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  1. Hi, Everyone,Any My friends and I tonight finished our first full campaign in the Arkham Horror LCG - the Dunwich Cycle. We are now thinking about our next campaign, either the Carcosa or Forgotten Age campaigns, and we need some non-spoiler suggestions on which one to try next. What are the pros and cons of Carcosa and the Forgotten Age? Anything we need to consider in character selections and deck building? Thanks for your help!
  2. Interesting idea! It might work for the type of campaign I am planning set during the time of Order 66 and the rise of the Empire. A droid that is morally ambiguous......may be something to think about.
  3. No, I am open to any kind of droid. Is there a sourcebook available for the droid options?
  4. I don't have this sourcebook, but I will look into it. Thanks for the suggestion!
  5. Hi Everyone, I am working on an outline for a new Star Wars game and I am having trouble developing a droid personality for the group's sidekick. I want to try and develop something unique that we haven't seen in the Star Wars universe. We have R2-D2 and BB-8 who are the loyal, adventurous and heroic types, C3-PO is the more cautious and cowardly type, and Chopper is the old and cranky droid in Rebels. I am thinking about having my group interact with a newly built droid who will grow and mature as the games progress. It will be more of a "baby" in terms of personality and will evolve by how the party acts. Does anyone have suggestions on different droid personalities I could use?
  6. It really did hurt me to see those droids die. I really liked R7 and seeing GG put up his "hands" surrendering then get blasted.....that really hurt.
  7. I would not mind a reskin of Arkham Horror LCG with the Star Wars logo. I could see the signature card, weakness cards, random weakness concept working with a Star Wars co-op game. Have a Luke Skywalker hero card. His signature card being "Luke's Lightsaber" and his signature weakness being "reckless" or "lure to the dark side".
  8. Thank you all for your replies! I had been thinking about purchasing the game for a long while since I am already playing Arkham Horror solo, but giving the social distancing we are all having to deal with, I find I am needing some activities to take my mind off things. I thought Marvel Champions might be a good diversion since I loved the comics as a kid and I am enjoying the movies as an adult!
  9. Hi everyone, I know FFG designed Marvel's core set to where you only have to buy one to have everything you need to play, but is it still advisable to buy two to have more options and with future packs to have more cards to build decks with?
  10. Hi everyone, I am tinkering around with a Joe Diamond build and I am starting to come to the conclusion that investigators with low willpower and low evasion stats are at a severe disadvantage compared to those with higher stats mainly because the treachery cards have so many WP and evasion tests with nasty consequences if you fail. But, I have also only played so far the Night of the Zealot and Dunwich campaigns. I am not sure about Forgotten Age or Dream Eaters since I have not bought into those packs yet. I'll be starting Path to Carcosa later this summer. Am I wrong with my current line of thought? Thanks for your input!
  11. Thank you! That resolved my issue, I appreciate your help!
  12. I have created an account on ArkhamDB and I have started to create a deck, but I am noticing that I only have for certain cards the ability to put one card in the deck. For example, for Dr. Milan Christopher I want to insert two copies, but the program only allows me to insert 1. I see other decks on ArkhamDB with two copies of CM and I can not figure out what I am doing wrong. Does anyone have a suggestion?
  13. Hi Everyone, I am considering buying the core set of Marvel Champions and I have been watching some YouTube videos to figure out if this game is a good fit for me. From what I have been able to gather you choose a hero first, then you have 15 cards that are specific with that hero. Next you choose a general class, such as protection, leadership, etc and include those cards in your deck. This sounds a lot like Star Wars where you had your pods of fixed cards you have to put into your decks. Is there going to be any "deck building" in this game? Or is it just trying to find synergy within the fixed card sets you grab to assemble your deck? It seems like the hero packs for Captain America are sold out on all the website I have visited. Do you know if the hero packs will offer some customization options? Thank you for all your help! I really appreciate it!
  14. Hi Everyone, I have managed over the last few months to track down online all of the remaining force packs I have been missing to complete my collection of the Star Wars LCG. But there is one pack I can not locate - Allies of Necessity. FFG is out of stock and Miniature Market is out of stock. Would anyone know why this particular pack is so hard to find and where I could possibly locate it?
  15. So you can keep allies earned in previous games in a campaign for a long as you want in your deck until the campaign guides tells you specifically to discard it?
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