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  1. Thanks all for some great advice, some useful tips to consider!
  2. I'm hoping to go to the Regionals early next year but given that this is my first game off the kitchen table some squad advise would be most welcome. I'm a big fan of A-Wings and B-Wings but am not sure if they're actually competitive would the following even stand a chance? B-Wing - Blue Squadron B-Wing - Blue Squadron A-Wing - Jake Farrell + Chardaan Refit + Outmanoeuvre A-Wing - Tycho Celchu + Chardaan Refit + Push the Limit ...and 4 points yet to spend!!! Help me X-wing community, you're my only hope.
  3. pelican

    Best X Wing App?

    Cheers for your input everyone, sounds like I'll be well supported which ever way I go. Thanks
  4. pelican

    Best X Wing App?

    I'm about to get a new phone and have no particular allegiance to iOS or Android so which OS supports the best X-Wing squad building app?
  5. Cool, that's pretty much what I was going with I just wondered if there was anything specific in the rules how long a stun from a blaster lasts.
  6. In a recent encounter the players managed to get the last living opponent to surrender, when he proved uncooperative one player said "flick my gun to stun and stun the !#@* out of him", at which point someone else chipped in with "Yeah, I'll do that too!". Given that the guy was bound and on his knees I didn't bother rolling for the shots and just said he collapsed under a volley of stun...my question is; how long will the poor guy be out for?
  7. I'm coming to the end of Operation Shadowpoint and am just about to unleash the main assault against my unsuspecting PCs but I need a bit of clarification on the base's shielding system. Firstly, it says 2 setback when shooting through it, I take it this applies for shooting into and out of the shield? Secondly can people/vehicles pass through the shield? Thirdly what does it take of the attackers to get the shield down? cheers
  8. Now that site is brilliant! Thanks for that, very useful!
  9. Ah, now that's more like it, excellent thanks. Although its a bit of a shame you can't filter out scenarios you don't have the ships for. My collection is still somewhat limited so its tough to find ones that only have X-wings and TIE fighters! LOL Still, I'm sure I can get some ideas for my own scenarios
  10. Bah! I was planning on only keeping to the small ships, I may need to rethink my budget! Thanks for the replies though!
  11. Are there any more scenarios other than the three in the rule book? Any campaign rules? I'd like a little more to play with than just straight up dogfights.
  12. I just got the starter set, a Y-wing and TIE Bomber for Christmas and am now looking to expand my collection. I'm only going to be playing kitchen table games with friends so I'm looking for variety rather than competitiveness, also, for no good reason I'm only looking at buying ships that appeared in the original three movies. So any advice on what to get and in what order? For now I'm after Rebel AND Imperial! Cheers
  13. Ah, excellent, thanks for the very detailed reply! Time to start saving for more purchases!
  14. Hi, I'm new to the game and have just read something about the A-Wing and TIE Advanced having had changes made to balance them better, do these changes only show up in the FAQ or will there be a new print run so if I but either ship in the future it'll have the updated rules? Cheers
  15. Thanks to both of you! Great descriptions Col Orange, I'll probably just cut and paste those and send them out. Once they've got the gist of the careers I'll hit them with full talent trees. Cheers!
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