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  1. About the Insanity Chart i failed to understand something. How would you ever get the result: Prophet of Madness? I mean it says whenever you gain 10's of Insanity points you gain a trauma. The last time you get a trauma is when you reach 90 Insanity points. Well if we do a simple math 2d10+9 (it says Insanity Bonus ) we get a maximum result of 29... But the Prophet of Madness result is 30... Am i missing something here?
  2. Cheers then I will rethink my chapter and update it when i m done.
  3. Maybe you are right. It's their universe after all. But i don't like to do things that as they should be… I like inventing, sometimes to the extreme and i thought Warhammer 40k has a lot potential to be creative within. Perhaps i'm wrong about this.. Sorry if i have been rude didn't mean it
  4. And instead of branding them heretics you could have given some positive feedback to make them work( i would do that if i was asked of such thing ) perhaps they need a sanctioning rite perhaps they need some harsh anti-taint check mechanism.
  5. So i see. When fantasy flight games or even games workshop changes or ruins entire fluff blocks that is completely ok but when an individual creates his oen fluff it ''goes wrong with the harsh rules of the universe'' very interesting… So tell me blood angels co-working with necrons are ok but a chapter hides its presence from the inquisition or maybe working with some radical inquisitors are not ok… You are very quick to brand them as heretics… As you accept the fluff 40 k unquestioning im telling you that no they are not heretics. And btw tell me please which harsh rules are you talking about? Name one and ill give you a logical explanation and a sample from the universe:) and instead of flaming and harrasing me aggresively realize that it is a fantasy realm soo anything goes:)
  6. DailyDose said:�I'm going to have to side with Plushy, here. It's an interesting idea, but it just seems to go too heavily against so many tenets of the 40k universe. Definitely seems more like a Chaos legion than a Space Marine chapter. That said, if the "vampire" side were a little less extreme, I think it would be a compelling Blood Angels successor chapter.� tenets of 40k? Hmm i dont really think of tenets in a universe like 40 k. Its very free formed, creativity friendly universe in my opinion. The inquisition will pose a problem here maybe but do all inquisition should act the same? Maybe they see a profit from this chapter. Maybethe chapter is too secretive that it cannot be found… And for the previous post, grey knights chapter is formed of all psykers. Black templars doesn t follow the codex properly and if those arent enough thereare the space wolves. A chapter fully gone deep into their own beliefs and a chapter almost wholly denied codex astartes and dont forget its a universe where two primarchs stays unknown and unexplained just to support tou to invent your own chapters:) (same can be said for all races and factions of 40k)
  7. Emirikol said: Excellent. Yes, then check out the book I noted earlier. There aren't a lot of noble/political scenarios. NOblesse Oblige comes to mind though in addition to the others I noted. Sigmar's Heirs 2e supplement is crucial for you knowing who all the nobles are. Best of luck, jh Thanks a lot! I really appreciate your help
  8. I'm planning a sector that had it's own fleets long before the Imperium came. It's now sub-sectors each were a different country (or kingdom). When the Imperium, came they joined with the Imperium and agreed to pay their tithes. But they retain their fleets and semi independecy… And the Imperium decided not supress them in an open warfare because their fleets can be useful and the losses will be severe etc. But of course in my opinion a governor if he plays his cards well can have 'friends' in the Navy even some Mechanicus priests… It is in my opinion well possible… Imperium is not been ruled by some guys who all think the same thing. It is like the Rome in ancient republic era with more brutality and theocracy of course
  9. Emirikol said: It seems the same in all editions to me, but I don't really have preference. Player Characters don't usually have any business in major politics (afterall what does a rat catcher know of Imperial entanglements except to stay out of the way of the nobles). Civil war or border disputes with Brettonia are perfectly plausable and covered in some of the novels (you'd have to google which ones). You could also look at the scenario, "power behind the throne." IF your campaign is going to be noble-based, then also look at Edge of Night and teh Slaanesh boxed set. WHat kind of WFRP campaign are you planning on running? jh Much like in the Game of Thrones… Mostly human conflicts. My players will start as a bit higher status than commoner citizen, but eventually they will find themselves in a big war ravaging the Old World… New borders will be drawn and power will change hands… Very political game with some supernatural horror elements
