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  1. Axis has the 4 range stuff but no close combat, and the allies have range 2-3 and close combat….You can load up the board with terrain and that makes for a bit more evened game because tactics are alittle different with the more terrain you have.
  2. DerWunderWaffle said: I'm writing a lifestyle article on tabletop wargaming… Hello all! I'm currently writing a lifestyle article for my magazine journalism class. I was wondering if you guys could give me a hand by answering some questions. 1. How long have you been playing tabletop-war games? mid 90's 2. Why did you start playing tabletop-war games? friends got me into it 3. What do you love about tabletop-war games? the gameplay. It is like roleplaying a general in a war. 4. What advice would you have for someone who wants to get into playing them? do your research, Miniature games are big investments of time and money but well worth it, and remember it is only a game, have fun! Also, if you have any pictures of favorite models you've painted and would be willing to let me use them, I'd love to include a few in my article. Cheers!
  3. Thank you guys so much, i now have ideas of what to buy
  4. So, I have gotten the Revised core set, and played 4 games and things seem a little unbalanced (Out of 4 games Axis won 3). It could be chalked upto bad dice rolls (21 misses in a row in one game), and being new to the game. But what I see is Axis has more long ranged while the Allies have more close combat or 1 square stuff. I was told to get a Wildfire walker for the Allies and that balances a bit because the range is a bit better. i was thinking about getting Close combat troops for the Axis (either gorillas or zombies, but was told if i get gorillas that i need the operation box with the named gorilla in it), and getting a long range squad for the Allies (but i don't know what). I am really new to the game and have about 50 bucks a month if that to spend on the game, and I do not want to WMD the game (like buying something bigger and better and unbalancing the armies). Please remember I am very new to the game, so I do not know what troops/characters are in what operation boxes, and what the names of most of the troops are. I have read through the forums and searched for topics, but i couldn't find anything for balancing the box. I plan on moving to dust Warfare and was told that the armies from the core revised set are really unblanced there. Right now I do not have a playing style (I.E. close combat or ranged) other than a balanced army, I don't want to go over board with vehicles, like i said its balance to me, though I will probably be getting some medium walkers at some point right now I want to focus on troopers next.
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