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  1. Thank you for the information in the beginner games. That is exactly what I needed.
  2. I have noticed that the Dawn adventures are very hack and slash in their narrative, and like you I need to change that up a bit to provide more roleplaying and giving the players other options to achieve goals. I loved your idea for modifying Dawn; do you mind if I steal your concept?
  3. I do have the app installed on my tablet that I will use when I GM. I would love to hear your thoughts on Dawn as you progress. I am about half way through the first scenario.
  4. A few weeks ago I posted on this forum that I wanted to convert the Dawn of Defiance games over to the FFG template. Since posting that thread I have met with my friends and talked about the campaign setting. I have three people who will be playing in the campaign and they chose the following character types: a force sensitive character on the path to becoming a Jedi (or he hopes), a rebel ace pilot, and a smuggler bounty hunter. I was really hoping they would pull characters from the same core book, but I also wanted them to have the freedom to play what they wanted and to have fun. Now my next issue is how to start them off. Dawn of Defiance has a good introduction scenario, but I think given the dice mechanics of FFG's system is so different from D&D, which my friends are more accustomed to, they need to start off with one of the beginner games. But I have no clue which one would be best? Do you recommend the EoE, AoR, or FaD beginner game and why? Once again thank you so much for your help. I have been very appreciative of everyone's helpful remarks in the past!
  5. Thank you all for the recommendations. I had no clue all of these even existed. This will help make my office hours go by so much better!
  6. I have been listening on YouTube to the INVICTUS Stream six part game on Age of Rebellion and I have been loving listening to people play in the rpg. Can anyone recommend other podcasts or other youtube videos to listen to? Thank you for your help!
  7. Thank you, Mouthymerc. I enjoyed reading through your gaming diary.
  8. Thank you for your comments. I will look into the free pdfs.
  9. Thank you for your remarks. Right now I am making adjustments to the first games, The Traditor's Gambit. This is my first time running an FFG Star Wars game, although I have played D&D 5th Edition for a few years now. I wanted to use a premade campaign for various reasons: 1. I am new to GMing and 2. my work schedule gets crazy at times and I wanted something semi-fast to modify for my play group. I have noticed, like you mentioned, that DoD is a very hack and slash type setting so I am working to tone that down and work in some actual role playing situations.
  10. Hi Everyone, I have found a website with the ten pre-made WOTC Star Wars rpg campaign "Dawn of Defiance" and I am trying to convert the first adventure, The Traitor's Gambit, over to the system used by FFG. Has anyone done this before, and if so, can you provide me any tips? Some friends of mine will me meeting over the weekend to build characters from Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny to play in this campaign. Thanks for your help!
  11. Thank you for your replies. I appreciate it.
  12. Has anyone tried running a Clone Wars era campaign using FFG's Star Wars books? I am interested to hear if it is even possible, which I am guessing it could be with modifications. Thanks!
  13. Hi Everyone, I am hoping you all can help me piece back together The Devourer Below deck from the core set. My six year old son last night accidentally knocked all my cards off the table and they are a jumbled mess. I think I have most of it put back together, but I want to double check: The Devourer Below Easy/standard/Hard/Expert card Agenda 1 A: The Arkham Woods Agenda 2 A: The Ritual Begins Agenda 3 A: Vengeance Awaits Act 1A: Investigating the Trail Act 2A: Into Darkness Act 3A: Disrupting the Ritual Location: Main Path Location: Arkham Woods x 6 Location: Ritual site Encounter Deck: Acolyte x 3 Relentless Dark Young x 1 Goat Spawn x3 Young Deep One x2 Yithian Observer x2 Screecjing Byakhee x2 Wizard of the Order x1 Hunter Nightgaunt x2 Mysterious Chanting x 2 On the Wings of Darkness x 2 Locked Door x 2 The Yellow Sun x 2 Offer of Power x 2 Dreams of Rlyeh x 2 I appreciate you help with his!
  14. Does anyone know if FFG is going to produce a tutorial video for AH LCG like they did for LOTR, Star Wars, and AGOT LCGs?