  10. Vandegraffe said: Pardon me while I toss a spanner into the works… You do realise the Imperium does not allow planetary governors to own warp-capable void ships, don't you? It's part of the Imperium's divide and conquer strategy. It prevents planetary governors from acquiring too much power, keeps open warfare between Imperial worlds down, makes the governors dependent on the Imperial navy (i.e. controllable), and makes it easier for the Navy to carry loyalist troops to a rebellious world. I know about that and thanks about the warning but the Imperium may not realize that the governor has these ships ( bureaucracy in Administratum we all know that it can be extremely slow sometimes ) and what if the Inquisition Conclave is dominated with Istvaanist Inquisitors? Then they will support the conflicts like that and according to my plans in my sector, a degree of interplanetary warfare will be acceptable ( main purpose with allowing this is governors must maintain a strong army and a strong navy (acceptable numbers) to defend themselves, leading to a really strong army within a sector in addition to Navy and I.G.) and if all these does not make sense to you governor can be a member of the sector Great House… You know that they have power rivaling the Adeptus Terra of the sector.
  11. Hello guys i am creating a whole new sector to play my games and i want to create a sector that is like medieval europe (many political infightings) so in short i want to give one of the governors a fleet of 4 transports and 8 raiders.. is it too much ?
  12. Perhaps a war between Bretonnia and Empire or a civil war between Elector Counts or lesser nobles. Bretonnian lords fighting each other or rise up against their barons. A friend told me that earlier editions of Warhammer Fantasy involved much much more politics than the later editions (especially Bretonnia) What do you think of those ?
  13. How does the politics within the Empire and Bretonnia? Are there civil wars, usurpers, houses like Song of Ice and Fire etc. ? How do they play their politics games withiin themselves and each other ?
  14. Morangias said: It's possible, probably even widespread. But it's not easy. Heavy indoctrination is par of the course for all kinds of Adepti, so it's hard to recruit an inside man, and inserting an agent from outside the organization has it's own problems - bodies such as AdMech or Arbites aren't exactly known for their open recruitment policy, and it may take years, if not decades, before your agent can get any kind of useful intel. Two organizations which have the easiest time spying on others would be Mechanicum and Ministrorum. AdMech already has their people everywhere, and their vast coffers and armories give them lots of bargaining chips. Ministrorum can always play the "religious duty" card, and it's not particularly suspicious when a member of any Adepti body visits a priest regularly for spiritual guidance. Every Confessor is an endless font of information, I'd presume. Plus, Ministrorum is also filthy rich and can easily add a topping of thrones to any serving of guaranteed salvation. I imagine Arbites rely on adepts recruited into different bodies from Schola Progenum to do the spying for them - they share the background, may even know each other personally, and are all raised in unquestioned faith and obedience to the Imperium. I agree with you. Perhaps easiest to get intel or force your demands is the Administratum (because of their hereditary nobility thing in most high stations) AdMech is recruiting from serfs that are working in their factories so getting into AdMech is perhaps the hardest ( perhaps the same level as Arbites ) and also their religious difference will lead to some interesting stories also ( think about an Ecclesiarchy agent who is faithful to God-Emperor but now he has to learn the ways of Ommnisiah ) Imperium politics is really complex
  15. Is it possible that an Adepta inserts an undercover agent of its own to another Adepta ? Like an Ecclesiarchy Cardinal inserts his agent to Lathe Worlds Tech Priests to uncover some secrets or vice versa. Maybe to Adeptas Arbites ? What do you think ?
