specialization skills. Same is when you get another Specialization, you get its all skills as your trained skills, but dont get free ranks, you can only train them by spending XP. Hope this helps, and i wrote everything clear.
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