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  1. How you can get the promo game as a retailer?:o

    Jafix said:

     I think you are not alone :) 

    I live in middle of europe and i am pretty sure that i will have to wait like a ordinary guy. Also, iam pretty sure that my local shop, even if they try reeeealy hard, will not recieve promo game due to the fact that my country is not on the list of distributors :( 

  2.  The idea is good, and u did a lot of work! But don't forget games are also made of "backgrounds", and in this case, what the hell Chtulu has to do in the old world? Try to read the stories of Warhammer, maybe you can create a "homebrew" god of warhammer =) Well don, anyway, u did a lot of work!!=)

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