  16. Still in its infant stage, i want to hear your opinions. Raven Host(name can be changed later) A Blood Angels descendant chapter formed almost 6000 years ago in the planet of Moros. Since it's birth it's geneseed mutated and changed. First Omophagea gene changed so that the one who possess it must feed blood regularly. It's Progenoids are no longer functioning so a new Space Marine cannot be created by regular means. But the chapter's blood priests found method for creating new members. Blood of the marines with a special ritual can create a ''fledgling'' These individuals can only be changed to a Marine after a 100+ year of living as the blood of the Raven Host changes the fledgling to a degree that the body of the host accept the other implants. And finally it has been found that the this method can only be used individuals who has a connection with the Warp (psykers, wyrds etc.) and finally the geneseed blood turns the fledling's mind to a degree that a hungery ravaging bestial side appears (similar to Vampire The Masquerade/Requiem) (i will be giving logical and mystical explanations to this later) Chapter's organization High Council: 7 High Priests of Blood who rules the Chapter. The Chapter has 7 Companies and each High Priest leads one. Blood Priests: Each High Priest has a retinue of 7 Blood Priests who aids rituals and oversees Dukes Dukes: Almost all of the high population and important planets of Aetherian Sector has these individuals. Covered in darkness, these individuals rules Raven Host fledgling populations of planets. Barons: These individuals working under Dukes rules continents and sections of cities. There are some shadow wars between these individuals to gain control of resources etc. Fledgling: These are the masses that the blood of Raven Hosts given but not transformed in to a marine yet. These ''vampires'' can be found in many corners of the cities. Some of them have strong positions in cities Chapter Doctrine Simple, ''we don't exist'' There is a masquerade game going and no one ever knows about this chapter(maybe the most influenced Inquisiton or Adepta members knows about this chapter). Even Moros itself erased from records and no warp route has been drawn to there. The Chapter uses stealth operations instead of open warfare (They mostly does their duty by ''operating from shadows'' and using their fledgling pawns) and Terminators, Devastators, Scouts, Chaplains and Librarians does not exist. All these duties are covered by Blood Priests. As a Chapter full of psykers they will have specific rituals and psychic powers. That's all for now as you can guess i was a fan of Vampire The Masquerade until i met Warhammer 40000 And i said 'why not put all these together?'' Any opinion and feedback ( common sense or going too opposite to fluff/canon etc. ) are welcome!
  17. You are right about some things… First zeal is not the one that protects you from corruption. Perhaps Faith should be inducted so that it will be much more interesting than a right or wrong axis of Zeal ( or Humanity ) what do you think? Faith and the Imperial Creed is adoring violence very much as we speak of it… Maybe there can be conflicts with your faith to the Emperor and your ''love'' ? As a Sororita maybe? Don't want to think the 40 k as stereotypes but can think of it as archetypes… Doesn't matter if you are Sororita or a Commisar, you are a human and you have need to love.. I know it may sound a bit classic but it perfectly fits to the setting
  18. As according to the fluff it evolved from real world history as the Emperor being the center of all the religion, so basically i can judge them in my own terms… Calling them pure and necessary is the same thing as you talk about the dark ages that christians burning populace because they are ''heretics'' Also 40 k has the calling ''truth is subjective''. You can't judge what is right or wrong. And this faith alone filled with hatred against the ''alien'' are the fuel of chaos gods (khorne must be very happy, not quite pure if you see Chaos as evil). And also that faith itself is the thing that makes you blind to what might save you in such a universe… So Chaos is the thing that is the enemy of Men? As the Chaos itself is the reflection of humanity according to fluff again… Daemons, Chaos Gods thats what you are! And think about the Emperor's plan to destroy the religions… As he is the one to know that Warp and Chaos exists, what was he trying to do? Because what's happening right now is not quite help to save Humanity… And about the Sororitas according to what i say they serve Chaos just as another Cultist… Maybe i should change some things about what i call the Zeal… Maybe it should be the degree that how far you have gone from the Emperor's Word (meaning the Imperial Truth)
