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  1. Way back when, I used to fly a B's and Z's list called Tala-Dagger Knights.
  2. R3 is great with ordnance and still pretty good without. Lock one ship and your opponent knows who you're going after. Lock two and keep him guessing.
  3. FFG should just tag all those as 'faction specific' in the builder to shut all the whiners up.
  4. I think you'll see compilation packs annually-ish with whatever waves came out since the last pack. They won't want to release cardboard-only of Wave X at the same time they release the complete Wave X. It'd cannibalize their own sales and also piss off the retailers who have to stock competing SKUs.
  5. In terms of bad launches of software this isn't even a contender. WotC says 'Hold my beer'.
  6. Me, either, and it's not a local caching issue because I tried it in a different browser I'd never used before (in addition to clearing the cache in Chrome). I wonder if they've updated some servers and not others, since the load balancer would usually send you to the same back-end every time.
  7. I'm glad. I'm looking forward to tournaments where every combination hasn't been tweaked to death in Vassal for six months before stuff hits the streets.
  8. She'd be the Boba Fett of the new trilogy if it weren't for Phasma.
  9. It's a ship we saw once flying in a straight line shooting fish in a barrel.
  10. Why do you need to use the new bases on old ships for display purposes? You're looking for an excuse to whine.
  11. Why? So people can then ***** about having to pay $60 each for the conversion kits, of which they need 6 and now have 6 extra damage decks and 6 extra sets of templates?
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