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  1. I bought the Saga Edition core books and several of the supplements back in 2009-2011 but I never had a chance to play their version of the Star Wars RPG due to being in graduate school at the time and not being able to find people that were interested in role playing games. Unfortunately, those books have never hit the table and they still to this day sit on my bookshelves. Then in 2013 FFG's Star Wars game hit the stores and people in my area became enthralled with the mechanics and adventures. There is a sold FFG Star Wars group that meets twice a month to play. So, my questions is: Besides the dice systems, how is Saga Edition and FFG's version of Star Wars different in terms of capturing the feeling of the universe, the narrative, and/or any thing that either system did better on when comparing the two systems, whether that be using the Force in the game, balancing Force users with non-Force users combat, space combat, etc? After all these years, I am just curious what people think of Star Wars now with FFG compared to what Wizards did with Star Wars in Saga Edition. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
  2. Tyberius_Deangelo

    Sister Mary

    I have been wondering for a while now if FFG ever creates Sister Mary for the LCG, what do you think her Deckbuilding Options and Requirements will be? I liked playing her in the 2E board game because of blessed but I don't know how to translate her board game version into the card game would work. Do you all have any suggestions?
  3. Tyberius_Deangelo

    Player Disputes on First Game

    Thank you for your replies and comments. Over Facebook, I had a long group chat on this situation and I made it clear that I goofed big time letting the Falleen character use his pheromones on PCs and that would not happen again unless it is okay with the PC. We would have out of game conversations if the players are okay with what the Falleen player wants to do.
  4. Tyberius_Deangelo

    Player Disputes on First Game

    Hi Everyone, this past weekend I GM'ed my first Star Wars game with a group of friends using the Edge of the Empire Beginner game. During the course of the game an issue happened that has cause out of party disagreements and I don't know how to find a compromise. In the game the group decided to take a droid that was an acquaintance of Jaken, a force-sensitive player character, strap explosives on it, and blow it up to cause a distraction to get inside the hanger bay for Trex's ship. Jaken did not want to harm the droid so the leader of the group - another player character named Sirru Wedd - used his Falleen species ability to take two strain and "convince" Jaken to kill the droid by using a charm check. The way I did this was I took Wedd's charm dice pool and added the difficulty based on Jaken's Discipline dice pool. The dice roll succeeded for Weed and the droid was killed in a horrible way. In retaliation later in the game Jaken outright murdered Trex. Because of the murder of the droid and Trex the group has taken morality losses down to 40 points. After the game, the player playing Jaken was upset that the character could be coerced into doing things they didn't want to do and equated the experience to being date raped. The player playing Weed argued it was within his character's ability to convince them to see his point of view on issues. I think I may have screwed up in GMing my first game by allowing this to happen and the group may not get back together because of this. Speaking with some of my friends who have GM'ed for years about this incident I was told that is it NEVER good form to allow people's characters to be taken over by another player. How to I fix this?
  5. Tyberius_Deangelo

    The Star Wars Universe

    This is something I really do need to think about. How would my group change Star Wars? Would they want to see a "Negan" style villain like the The Walking Dead has? Do they want to keep it whimsical like on Rebels. I have been listening to Campaign on the OneShot Podcast and I have been loving what those players have been doing with the game.
  6. Tyberius_Deangelo

    The Star Wars Universe

    Last night I was watching on YouTube Half in the Bag's review of the Last Jedi and one of the hosts, Rich, made the comment that there is not much writers and directors can do with the Star Wars universe except have a "doomsday device", lightsaber battles, space dog fights with x-wings, and a villain of the week type character to face off against. I wanted to get input from GMs out there on your thoughts about this statement. I am hosting with a group of friends this coming weekend a campaign that starts with the Edge of the Empire Beginner Game and then we will go forward from there. My goal is to create a HUGE universe where my players are not constantly having to face off against the Empire, and I am hoping my players will make in game decisions to help me think of ideas to expand the universe.
  7. Tyberius_Deangelo

    Starting a Star Wars Campaign with Friends

    At what point in the time line would the Empire start moving away from using clone troopers and developing Stormtroopers? I am setting this campaign 5 years after Episode III so the clones would have to be around 8 years old?????
  8. Tyberius_Deangelo

    Starting a Star Wars Campaign with Friends

    I have thought about running a story arc that explains why the Empire turned away from clone troops and developed stormtroopers. Why turn away from a soldier that is pretty accurate in their shooting and go to guys that can't hit the broad side of a barn door like in Rebels and the OT.
  9. In the coming weeks a few friends of mine are going to try the Star Wars FFG version of the RPG for the first time. I am starting them off on the Edge of the Empire Beginner Game and move them forward from their. The campaign I have in mind is set roughly five years after Episode III with the newly formed Galactic Empire still trying to consolidate its hold over a war torn and ravaged galaxy following the end of the Clone Wars and the Jedi Purge with Order 66. I need some help coming up with various story threads that would in a realistic way describe how the Galactic Empire would begin to rebuild the galaxy while at the same time begin to extend its hold over the galaxy. Some story ideas I have are the Empire sending relief packages to devastated world but the packs have stipulations placed on it to receive additional aid...... can you all help me out?
  10. Tyberius_Deangelo

    Working a BB unit into my campaign

    On Monday my play group is meeting to start the first adventure of our campaign set between Episode III and IV. In the first part of the adventure the players will ("might") come across a mechanic/junker who will be willing to trade the group a droid. I want to get away from the R2-D2 type Astromech droids. I have thought about using a BB unit but doing research tonight on the background of this droid-type it looks like it came into large use after ROTJ. Can you all help me think of a logical way to incorporate a BB unit into the time between Ep. III and IV? Thanks!
  11. Tyberius_Deangelo

    Animal Handling

    Thank you all for your help. And thank you for pointing out the Stay on Target book.
  12. Tyberius_Deangelo

    Animal Handling

    I am thinking about having a chase scene in one of my games soon where the players will be riding animals in a chase against agents of the empire. But I have noticed there is not an animal handling type skill check like there is in D&D 5th edition. Can someone help me figure out which skill the players should use when rolling dice to make skill checks? Thanks for your help!
  13. Tyberius_Deangelo

    Expansion Packs

    I am curious if anyone else is having a hard time getting a hold of the expansion packs for Arkham Horror LCG? I don't have a game store where I live and I have to do all my shopping through websites like Miniature Market . Every time a mythos pack becomes available it quickly has the out of stock symbol come up. I have yet to be able to purchase an expansion pack as a result. It is really frustrating. Is anyone else having this issue?
  14. Thank you for the information in the beginner games. That is exactly what I needed.
  15. I have noticed that the Dawn adventures are very hack and slash in their narrative, and like you I need to change that up a bit to provide more roleplaying and giving the players other options to achieve goals. I loved your idea for modifying Dawn; do you mind if I steal your concept?