  19. Game mechanics in my opinion is not much of a concern if it does not serve a better storytelling well. And about the zeal thing i guess i couldn't make myself clear. Zeal is the amorality of faith, what happens if you take things too far and many in warhammer 40k does that… And also faith in 40 k is not pure as a normal should be religion. It's words are to hate, purify, cleanse the alien. Don't suffer different opinions. And as the Grey Knights word ''innocence proves nothing'' So tell me if you are a true believer of the Emperor how do you become something else than a ''monster''… Zeal mechanic will cover this… Believing the Emperor is not evil. But cleansing worlds, burning the populace and purging all who are not with you in the name of Him is and that's where Zeal comes in… I think you misunderstand the faith in 40 k with real world faith (also some have different opinions about it ) and also don't tell me it's necessary thing… That doesn't change anything… If you are burning a planet with its billions cold blooded for some ''greater end'' that does not change anything… You are a monster with good intentions And about the Sisters of Battle… I don't thing an army who is playing an organ while raining destruction upon the enemy. Putting the heretics on top of their rocket launchers hanging them to their tanks, and while doing that burning the enemy with flamethrowers and meltas are far from good and faithful… They are zealot monsters also with ''good intentions''. And i am asking whose good ? The Imperium? A monolithic structure that nobles are living in rich while the poor are crushing down under the pressure of labour… Really good I better serve the Chaos Gods than to serve Imperium… At least they give me hope
  20. BrotherKane said: If you want to track it from 0-10 I would suggest when you gain corruption you get to roll 1D10. If you roll under your zeal you reduce the corruption received by your zeal (so a zeal 8-10 has to have a large gain before the roll won't cancel it). This means that when you reach 10 you are virtually incorruptible. However when you gain insanity points you roll 1D10. If you roll under your zeal you gain an additional 1D10 insanity. Very zealous characters are more likely to do inhumane things in the name of the Emperor. It should be incredibly hard to get zeal >7 and even impure thoughts should lose you zeal at that stage. I would in fact be tempted to take a leaf out of L5r honour and have zeal points and ranks. So 10 zeal points = 1 rank. So your actual zeal will be something like "4.3" (4 ranks and 3 points). That way you can gain and lose points within a rank. In L5r 3rd ed. there are a series of things that gain or lose you honour. When you are low it is easy to gain (do something nice/good) when you get higher there are certain things that switch over to causing losses and it is much harder to gain because you have to be perfect. For example at low zeal obeying a member of the ecclesiarchy despite your own personal misgivings would gain you zeal (you are showing your devotion). At higher levels it would lose you zeal (you did what a man said not what your faith in the emperor was telling you). Very very nice suggestions thanks Insanity part is really fitting as well FieserMoep said: You use Zeal to reduce corruption?Do you remember that a lot of Tzeentch cults are build as Zealots of the Emperor? Zeal is nothing that protects the soul of an individual, it is faith. Zeal is often a result of faith but faith is not created by zeal. Simple Zeal can be misguided and often in fact it is. There a Deamons that are worshiped as saints in the empire, to be a zealos follower of this entity does not save you from corrpution because your faith is not true, even if you dont know that this one is deamon. Also you can be a zealos killer in the name of the ecclesiarchy but you never find true faith. We already have willpower as a stat to resist some corruption in combination with some talents. If you are a Zealot and have low willpower, why should this zeal save you? You are a mindless follower but nothing more. Corruption is feared not without reason. It curses your soul and you cant notice it, corruption is everywhere and only the strong minded who are true in their faith can resist its grip. But look at Xaphan, he was a cardinal of the ecclesiarchy and where he appeared everyone was a devoted follower of the Emperor. But then Xaphan betrayed his Lord and was corrpupted by chaos but not before he went on Vraks, a powerfull fortress planet. He inspired the soldiers of this world, made them to zealots and then he brought this whole world to rebellion on his own crusade. It required the united forces of the 88th Death Corps Siege Army and Titan forces of the Mechanicus to stop this rebellion that has ben created by zealos "followers" of the emperor. Zeal is nothing that protects you, zeal turns you into a tool. Then it will be the amorality. But think about it… Having too much faith makes you a more zealous person. You don't have to be a Zealot and go berserk. You given many examples yes i you are right but what about Sisters of Battle? Are they the purest of Emperor's warriors or zealous monstrosities? I think they belong to the second part… Yes i know it's 40 k but 40 k is grimdark because of extremities, Not because of the dangers of Chaos nor aliens. So a mechanic to portray it (in my opinion) is neccesary.
  21. FieserMoep said: Well, I see no need for such a mechanic? Every player can decide how is character works. Player 1 has a commissar and plays him like Gaunt, Player 2 has a commissar and plays him like Cain, Player 3 has a commissar and plays him completly different. To "deepen" a Charakter is the Job of the player, not the job of generic rules. They only give you the tools to represent the skills and talents of your character but whether he is deeply religious or some kind questioning the empire only depends on you as a player. Even fluffwise there is nothing like a Zeal that grants you some benefits in exchange for your service to the emperor. There is only true faith and this mechanic is already realised by the rulebook. The service to the emperor is your duty, if you fail him you will be executed, if you do your job als you get is the honor to die in his name and worship him as the God he is. A Zealot can have true faith, but true faith does not require you to be a zealot. And some stereotypes are given fact. A Sororitas that does not believe in the perfection and holy glory of the emperor will be hunt down by her sister without mercy. A commissar that openly shows cowardice will be shot without warning just has he does. But then, look at the unique Characters of WH40k. Ephrael Stern had choosen to go her own path, she was still a believing Sororitas but her differences made her an enemy of the ecclesiarchy and a saint the same time. Look at Cain, he is a commissar, he is a coward but he has the guts to do what is needed of him when the time has come. Cain does not want to fight, but when he must he will do his job. Some Institutions force their members to be stereotypes to some degree, we are talking about WH40k, a galaxy in war where you cant trust anyone. But atleast you are working for the inquisition and that gives you the freedom to create unqiue characters that still have to fit in their role, indeed. Thanks! Exactly my point! Classes should be archetypes (just like in the real world) something like jobs but many people out there portrays 40 k with many stereotypes and this discouraged me for a while… Angel of Death said: Ubernatus said: There should be a mechanic called 'zeal' works like a reverse humanity… Higher it goes up, lose your human side more. But gain some favor from the Emperor (or just the Warp itself) Space Wolves should have a 'Wulfen' curse and Blood Angels should get 'black rage and red thirst' mechanics In Deathwatch the Black rage and red thrist are there. Zeal sounds interesting, how would you track it? I thoought that i should track it with 0 to 10 scale. 0 means you are an ateist or almost none religious view and open to chaos corruption. 1-4 is like having faith to shield you but after 5 i wanted the character to start losing his humanity, and become more and more 'a zealous monster' Zeal would protect you from corruption ( to a degree ) as well protect you from fear (to a degree as well), but with the price i stated before. Like in 7 i would give the character 'true faith' and as he reaches 10 it would be a 'Living Saint' and i planned it to work like oWoD humanity.
  22. Well i see you didn't get intrigued with my attempts… Then please give me some ideas to deepen character roles, dont like to run games like ''commisars never fear, never retreat, sisters are pious monsters that cleanse entire worlds'' etc. stereotypes… I hate stereotypes and if 40 k have to be ran with stereotypes i think it will lose me :/
  23. There should be a mechanic called 'zeal' works like a reverse humanity… Higher it goes up, lose your human side more. But gain some favor from the Emperor (or just the Warp itself) Space Wolves should have a 'Wulfen' curse and Blood Angels should get 'black rage and red thirst' mechanics
  24. I meant 2nd edition of WFRP it has many mechanics to be played as a narrative game.
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